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I'll be replacing this content sometime, but will likely keep a link to this up in the new content.


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Unreal 1 Server not running, nor plans to do so except for special occasion. So much of the content here is deprecated.

If you need a download and/or game password, then click here. Please note 1) get from the server which DL you need first, and 2) make sure to use the correct password.

New Sygate Personal Firewall 5.5, promises to be faster and require even less system resources. Get it here. Sygate main site.


If you have any suggestions for additions to this page, please email me at "j88ossAT yahooDOT com" or try my ICQ 161589185; you can get ICQ here. Though I don't keep ICQ running all the time, I do check it. I've recently discovered Trillian, an instant messenger client that can communicate with all the (major) services, so you can have one program for all the services.

You can see me sometimes playing UT2004/Onslaught, and in the forums at

Here's a good argument for using a multi-service client (like Trillian).

Server Rules

My server runs for Unreal COOP. It is NOT Death Match (or any of it's variations). Don't shoot other players on purpose. There are plenty of DM servers around; go to one of those for this activity. Accidents happen, and in combat players will get shot. Intentionally shooting players is rude.

No cussing, foul language, name calling, or otherwise acting like a three year old.

Don't end the levels without asking other players first - this game is not a race; if you don't know the ending and end it (or think you did), then please apologize at the start of the next level (and try to remember for next time, hey?) By now in my server the endings are marked visible (looks like a stick man with an arrow next to it).

Yes, there is a lot of chat. Coop is a social game. There's no pressure to make score or finish quickly. There is lot of time to slow down and have some fun. BTW, if you want to go to a particular map, just ask. Usually an admin can take you there quite easily.

Here's what I don't like: cussing and other abusive language, name calling, blocking lifts, blocking the exit, spamming (repeating the same text over and over), sex chat, shooting other players intentionally (especially things that will kill them -- knock into lava or high drop, crushing with doors, etc.), flooding the server (repeated reconnects, login attempts when passworded or full, ping floods, many suicides, etc.). I also don't like the alternate console hacks that let players forge system messages or make anonymous comments; as soon as I have a tool to do so, players will be denied to join with this kind of hack.

The only 'punishments' available are kicking and banning. If you get kicked repeatedly, you're misbehaving. If you keep it up, you'll be banned. This is done with a firewall. So if you're banned, you'll not even see the server in your server list (well, maybe you will if it's not refreshed yet). But remember, not every lost connections is a kick.

Excessive bad behavior will result in you being permanently denied from this server. And yes, it can be done.

Here's what I do like: meeting new people that are friendly and helpful, being helpful and nice to other people, playing the game and learning the cool things this older came still can do, chatting with Unreal friends, learning Unreal Script programming, changing some levels and/or monsters to make the game more challenging or especially a *new* challenge..

Temp Admins: some short comments about this privilege. I'll sometimes allow players to be admin on my server for a limited time. See My Admins.

Banned Players

My Unreal Future

I now have Unreal, UnrealTournament, UT2003, Unreal 2, Unreal 2 XMP (it's OK, and so much better than the usual DM stuff), UT2004 (Oh yeah! Onslaught rules). Spend my game time (not nearly as much as I used to have) playing UT2004/Onslaught. No more server.

OLD: Though Unreal is getting old, it is still quite fun to play and run a server. There are mostly Death Match servers available, though Coop is quite fun to play, and has much more social aspects. I will continue to run this Unreal server for some time, trying out different mods and maps and such. Plus, now I find how much fun (though also frustrating :) it is to make scripting for this game.

I now have Unreal Tournament and am trying it out on my LAN. I constantly hear that UT doesn't have any coop game, but I have found Operation Na Pali is a coop game just for UT (v1.3 is latest). This game is beautiful and fun. Player comments are that this is a very worthwhile coop game, so I will eventually try hosting that. Also, I have found that with the OldSkool mod I can host the Unreal game maps on UT (as well as the DK versions of the Unreal1 maps), giving a much more stable platform for this game. Unfortunately, Unreal/Gold clients cannot join this. Also, the claims they will have a UT version of the RTNP maps soon, so maybe that could be good to host for coop, too.

(thanks to Teela for helping make this a readable document. sometimes my Engrish is not so good LOL)

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