An Encyclopaedia of Noailiat’s Unreal World


Welcome to my encyclopaedia. For those of you bored enough to stumble in here, this document is an exhaustive account of all the places, people and major items mentioned in the “Kran’s Fall” and “Nalipal Trilogy” canon. As well as information that can be gleaned directly from the so-far-released texts, this document contains connections between the stories that you may have missed, and teasers (but not major spoilers) for stories as yet unreleased. There is also a spattering of non-canon material within this text, but since it came “from the horse’s mouth”, you can treat it as official.


The encyclopaedia also makes reference to the texts in the Na’thali Library of Nali Scriptures, semi-canon text from the abortive map Above the Clouds, which followed one of our favourite Nali characters as he tries to liberate his sky island from a sudden incursion of Skaarj. For your reference, the texts of the Nali scriptures are included in Appendix I.


Any words in boldface are cross-references to other entries in the encyclopaedia; I’m sure they’ll have you scrolling like crazy.





The Encyclopaedia, A-Z


Amoeba – Type of space vermin encountered by the ISV-Kran just prior to its fateful crash on Na Pali. The Amoeba was possessed of a rare acidic genetic structure that rendered the creature’s very flesh a powerful weapon.


Ancathope – Type of unsightly wildlife native to the forests of the planet Na Pali. An omnivorous creature, the Ancathope’s typical diet is a mixture of leaf mould and exotic fungi, for which the creatures spend a great deal of their time foraging.

Ancathope meat was on sale in Avenati Market when Luca visited it following Halil’s abduction by Mittari.


Argmanov, Kira – A Terran female, Kira was assigned to the ISV-Kran prior to its crash on Na Pali, and held the rank of Ensign. Her official role on that ship was of Science Officer, and as such she was part of the first away team to leave the ship after its crash.

Kira was captured by a Hunting Party soon after making first contact with the Nali, intelligent natives of the planet. Her Skaarj captors, led by Ssja’Rath, interrogated her with relation to the Inuit Corporation’s alleged weapon deals with the Mercenaries. However, Kira escaped Skaarj capture with the aid of a Nali monk called Kruun.

When Kira discovered that the rest of the ISV-Kran crew were dead, she led a band of monks from the monastery of Bluff Eversmoking to become the Nali Resistance. Over the period of a year, Kira and her followers rid Na Pali of the occupying force of the Skaarj, hence fulfilling the Nali prophecy of the Avenging Angel.

With their mission completed, Kira and the Nali Resistance settled at the Na Lati Castle, and there they remained until the Skaarj sent attack vessel Shrekta’Naaji to Na Pali. The mission of the crew, led by K’tha’Rath, was to eliminate Kira and the Nali Resistance so that the Skaarj could re-occupy the planet. Kira and a few of her followers from the resistance, Kuuna, Huratha and Juura, set out to locate the Shrekta’Naaji, which was located on the Bluff of Shokkar, and to destroy the newly arrived Skaarj. They succeeded, but not before Kira was killed by a member of the attack force, a Skaarj Trooper by the name of Vrathi’Naar.

Kira’s body was taken away to be interred on the sky island of Na’thali. Her sacrifice bought the Nali people four years of peace before the Skaarj returned in force to occupy the planet once again.


ArthuriNali innkeeper of the Cow’s Head Inn in Avenati Town. Arthuri was on duty when Kira Argmanov and her followers Kuuna, Huratha and Juura stayed for the night following the landing of the Shrekta’Naaji on the Bluff of Shokkar. When the inn was attacked by a Hunting Party of Skaarj as Kira and her followers slept, Arthuri was kept up all night afterwards repairing the damage to his inn.

Arthuri was still the resident innkeeper seven years later when Luca visited the inn while searching for information relating to the whereabouts of Halil following her abduction by Mittari. Somewhat against his better judgment, Arthuri allowed regular barfly Thasjiis to get young Luca drunk on ale in the process of giving him the information he sought.


ASMD – Energy weapon of Terran design. The ASMD is capable of firing a needle-accurate energy discharge that hits its target instantly, and is also capable of firing a slower-moving projectile that does more damage but takes longer to reach its target. If hit with the primary firing mode, the energy projectile can be detonated for massive damage.


ASMD Core – Ammunition canister for the ASMD. The ASMD core contains enough energy for ten rounds of fire, but if unleashed all at once and without appropriate control, would produce enough force to demolish a small building.


Attack Cruiser – Class of space ship used by the Skaarj, and a design that continues to receive rolling upgrades over time. The primary role of the Attack Cruiser is to transport Skaarj forces and weapons to their target, but the ship is also fitted with a defensive shield, twin type-XII laser disruptors, and a Cloak – as well as the ability to clean and repair itself after damage. The Shrekta’Naaji was a ship of this class.


Automag – Primitive but effective ballistic weapon of Terran design, capable of firing bullets in two different modes of variable rate and accuracy.


Avenati Market – A large open-air market held daily in the central square of Avenati Town. Among the items on sale when Kira Argmanov and her followers passed through the town in search of the Shrekta’Naaji were meats, cheeses, herbs, root vegetables and even hay. One shady-looking storekeeper was selling bandages, ammunition and other alien equipment.

When Luca visited Avenati Market during his search for Halil following her abduction by Mittari, stalls at the market included: a butcher selling the meat of Nali Cow, Nali Rabbit and Ancathope, as well as – for one day only – Slith tails; a greengrocer, selling (among other things) roots of the Litha Plant and Thanilayan Apples; a grocer selling candles and tallow; and finally a draper, selling colourful rugs from the sky island of Na’thali.


