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State of flux

15th July 2007

Over the next few days or so the site will be in a constant state of flux which means that things on the site may change hourly so if anything looks as if it shouldn't then hit reload on your browser. Below I have provided an interactive demo of sorts that shows off what the menu buttons will look like. Mousing over it will cause it to change it's appearence. If you click it, it will return you to the top of the page. Pretty cool don't you think? Comments and suggestions are of course welcome at all times.

Latest News

Also note that PNG alpha transparency is in use on this website. To see it for yourself scroll the page down until the above image interacts with the background. IE6 and IE5.5 users should have no problems with it due to the use of a hack. Full technical details are available here. I am currently investigating possible solutions to the colour gamut issues that affect all versions of Internet Explorer.

Just to round this update off if you wish to discuss RTM there is a semi-official discussion thread on the UnrealSP.Org forums, accessible here. The reason being I didn't start it off. Get talking if you haven't already!

Update: For unknown reasons there is currently a conflict between the mouseover code and the PNG transperency hack. For the meantime the hack has been disabled for the "Latest News" image.


Stay tuned for updates...

12th July 2007

Just here to say that I'm still here and that you should keep a close eye on the site over the next week or so. Expect a whole wave of new updates over the next week or so. Hopefully there'll be plenty of stuff of you to read and maybe even a few bits of media to look over. As always if you have any questions feel free to look over my contact details at the bottom of this page. Is the site still on hold? NOPE, and just to prove it I've spiced up the tagline. Definately looks a heck of a lot better now than it did before.


Site on hold...for now

3rd April 2007

Sorry to dissapoint you all but the website is for now ON HOLD. This is to allow me to complete the previously mentioned map "Minispire" as soon as possible. Work will resume when "Minispire" has been released.


Daily update number one

30th March 2007

As you may be able to notice a few adjustments have been made to the site in preperation for the launch for the full site. No gaurentees as to a launch date right now but expect to see it on Sunday at the earliest. Don't be suprised if you keep hitting "Under Construction" notices when the site first appears as the various pages are completed and uploaded onto the site. There will be daily updates starting from now until the site is online.

Oh yeah and one little hint. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled in my upcoming Unreal map "Minispire" for something quite Martian indeed...


Say hello to the new logo

29th March 2007

Since the last update I've managed to get a new logo designed and layed out. I hope you all like it and yes it's the same font (Chiller) as the one that was used for RTNP's logo. I found it after a bit of trawling on the web with a bit of help from Google. The font will be made available on new site.

Anyway back to business. I'm happy to announce that the full site has been fully planned out. Now it's only a matter of getting it done and uploaded. Expect to see several interesting features on it as well including a checklist showing what's been done and an article on the complete history of RTM itself. Stay tuned.


Full site coming soon

25th March 2007

I tell a lie... The site will be coming first. Expect to see it by the end of the week, the forum following a few days after the site is up and running. Expect to see some new information as well.

In the meantime feel free to check out the old site for what has been retroactivly named RTM Classic. The screenshot archive for RTM Classic will be made available soon after the full site is initalized. Just try to remember that everything contained on the classic site doesn't reflect the current vision of the project and the information may be out of date.


It's Started...

3rd January 2007

Unreal: Return to Mars (RTM) is now officialy in development! As we speak, RTM is being planned and designed throughly. It has been given a clean slate to ensure that it'll be turly a great, epic adventure. The only definite information right now is that you will be Prisoner 849, the protagnist from Unreal and RTNP and that you will be on the red planet.

For those of you who don't know what RTM is, RTM is to be a true sequel to Unreal that it has not recieved to date. The project has had a long history, with the idea being around for a good few years at least and was in fact at one point in development for the original Unreal, but technical limitations and other issues killed it off... until now. Utilizing Unreal Tournament 3's Unreal Engine 3, I feel that RTM will be given justice and will be worth it.

Although other fan made sequels to Unreal exist or have existed, Unreal: Return to Mars will be made! Whatever it takes, it'll be around one day in some form. You can't keep a good idea locked up forever! So be sure to bookmark this page! A forum will be around soon with a site to follow, just wait!

In the meantime, if you want to talk to be about it, feel free to do so. You can contact me the following ways:

Email: stalwartuk@stalwartuk.co.uk
AIM: StalwartUK
ICQ: 351780464
MSN: stalwartuk@stalwartuk.co.uk
YIM: TEStalwartUK
Xfire: StalwartUK

I also frequent a few Unreal forums.

So hang in there, there'll be more in the coming weeks...


Alter your reality...forever. AGAIN!

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