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Crystal Castles Unreal One:

The Crystal Castles Universe skews the standard Unreal experience to involve less of a shootemup oriented gameworld. We are attempting to bring some of the more fun elements found in the old Arcade game classics forward into a fully immersive 3D environment. One means of shifting this focus becomes quite obvious as soon as you start playing: you can spend your time collecting gems to score points instead of constantly fighting! We don't want to lose that on-the-edge-of-your-seat feel though: Various Weapons and Inventory Items combine to provide some of the same fast action you find in standard Deathmatch gameplay yet forces players to add a more strategic thought element into their battleplans.

Gemstones liberaly dot the landscape and provide power and ammunition to each combatant. Their inherent value generally also acts to increase your score - thus the more Gems you collect - the higher your score.

New things in the works include a persistent Enhanced Player Motion PowerUp system to replace the Adrenaline PowerUps (from UT2003-2004) and based off of gems collected and some new game types.

Welcome to Crystal Castles !

Gametypes Included:

You can run our GameTypes on all Deathmatch ( DM) maps currently. We currently auto spawn Weapons, Items, and Gemstones as needed. We plan to release some additional custom Crystal Castles levels sometime in the future so keep an eye out for updates!

Crystal Standard Game - our standard GameType - run around the levels picking up gems and killing your enemies. Highest Score Wins!! We also provide a HighScore tracking function - the top 20 scores of all time are stored on the server for each map played.

Crystal Castles Team - our teamgame GameType - same as above but with teamwork.

King of the HOPE - King of the Hill GameType with a twist - the King magically drains points from nearby enemies. Assasinate the current King to gain the Divine Might. (Already developed for UT2004 version - Future Gametype for Unreal One)


Hoard the Gems - Capture the Flag GameType with a twist. You need to return as many gems as possible to your "Hoard" location. You can also raid the opposing team "Hoard" to steal some Gems from them. (Future)


You can set each of the games to end with either a Game Score Limit /Team Score Limit or by a Time Limit. Standard game length is 15 minutes.


Gemstone Pickups:

Crystal Castles has several new pickups that alter gameplay:

Basically for most games - the highest score wins. You can get points by killing your enemies and picking us score gems that are scattered throughout the level. In addition several of the gems provide ammo for one of the weapon pickups... Available precious pickups include: Diamond, Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire, Topaz (Future), Beryl (Future), Garnet (Future), Amethyst and Gold Coins.

Each type scores differently so keep an eye out for the higher scoring gems.

Weapon Pickups:

Crystal Castles has two new weapons that alter gameplay:

Crystal Stunner (The Staff) - Stun Bolt temporarily freezes enemies for variable length of time according to charge received. When stunned you are invulnerable but cannot move. After you come unstunned you are invulnerable to future stun effects for a further 5 seconds...

  - Primary Fire - Fires a single Stun Projectile. The longer you charge the weapon, the longer your enemies are stunned. Charging also increases your projectile speed.

  - Alternate Fire - Longer you charge the weapon, the larger the stun effect radius becomes. A 5 second stun will be incurred regardless.


Crystal Stinger - Weapon with four distinct fire modes. Primary fire shoots. Alt fire switches modes. Each uses a different ammo type so make sure you have picked up enough gems to provide sufficient ammo to use your weapon....Gems provide ammo for each fire mode. Sapphire, Ruby, Emerald, and Diamond respectively.

  - Mode 0 - Sapphire Mode - fires shards similar to normal Unreal One Stinger but they travel a bit faster and bounce off walls at shallow angles.

  - Mode 1 - Ruby Mode - fires a proximity fused Gem Chunk that detonates at closest approach to any enemy. Be sure they aren't too close to you when you fire - many shards fly out when this explodes!!

  - Mode 2 - Emerald Mode - fires a spread projectile that detonates over time - useful to create a virtual "rain" of fragments for area denial. Hard to dodge.

  - Mode 3 - Diamond Mode - fires a projectile at near railgun speeds. Delivers quite an impact also...

Inventory Pickups:

Crystal Castles has several new items available also:

NOTE: You need to make sure you know what key your Activate Inventory/Next Inventory Item/Previous Inventory Item keybinds are set to...

The Cherries are a carryable health pickup. Use it when you need them - but watch out - they are organic and decay over time...

Cherry Icon

The HoneyPot is another carryable health pickup. It provides superhealth status when consumed - it also decays over time....

Honey Pot Icon

The Knight Shield gives you added defensive armor vs frontal attacks - it is automatically equipped.

Knight Shield Icon

The Wizard Hat provides total invulnerability for a short period of time. The wearer glows a distinctively purple color when hit - also leaves nice purple trail behind so if you can't see the hat perched high on their head, this should make it obvious. If you are really good at making headshots - give it a try - you may even knock the hat clean off their head and leave them vulnerable once again!!

Wizard Hat Icon

The Hope Gem steals points from nearby enemies. Activate it when you are closeby to get ahead on points. You will see a nice colorful lightning discharge occuring when the Hope Gem is activated. Note: for teamgames this mirrors your teamcolor. When you are close enough to drain points from your enemies - you will be surrounded by a flashing aura - makes you an obvious target so watch out!

Hope Gem Icon

The Protective Necklace surrounds you with a spherical defensive shield that blocks the Hope Gem drain effect as long as it is active. Effect lasts for thirty seconds. (Future)

Protective Necklace Icon


Find out all the details on the history of the mod development, future plans, and the current buglist here.


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