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Gerald Lance Tindall




aka LordBozo

Lance joined the mod shortly after development started for Unreal One. He immediately jumped in with both feet and helped bring the mod to a successful release status.

A definate candidate for Jack-of-all-Trades, Lance has done much of the Coding, Modelling, Texturing, Mapping, Sound FX, Documentation, Coordination, and all the thankless work needed to bring the mod to fruition. And if doing it once for the Unreal One build was not enough - he did it again for the UT2004 build also.

Lance runs the show now that Shawn has stepped to the side. Currently he is the only team member fully active in any new development.

Other things he is working on include some mods for UT2004 and Unreal. He is currently working on the following projects in addition to sometimes revisiting Crystal Castles:

Unreal Upgrade - a weapons upgrade project for Unreal One to give weapons more "real world" effects, such as different sound FX in water, leaving bullet trails in water, allowing weapons to work through warp zones.

Unreal Texture Upgrade - allows meshes to dynamically load higher resolution textures clientside when available.

Unreal One Ver 227 Patch - contributed the new Quadshot, many mesh fixes.


Shawn Downey

aka Unleaded

Shawn was the guy that got us started on this mod back in the Unreal One days. It was called Crystal Castles at that time as for the original concept the mod was going to be loosely based on the old arcade game of the same name.

The original development team consisted of Shawn and Wolfgang. Together they created the first Alpha build for Crystal Castles as a proof of concept. The hunt for new members then began: Lance was the first to join up with Doug joining shortly afterwords. Less than a year later Crystal Castles was released to the Unreal One gaming public.

Shawn provided much assistance with the concept, development, and testing of the mod and even some mapping throughout the entire Unreal One development cycle. He also set up some of the first webpages for the mod. As time has passed since during the UT2004 development began, his involvement has slowly petered off due to the dreaded "Real Life" issues intruding...

Shawn is still around and stops in to Unreal One from time to time but generally has moved away from any new development for Crystal Castles.

Current Position: DESIGNER (INACTIVE)

Wolfgang Schloyer

aka }TCP{Wolf

aka <]NDP[>Scorpion

aka Mia the Chaotic

Wolf has been with the mod from its inception. He was the first coder for the project and created the first Alpha build for our Unreal One development cycle.

Those still familiar with Unreal One will definately recognize his name - many very useful Server utilities have been created and are still supported actively by Wolf to this day.

Bits and pieces of code he has created for Crystal Chaos are spread all over the game but his main areas of focus for the UT2004 development has been in the Game and Menu systems.

Lately he has left the Crystal Castles team to focus on his UTeamFix and to also assist with the Unreal One Ver 227 Patch development.

Current Position: UBER CODER (INACTIVE)

Doug Zeager

aka }TCP{Pitbull

aka {KDS}Pitbull


Doug joined the mod back in the Unreal One days to help us with some custom Mapping. He produced several levels that we used extensively in our testing phases and that eventually got tweaked and modified (through a team effort) and were included in our Unreal One release MapPack.

He started out work on the UT2004 mod with another test map that will eventually make its way into our first MapPack (whenever we get around to making it) but soon left our development team most likely to pursue some "Real Life" action.

He has shown back up in the Unreal One world as of late and gotten involved once more.

Current Position: MAPPER (INACTIVE)

John Barrett

aka [Sixpack]Shambler

John joined the group shortly after we began our UT2004 development.

Those still familiar with Unreal One will definately recognize his name - a big Infiltration supporter. He took over development after the rest of the crew left for greener pastures.

His main areas of focus for the UT2004 development has been in the HUD and Messaging systems.

As of late he has been involved with assisting Epic with the development of their latest official patches for UT2004.

He is also working on the Unreal One Ver 227 Patch.


Lisa Wiggins

aka LethalMomma

Lisa joined the mod in a bit of a different manner. She has the distinct honor of being the person who played the Unreal One version the most. This gives her great insight into helping Test stuff out.

She was invited to join the UT2004 development team so she could help us make the mod just as fun as it was back in the Unreal One days.

She has been missing as of late but is still welcome!!

Current Position: TESTER (INACTIVE)

Rick Watts

aka }TCP{ Rewind

aka {KDS}Rewind

Rick and the KDS clan were kind enough to provide extensive support by hosting forums, webpages, and downloads during our initial build cycles for both the Unreal One and UT2004 development.

Without this gracious assistance we would have never brought the mod to fruition. Thanks Rick and KDS!!


Maarten Duivenvoorde


Maarten has been the biggest supporter of the Crystal Castles mod since its inception. He has been hosting the only dedicated Crystal Castles server for many years now and maintains a forum dedicated to it and its future development also.

He has also graciously offered to take over website hosting for the mod. Thanks Hyper!!


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