Here is a list of the developers of the mod, their work fields and some personal info.

Winged Unicorn
  • Work fields: mod founder, coding, administrator
  • Real name: Alessandro Sardo
  • Country: Italy

  • Work fields: mod founder, mapping, designer
  • Real name: Frank Bakker
  • Country: Netherlands

  • Work fields: coding, mapping
  • Real name: N/A
  • Country: Germany

  • Work fields: music & sound
  • Real name: Silver Raudsepp
  • Country: Finland

Thesto Neroses
  • Work fields: concept artist, mapping
  • Real name: Will
  • Country: Taiwan

Further contributors:

Studio F
  • Work fields: texture artist
  • Real name: Ger Ledderhof
  • Country: Netherlands

  • Work fields: modelling & skinning, 2d art
  • Real name: Massimiliano Uguccioni
  • Country: Italy

Destroy (Oblivion of a Machine)
  • Work fields: music
  • Real name: N/A
  • Country: Russia