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Crystal Castles Ver 1.20 Unreal One - WIP


Version CrystalCastles_Ver1_2_UnrealOne - NOT RELEASED TO PUBLIC.


Found before each listing is a bug fix priority setting. PRIORITY bugs generally have a negative effect on gameplay and typically is reserved for the most egregious bugs. HIGH priority bugs will typically be addressed as soon as possible but are not necessarily gameplay affecting. MED bugs are typically reserved for issues that need addressing but for which there is no real hurry. LOW priority bugs are listed for things we would like done eventually. The percentage shown gives a current status on where we are as far as fixing items goes.





a) Various Accessed Nones still appearing in logs. (6 different bugs) (0%)


2) Crystal Stunner:

a) [HIGH] Review Stun Radius/Timing. (0%)

b) [HIGH] Change Radius Stun to Radius Stun on Horizontal Plane. Add Expanding Stun Ring Effect and Particle FX. (0%)

c) [LOW} Stun Effect Added to carried Weapons also. (0%)

d) [MED] Add additional Particle effects to Stun Field. (0%)

e) [MED] Add additional Particle effects to Stun Bolt. (0%)

f) [HIGH] Add Stun Support through Warp Zones. (0%)


3) Crystal Stinger:

a) [HIGH] Increased Bot Intelligence support required. (0%)

b) [MED] Mesh/Texture Required. (0%)

c) [MED] Adjust trailer FX to include Particle effects. (0%)


4) Wizard X:

a) [MED] Code Required. (0%)

b) [MED] Mesh/Texture Required. (0%)

c) [MED] New operation Required. (0%)


5) Protective Necklace:

a) [HIGH] New Item Additon Required. (20%)

b) [HIGH] Code Required. (20%)

c) [HIGH] Mesh/Texture Required. (40%)

c) [HIGH] Inventory Textures Required. (100%)


6) Hope Gem:

a) [HIGH] Protective Necklace Code Support Required. (20%)

b) [PRIORITY] Fix Animated Icon. (0%)


7) WitchBroom:

a) [LOW] Have Player meshes actually ride the broom. (0%)

b) [PRIORITY] Fix Animated Icon. (0%)


8) WizardHat:

a) [LOW] Attach Wizard Hat to head and allow it to be shot off. (0%)

b) [LOW] New FX required. (0%)

c) [PRIORITY] Fix Animated Icon. (0%)


9) HoneyPot:

a) [PRIORITY] Fix Animated Icon. (0%)


10) KnightShield:

a) [LOW] Attach Shield to arm. (0%)


11) CCMutator:

a) [HIGH] Convert to Dynamic Object Load and String Implementation. Allows any weapon/item to replace any other weapon/item. (0%)

b) [HIGH] Auto Replace Orange and Yellow Sapphires on maps. (0%)


12) CCAutoGem:

a) [HIGH] Add new gem types to the mix. (0%)


13) CCGems:

a) [HIGH] Add Garnet. (50%)

b) [HIGH] Add Beryl. (50%)

c) [HIGH] Add Topaz. (50%)

d) [MED] Add Support for Power Up System. (10%)


14) High Score List:

a) [HIGH] Update Score Commands. (0%)


15) KOTHope The Gems Game:

a) [LOW] Needs Implementation. (0%)


16) Hoard The Gems Game:

a) [LOW] Needs Implementation. (0%)


17) Misc:

a) [MED] Implement Electricity Zone. (80%)

b) [MED] Implement Electricity FX. (50%)

c) [MED} Implement Particle Clouds. (70%)

d) [MED] Implement Particle Lightning. (0%)

e) [MED] Implement Particle FX for Teleport Bot. (25%)

f) [LOW] Implement Sentry Bot. (0%)

g) [MED] Implement Particle FX for Monster Cage. (0%)

h) [MED] Implement Air Control Zone. (100%)





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