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Welcome to Crystal Castles - a Total Conversion Modification for Unreal One.

April 4, 2008:

Greetings from the Crystal Castles Development Team!!

The Crystal Castles Universe skews the standard Unreal experience to involve less of a shootemup oriented gameworld. We are attempting to bring some of the more fun elements found in the old Arcade game classics forward into a fully immersive 3D environment. One means of shifting this focus becomes quite obvious as soon as you start playing: you can spend your time collecting gems to score points instead of constantly fighting! We don't want to lose that on-the-edge-of-your-seat feel though: Weapons and Inventory Items combine to provide some of the same fast action you find in standard Deathmatch gameplay yet forces players to add a more strategic thought element into their battleplans.


The Crystal Castles team originally created this mod for Unreal One and released the public version 1.00 way back in September of 2003. An updated version 1.10 that included several important bugfixes was released in March of 2005. Several custom maps have been released and are available on our download page.

Unreal One development continues to this day. Crystal Castles has really become a testbed project for BOZO to use in fleshing out some new developments and trying out some new ideas. Expect a new release to come later this year... Some bugfixes, maps, and new gametypes are also in the works!!

Check the "Work In Progress" link to find out more details about coming features.


We also took a bit of a detour and began developing the mod for UT2003/UT2004 under the name Crystal Chaos.

The current state of development there closely mirrors our original TC Mod release from the Unreal One development days with a few differences found between versions here and there.

The Crystal Chaos team has produced entries for both the Phase 3 and Phase 4 contests for the Epic Games sponsored "Make Something Unreal" contest.

Our first public build for Crystal Chaos (ver 1.0 Beta) was released in June of 2004 as part of our Phase 3 entry in the contest. We entered in the custom Gametype category and received an Honorable Mention for our "Crystal Chaos" gametype !! By gaining this recognition, you know there is something worthwhile going on under the hood around here!! The roughest part was trying to shift from a UT2003 to UT2004 codebase in the last month.

Our latest public build for Crystal Chaos (ver 1.15 Beta) and Phase 4 entry is much more stable, many known bugs were fixed and new features added that were previously missing in our Phase 3 entry. This time we entered the entire mod in the FPS TC mod category. The build was released to the public in September of 2004. No new awards were forthcoming but that was not surprising considering all of the competition out there.

Further development has been on indefinate hold since the end of the contest. The core development team had pretty much burned out at this point and lost interest in continued development for UT2004.


Our team was a small one and consisted of folks who live all around the world and encompasses a wide range of ages. Our work on this mod was solely for the fun of it (and maybe to get a bit of recognition here or there). The core crew worked part time on this mod if they were still working on it at and work generally took priority.

Check the "Team" link to find out about all past contributors.


Mr. Gerald Lance Tindall aka. }TCP{BOZO aka. {KDS}BOZO aka. <NDP>BOZO aka. LordBozo

Crystal Castles - Unreal One - TC Mod Programming Director

Crystal Chaos - UT2004 - TC Mod Programming Director


Thanks to Rick Watts aka {KDS}Rewind and the KDS clan for providing hosting for our original development site, webpages, and forums!!

Kudos to Maarten Duivenvoorde aka for hosting the newly updated forums and webpages. He has been the most ardent supporter of the Crystal Castles game since we released it - usually maintaining the only server running the gametype.

With this kind of support the game will never die.


January 14, 2005:

Here are some Screenshots showcasing various aspects of the mod currently operating for UT2004!!