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This section is meant to provide some old websites that disappeared from the internet. Please note that I do not own any of the 3rd party content here. Full credits go to the original authors. I only provide them for informational and historical purposes. Please be aware that many content I offer here has often been abandoned or discontinued by the original authors. Please do not bug them with support requests etc.

Archived websites in this archive may use cookies for various purposes. Because of the nature of a store with archived websites I cannot provide a list of possible cookies placed. Cookies placed may change over time. By viewing an archived website you agree that cookies may be placed by first or third parties. If you do not agree, please do not open the archived websites or use your browser's cookie settings to disallow cookie placement.

Archived websites

Backup of Epic's official Unreal site. I've put this one up because the original site has been unavailable for a few weeks. (Oct 23, 2008)

Epic's Unreal Technology site. Full reconstructed backup because parts of the original have been removed by Epic.

Aeon's Unreal
Great website from back in the days

Celtic Warriors
Large Unreal site by DieHard

Crystal Castles (Old original site)
Deathmatch game type of which I run a server.
Update 2008/04/05: Bozo resumed development of the Crystal Castles mod. Click here for the new site.

Dots' .:..:'s Unreal site
Page for .:..:'s projects like Invasion and Command & Skaarj and JCoop5.

Hide N Seek
Mod for Unreal. Quite simply, its Hide and Seek, online.

Hyper.nl Unreal Services forum (Old)
Archive of my previous forum as hosted at pvso.net (BrakeDanceJ/UnrealDestination)

Hyper.nl Unreal Gold
This is how my Unreal site started, as a small support site for my Unreal Gold server.

Joss' Gold
Incomplete remnants of Joss' unreal page.

Legend of Vandora
Winged Unicorn's project site.

Liandri Archives
Large Wiki site of the Unreal universe by BeyondUnreal

Masstadon's Unreal site
Informational site with unique map of the game. It went down when Geocities.com ended.

Noailiat's Unreal Fiction | Noailiat's Unreal Encyclopedia
Unreal fan fiction, and a small encyclopedia of the Unreal world.

Nostalgia coop
Incomplete remnants of Nostalgia Coop.

Pcube's (old) website
Incomplete copy of Pcube's site which used to be hosted at Freewebs.

Return to Mars
TheEmperorStalwartUK's project site.

Return to NaPali coop
Dinwitty's Project to make the Return to NaPali mission pack levels compatible with coop on all Unreal versions.

Realistic weapons mod.

TentacleHunter's Maps
TH's maps and some useful info for administrators and mappers

TNSe's boring page of Tickrate & Netspeed facts
Interesting guide about how the settings "tickrate" and "netspeed" affect the gameplay on Unreal servers.

The complete list of text messages in Unreal
List of all Translator messages in Unreal.

Personal Unreal site of TheMaster[NL]

Unreal 224 Technologies Revealed
Review of the new technologies in Unreal patch 224 by Adrenaline Vault

Unreal Beta
Archive of the old Unreal.com website, showing Unreal when it was still in early beta state.

Unreal Classic
Vampirus' website for his Unreal-to-UT2004 project and his other Unreal projects.

Unreal Secrets
Unreal Secret Area & Easteregg Guide by RÝb_KC - A.K.A SnakeBite.

Unreal Service
Micro's Unreal site

Unreal Units: Length | Unreal Units: Rotations and Rotationrates
Unreal Units of Measurement - Converting between Unreal Units (uu) and other units
A few handy calculators, made by The Alien

UnrealScript tutorials
Weapons of Destruction, site with scripting tutorials

Unrealty was a professional application for the Unreal engine. Unrealty allowed for several virtual reality and business applications like the Virtual Notre Dame, a virtual oil rig (Shell) and a virtual tour through the International Space Station (ISS).

Unreal Wiki
Wiki site about UnrealScript programming by BeyondUnreal

Guide: How to be an Elite Online Wanker: 8 Easy Steps
Funny guide about the strange but familiar behaviour of some online gamers

Guide: How To Start A Clan Of Online Wankers (In 10 Easy Steps!)
Guide by the same author, about the behaviour of some online gaming clan members

How to Create a Web Page for Online Wankers
Another guide in the Thrrrpptt! series, with helpful tips for making your gaming /clan website.

Wolf's Unreal Engine Editing
Wolf's UnrealEd tutorials

Wooper's world
Wooper's Unreal page with her maps.

Blinded by Reality
Gamespot Feature - The story behind the making of Unreal


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