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I can not do anything after level switch:

Problem: you went to the next level, but you cannot do anything, you don't have your weapons; your HUD does not appear.

Cause: The server was too busy processing the level change, and your login request was timed-out.

Solution: Please wait 10 seconds and reconnect to the server (Menu Multiplayer > reconnect to server). You will reconnect and your inventory is restored.

Lag: my ping jumps to 3000+

Someone is downloading a file from the server. This causes so much network traffic that the game becomes unplayable.
The only thing you can do is wait until the download is complete. This can take a few minutes. 
(I already disabled downloading of large files like maps.) 

I am getting killed by the same Tentacle / Death Hunter over and over again :-(

Use the right guns. The trick is that you have to kill them before they see you. Try a gun with remote controlled or bouncing projectiles.


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