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What is UNREAL?

That's the question that everyone has been asking. UNREAL is more than your average first person action game. It places players in a stunningly lifelike three-dimensional world, where they can pratically smell the stench of dank dungeon caverns, feel the hot breath of menacing creatures, and experience the sensations of falling, swimming and flying. Running on either Windows 95 or Windows NT, UNREAL delivers:

  • Highly detailed polygonal characters
  • A True 3D environment
  • Dynamic lighting and shadows
  • Designed to be played in high resolution with DirectXTM technology
  • Special enhancements for the Intel Pentium® processor with MMXTM technology

Click Here to read Intel's MMX press release!

The Environment

The UNREAL environment is continuous. Though levels do exist, you travel between them smoothly. The entire world, whether you're playing by yourself or you're on a large network game server, is melded into one continuous global environment.

The UNREAL environment is permeated by music and sound. The sounds of wind, flowing water, flickering flames, footsteps, and monsters flow throughout the Unreal world against a sonorous backdrop of atmospheric music.

The UNREAL environment is richly illuminated. Torches flicker and light sources create varying levels of luminance on their surroundings. Monsters, as well as players, cast shadows, which can often be seen around corners before the source is fully revealed.

The UNREAL environment uses a full six degree of freedom geometry and physics model. This means you can look at the world from any angle and explore complex architecture with features like multiple overlapping bridges and domed ceilings. If a designer can envision a level, he can build it in Unreal.

What They're Saying About Unreal

Do you hunger for more inside info about Unreal, Epic's upcoming first-person 3D game hailed as "The best looking game of all time" [Next Generation]? Then pick up the new issue of PC Games magazine (June 1997) for the most comprehensive info to date on the hottest game of '97!

In the article, you will find out just how Epic plans to make Unreal stand out in the world of first-person 3D games. New story, weapon and creature details are unveiled in a story that answers the question, "Does Quake finally have a game to fear?"

Epic is also getting some good preview of Unreal in Europe. Check out the Epic UK Unreal Home Page for what the European press has to say.

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