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Joss' Unreal Homepage
Information about her Unreal Coop server and some very good tips for if you want to set-up your own server. A must read for admins! Updated frequently.

Old Unreal
OldUnreal has some new OpenGL and S3TC drivers and patches and many useful information about the game.

Unreal SinglePlayer
Not only for singleplayer. You can read the Coop server guide I used for this server.

}TCP{ The Clan Punishers
This Unreal clan has made some good tools and utilities to protect and maintain your server.

The Master[NL]
This site contains a set of admin commands from which I used some to modify the weapons and monsters in my game.

Asgard's site
Home of the AKCoop mutator

SmartBall's site
Smartball has a nice IP logger utility, and he was so kind to make it coop compatible for me.

Very Unreal Gold
Nothing's site: He is a regular visitor of the server. This site is still in development :)

Winged Unicorn's Website
Winged Unicorn's Website

Verdigo's Web Page


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