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Welcome to Noailiat's fiction. This is where I publish my Unreal fan fiction; stories I have completed to date are available below in chronological order. If you have any difficulties, you can contact me here.

All text herein is 1998-2005 Michael Wilberforce. All characters, events, place names and creatures, barring those previously appearing in the work of and priorly to Epic Games, Digital Extremes and associated authors, are also 1998-2005 Michael Wilberforce unless otherwise stated. The text herein may NOT be reproduced for any form of distribution without the prior written consent of the author.

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18 May 2005 - "Battle for Nalipal" has been released! Surf down the page to find and read the long-awaited conclusion to the Nalipal Trilogy of Unreal stories.

The Kran's Fall Trilogy

This was my first series of Unreal stories. They form a loose trilogy, with the first two revolving around Kira Argmanov, a refugee from the ISV-Kran which crashed in the original game, and the Nali who become her followers.

Kira's Struggle - The science vessel ISV-Kran crash-lands on a strange planet with a strong gravitational field. Science officer Kira Argmanov and a couple of her crewmates are sent out to investigate the planet's surface, but things take a turn for the worse when Kira is captured by a roving band of Skaarj.

As my first story, Kran's Fall is not so strongly imaged as those from "Mishra's Descent" onwards, and demonstrates signs of an inexperienced writer. However, its release received good reviews at the time, and Kira's Struggle went on to win the UnrealCenter fan fiction competition. Shaky or not, Kira's Struggle captures a sense of urgency not found in any of my other stories to date.

Avenging Angel - One year on, and Kira's resistance fighters have settled in a fortress near the Na Lati coast, the Skaarj some time since driven from the face of the planet; but then a Skaarj ship flies by, and one of Kira's closest friends is captured.

Avenging Angel is not that much more descriptive than Kran's Fall, and so some readers might have trouble visualising the locations, which for the first time are original rather than taken from the game. Although it is my weakest story to date in this regard, the story does tie in with the later Nalipal trilogy in several important ways.

Mishra's Descent - Mishra is a simple Nali, living a peaceful life until the Skaarj return and subjugate the planet once more. After three months of imprisonment in his hollow, Mishra is offered a chance for freedom by a band of resistance fighters, but how well will he handle the news of his brother's death?

My most challenging work of the original trilogy, this character-centric story is my first to stick entirely to the perspective of one character, the Nali Mishra whose gradual undoing we witness over the course of the story. Most different about this story, though, is the improvement in descriptive writing.

The Nalipal Trilogy

My second, now completed, is a more character-driven work, focusing around the lives of two young Nali in a small fishing town, and how they are affected by the ongoing battle with the Skaarj.

Luca's Awakening - Luca is twelve years old. He dreams of a day in his past, when the Avenging Angel Kira Argmanov visited the town and took a boat out to the nearby Bluff of Shokkar to fight her final battle against the Skaarj. Accompanied by his best friend Halil, he sets out for the island, which has not been trodden upon by Nali foot since that day.

"Luca and Halil are real characters," said one reader after reading Luca's Awakening. "I really felt for them when they did their 'bad thing'." There was no better praise I could have hoped for; to create young characters with whom the reader could really empathise was my goal throughout this tale of childhood curiosity turned to disaster.

The Search - A year has passed since Luca and Halil visited the Bluff of Shokkar and discovered the Shrekta'Naaji abandoned by the Skaarj. Life goes on as normal in Nalipal, albeit with the threat of Skaarj invasion lurking over their heads, until a stranger arrives in town and threatens to damage Luca and Halil's close friendship.

The middle chapter, well received by some but harks back somewhat to the Kran's Fall stories with its 'journey' format. Some unorthodox events and characters are intriduced to try to break up this pattern.

Battle for Nalipal - Three months on and little has changed. Luca is still torn over his feelings for Halil, and the newly arrived Skaarj are still a threat. But fourteen-year-old Luca is about to face his most intimidating challenge yet: his ceremony of ascension, in which he will officially be declared an adult citizen of Nalipal.

The third and final title of the Nalipal Trilogy.


Any additional documents relating to the above stories are included here. If you're bored, you may find them a diverting curiosity.

The Encyclopaedia of Noailiat's Unreal World - An exhaustive account of every place, person and major item mentioned in the "Kran's Fall" and "Nalipal Trilogy" canon from "Kira's Struggle" to "The Search"... plus some extra stuff.


Nothing currently planned, apart from an update to the encyclopaedia!