When shadows grow longer - by Winged Unicorn, 17th September 2006

2 years. Wow, such a long time since last update.

Well, no need to say that the project has not been much alive in the past two years. Most of the team members have been too busy with personal life to dedicate any time to LoV. All of you will now think that this project is dead - or better - it was never born. And I honestly feel it wouln't be fair to contradict you.

But, not all hope is lost. Some of us are still willing to go on and finish this project. The storyline is simply too amazing to be trashed. Thing is, we'd need A LOT of talented man power. And a lot of free time. Unfortunately, both things are very rare these days.

Who knows, maybe UT2007 and the new promising Unreal Engine will give LoV a new life. If that's not gonna happen, we might eventually release some of the concept work we have done, in case any other team is interested in realizing our dream.

Until then, if that day will ever come, Legend of Vandora is to be considered on hold.

Updates - by NozzeM, 12th September 2004

A lack of updates lately, we have however done quite some work again. We are still in pre-development though, but we're about to write the design docs. We also gained some new team members, Thesto Neroses helps us by writing a narrative version of the storyline which we came up with, it's really good and we're all looking forward to see the final result. He also learned himself how to map and I think we gained another mapper in LoV. Then there's the band called Oblivion of a Machine from Russia, who helped us by contributing with some music for the mod. Here's a small part of the narrative storyline:

Somehow, the dread I had expected failed to seize me. Perhaps it was the cool mountain air, so fresh after the stale re-processed air aboard the spaceships. Or maybe it was the high mountains - some bearing snowy peaks, some still wreathed in dawn mist - but all displaying an imperturbable tranquillity that was impossible to ignore. For a moment or two I paused - the beauty of the place was too powerful to resist. Then, with an internal shrug, I forced myself to continue. I knew from experience that Na Pali was a place where relaxation could be fatal.

Finally I made another map, it's not really Unreal 1 themed, more an Aztec like map. Here's the link: NaliCity

ONS-CBP2-Valarna - by NozzeM, 13th June 2004

I created a Na Pali themed Onslaught map for the Community Bonus Pack 2. It is included in Volume 1 of the pack. You can also grab it as a seperate release from these mirrors:
Enjoy it!

CTF-Avali 2k4... a dream coming true! - by Winged Unicorn, 5th April 2004

Yesterday NozzeM has released the UT2004 version of his 'CTF-Avali' map. Any comment would be superfluous: it's simply a little pearl in the ocean!

Here is the full change log:
  • new lighting in the tunnels
  • new rock texture on the cliffs and rocks on the surface
  • new cubemaps for the water on the surface
  • new weapon placement, with the addition of the redeemer and the classic sniper rifle
  • added coronas to Nali fruit pickups in the caves
  • added an extra bsp plate to occlude the surface sounds from the caves
  • added some more plants in the caves
  • added more foliage and changed its texture to match terrain texture better
  • added an extra deco layer
  • bandages size decreased
  • lots and lots of bot pathing tweaks
  • removed many map exploits
  • replaced a 50 shield power-up with a 100 shield power-up
  • replaced tree shadows with projectors
  • some further texture tweaking
  • tweaks in waterfall ambient sound
If you haven't done yet, check out this amazing map... I'm sure you won't be disappointed. Again, well done Noz! ;-)

Concept Contest results! - by Winged Unicorn, 5th March 2004

After taking some days to discuss all the submissions we got, the team has finally come up to a result. We are proud to announce that there have been three winners!

For more info, check out the forum! :-)

New Website - by NozzeM, 23th February 2004

I just created a new website for your viewing pleasure, with great help from Studio F who made us some new amazing material. The new design looks much more Unrealish now, I hope you like it! :-)

Also, the concept contest deadline is coming soon. If you still wish to submit your story then make sure you submit it in time.

CTF-Avali SE released! - by Winged Unicorn, 27th January 2004

NozzeM has finished working on the second edition of his awesome CTF map 'CTF-Avali', fixing all the problems that were pointed out in the first release and using a heavy hand on optimization. If you loved the first map, go get the new updated one in the media section. :)

Music by uNr3ALITY - by NozzeM, 22th January 2004

uNr3ALITY created some great music for our mod, check out the 'music and sound' section of the media section to download various samples and even a complete track!

CTF-Avali ready for download! - by NozzeM, 21th January 2004

I just finished my UT2003 CTF map, 'CTF-Avali'. It's a Unreal 1 themed map, you can find screenshots and a download link of it in the media section.

Website online! - by NozzeM, 11th January 2004

As you can see the website is online! There isn't much to find yet. However we have started a "concept contest"! What we are looking for is a person who can come with the best possible storyline for this mod! So, do you have fresh and cool/useful ideas for a storyline? Are you good with pencil and paper? Participate to this contest!
From all the entries we will pick one winner, who will join the team as a concept artist and work on the full storyline which will be used in the mod. For details check the forum.