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Unreal World Editor

The UNREAL World Editor (UnrealEd) allows our developers to create the realistic worlds seen in the screen shots on these pages. The picture of the house to the left is an example of what you can do with UnrealEd. As you can see from this screen shot, this is a professional quality tool that can be used to design and control every aspect of unreal game play and it is easy to use. UnrealEd will likely be bundled with the registered version.

800x600 Image of UnrealEd
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1280x1024 Image of UnrealEd
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For best results, set your viewer to loop the clip
More movies coming soon!

UNREAL Preview #1 5MB
UNREAL Preview #2 8MB

Visit these UNREAL Web Sites

Be sure to visit these other cool UNREAL Web sites. If you have an UNREAL Web page you think we would like to add to this page, please email Chris Hargett.

Doctor Sleep's UNREAL Web Page

Visit Doctor Sleep's (John Anderson) UNREAL Web page! John is currently working as a level designer for UNREAL. If you want to see some different screen shots of UNREAL, be sure to drop by and see some of John's work!

  • Digital Extremes, the creators of Extreme Pinball, is one of the driving forces behind UNREAL.
  • Shadows is the source for the latest news on UNREAL!
  • Unreality is a cool UNREAL home page by Hendrik Mans of Germany.
  • Inoxx's Unreal page. Inoxx is one of the Unreal level designers, check it out!

Additional Information

Please note that the information here on the UNREAL Web page is preliminary. Our screen shots, monsters, textures, and movies will continue to improve over time so be sure to visit us again very soon!

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