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Welcome to my Unreal site. My server runs an Unreal Gold coop game. If you came here to download the maps, you can directly go to the download page. You can't download the maps from the game server directly. This lags the game too much.


  • I am testing jddMute2, a mutator for Decoration Contents by Joss Liu. I use it to put DeathTentacles into lanterns :)
  • New IP logger installed: SBAB by Smartball. I hope it will not crash anymore, like ServerDog did. (ServerDog is not designed for Coop games.)
  • This page can now be found at the address http://www.hypernl.tk. This redirects to http://www.xs4all.nl/~duivenv 
  • I mirrored the Unreal Gold Return to NaPali map pack on my site. Get it here.
  • I restricted the summoning of Aura, Jtool2, AKCoop and JCoop4 items because I want to avoid lag, unbalanced gameplay and security problems.
  • If you have questions, or want to mail me, go to the Contact section.
  • Testing: Some of the new weapons load the server CPU usage too high. I am testing all weapons and I keep those who do not lag.
  • The QuadShot mod is removed. The Aura and AKcoop mods contain enough guns already.
  • Added the Aura mod: Many new and highly unreal weapons.
  • Added the AKcoop mutator that adds additional monsters a few items and a couple of modified guns.
  • Because AKcoop has a dynamite item included, I removed the separate dynamite mod.
  • I moved the server to a Pentium II 266 laptop; I hope that I can be online more frequently now.
    A drawback of this move is the lower performance. Especially with many monsters and players.
  • I will move to JCoop5 when the final version is ready. For information about JCoop5, visit Joss' site.
  • Found a better version of the QuadShot mod, that is MUCH smaller. This replaces the OldQuadShot.
  • Added the Dynamite mod.
  • Some summons are now restricted, like the Death Trap.
  • Added a fixed version of the QuadShot gun.
  • Monsters now drop items when they are killed.

Key Features

Hyper.nl Unreal Game Features:

  • Play the single player missions online with other players
  • JCoop4 enhancements
  • Use the guns of the RTNP mission pack
  • New weapons
  • New monsters
  • Summoning


  • The server is not compatible with non-gold versions of Unreal
  • The server is available occasionally
  • The server is only 266 megahertz fast
  • Due to limited bandwidth only 5 players are allowed
  • Too much summoning WILL crash the game. When the performance drops I might decide to restart the server or remove some of the summoned items.


Even though summoning is allowed on my server, please consider that large amounts of monsters / items (tables, monk statues) can make the game unstable and cause high pings. Also, do not summon bots or death traps.

Please summon only max 3 guns at the same spot. This because of a bug in unreal that causes endless respawning of guns when you put more than 3 guns at the same place.
Endless respawning guns will be removed.

Do not kill or annoy other players. This is not deathmatch. When someone is building a bridge with tables or decorates his / her home (shop, hotel, whatever ;)), don't destroy it.

Never end a level without asking. Other players might want to stay in the level to collect more items or build homes / forts. End only when everyone wants to.

When you cause trouble, you can be banned with your IP address. (Or IP range if you have more than one IP address)  When you are banned, you will be unable to play on the server again.

Players currently banned:     

SlAsH (DoS attack with projectiles)
Klingon(Packleader) (Hacking, crashing the server)
Milennium  (DoS attacks with summons)
Nali Priest (Killing players and summoning legions of monsters)
Ice_God (DoS attacks with projectiles)


To summon a new item, go to the console and type "summon <item name>" where <item name> is the name of the item you want to summon. A list of items can be found here.
To summon RTNP items, use the command "summon upak.<item name>".


First, I want to thank Joss for her support to make this server possible. She has her own server and is the creator of JCoop, an add-on for Unreal Coop games with many features. Joss gave me some very useful tips for this server. You can find a link to her Unreal homepage in the Links  section.

}TCP{ The Clan Punishers for the anti-download and ServerDog utilities.

SmartBall for his IP logger tool SBAB

Boodaflow for the beautiful Aura mod

OldUnreal for the GREAT OpenGL and S3TC patches

UnrealSP for their Coop Server Guide

Asgard for the AKCoop mutator

And of course Epic Megagames, Digital Extremes, Legend Entertainment and Infogrames for making this awesome game.


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