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The Story Behind UNREAL

You awaken in a small, enclosed room with metal walls. The floor and walls are notably tilted at an odd angle. The room is illuminated by a dim light flowing through a crack in the ceiling. A small fold-out bed is attached to a wall. Though you have no recollection of where you are, it might appear to be a prison cell. An angled metal door lies ahead. With effort, you push the creaky slab open.

You reach another large metal door. It's partially open, revealing light beyond it. Pressing a switch on a nearby wall causes the door to slowly and noisily open, uncovering a bright green landscape and lake beyond. Walking forward, you find yourself in the middle of a small peninsula within a lake surrounded by mountains.

This is not at all what you expected. The "prison" you just exited is now revealed to be a small, badly-damaged spacecraft. Debris trails the crash site. The craft itself is wedged halfway into the ground, forming a crater in the area surrounding it. Walking along a trail in the foreign terrain, gun in hand, you journey onward to find out where you are and what you purpose is here.

Observing your surroundings beyond the carnage reveals a beautiful and serene, yet somehow spooky, landscape. Two moons are in the sky. Ruins are in the distance. And a big, bad, alien is eating one of your buddies.

Welcome to UNREAL!

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