Avenati Town – Large, sprawling Nali town occupying the mountains between the Na Lati Plains and the Na Lati Coast and Shokkar Coast. Avenati town is built around a central square with wide, paved roads spreading out from it; the many houses, chapels and inns between these roads are connected by a series of smaller lanes. Among the town’s many inns is The Cow’s Head, where Kira Argmanov and her followers Kuuna, Huratha and Juura stayed at this inn whilst searching for the Shrekta’Naaji.

The town’s central square is also home to Avenati Market, a hive of daily activity. Luca visited Avenati Town in his search for Halil after she was abducted by Mittari, visiting Avenati Market and the Cow’s Head Inn on the way.

The market square is a large open space, bordered by trees and bearing a statue of Glathriel at its centre.


Avenging Angel – Ancient Nali scriptures prophesy that the Avenging Angel of the Nali will come from the stars in their time of need, to write the wrongs done by the Sky Demons. In her quest to rid Na Pali of the Skaarj, Kira Argmanov became considered by many Nali to be the Avenging Angel herself.


Backpack – Type of bag often worn by Nali in migration. The Backpack is slung over the Nali’s back by means of a pair of straps that slide over the arms and rest on the shoulders. Backpacks are large enough to carry food, medical supplies and even weapons if necessary. Backpacks are often woven out of the rough fibres of the native Tintsaea Plant. Luca owned such a Backpack, and used it to carry a variety of items when on his search for Halil following her abduction by Mittari, including food, maps and even a Dispersion Pistol.


Batai d’va – Nali phrase that roughly translates as “Come here” or “Follow me”.


Binoculars – Twin-lensed device that can be used to make distant objects appear closer. The Skaarj who landed on the Bluff of Shokkar in the Shrekta’Naaji used a pair of Electronic Binoculars to observe the progress of Kira Argmanov and her friend Huratha, who were crossing Lake Shokkar in a rowing boat.


Biorifle – Weapon of Mercenary design. The GES Biorifle uses waste Tarydium Sludge to create an explosive projectile with toxic properties that is lobbed like a grenade. The weapon possesses the ability to charge up a variable sized blob of sludge prior to release.

A Biorifle was among the numerous weapons found on the ISV-Kran by the Skaarj commander Ssja’Rath and the Hunting Party from Outpost 3J, leading Ssja’Rath to believe that the Inuit Corporation was trafficking arms to the Mercenaries.


Blood Wrath – A kind of suicidal rage that can come upon a Skaarj when all his comrades are dead. During the Blood Wrath the strength and speed of the Skaarj are heightened by adrenalin and self-preservation is disregarded. When under the Blood Wrath, a Skaarj is a truly deadly foe.


Bluff Eversmoking – Monastery on Na Pali not far from the Dasa Mountain Pass. The monastery gets its name from the isolated bluff on which it is built, high above a natural lake. Until the Skaarj occupation of the planet, Bluff Eversmoking was a peaceful place of meditation and worship populated entirely by male Nali monks. When the Skaarj arrived, however, they and their Krall minions used Bluff Eversmoking as a base and shipping station between Outpost 3J and the storage cellars at Dasa Pass. Bluff Eversmoking under Skaarj control also featured a large detention area composed of old storage chambers.

Various people were imprisoned in this improvised dungeon under the supervision of the Krall jailer Hrang. Among those imprisoned were the Nali brothers Kruun, Kriin and Kuuna, and Kruun’s friend Jaara. Also briefly imprisoned here was the Terran female Kira Argmanov, although she was rescued by Kruun, who had himself escaped imprisonment by means of the sewers connecting the dungeon area to other parts of the monastery.

It was after Bluff Eversmoking was cleared of Skaarj by Prisoner 849 that Kira Argmanov (who had been hiding in the bell tower) led the remaining monks into becoming the Nali Resistance and drove the Skaarj from the planet, thereby fulfilling the ancient Nali prophecy of the Avenging Angel.


Bluff of Shokkar – Rocky island between Lake Shokkar and the open sea. The Bluff of Shokkar has sheer rocky cliffs leading up to a flat plateau, on top of which stand the ruins of an ancient Nali fortress. The plateau is a sacred place to the Nali people. It was also the chosen landing site of the Shrekta’Naaji, an Attack Cruiser sent to Na Pali by the Skaarj in a bid to re-take the planet.

The Bluff of Shokkar was the site of Kira Argmanov’s final battle. Kira was killed here by the Skaarj jailer Vrathi’Naar after she and her Nali followers had successfully eliminated the rest of the Skaarj attack force. The island was later visited by the Nali children Luca and Halil, who rowed out from the nearby harbour town of Nalipal to explore the island, which had gone untrodden by Nali foot since Kira’s death six years previously. On the island they found the Shrekta’Naaji, still functional although long since abandoned by its Skaarj controllers.


Bywonda – Nali exclamation of surprise and fear. There is no known exact translation for it at this time.


Ch’tharothNali God of Fire and one of the Gods of the Good Lore. As well as giving Na Pali its fiery core, Ch’tharoth is said to have created the Gasbags, “a race of floating, fire-breathing daemons to seek out and destroy all those who showed signs of drawing to arms” in a bid to bring peace to Na Pali’s war-torn days of yore.


ChizraNali God of Water and one of the Gods of the Good Lore. Chizra is said to have given Na Pali its life-giving seas and rivers, and holds a temple not far from the ruined Skaarj mine of Rrajigar. Widely regarded as a benevolent and peaceful God, the Nali often call upon Chizra to protect their kin in times of strife.


Clip – Ammunition pack for the Automag. A clip can hold twenty rounds, after which it must be exchanged for a fresh clip. An Automag and a couple of clips were left for Kira Argmanov by Prisoner 849 when he discovered her slumbering in the bell tower at Bluff Eversmoking.


Cloak – Technology employed aboard Attack Cruisers operated by the Skaarj. The cloak can render a ship invisible to the eye and scanning equipment, but cannot mask the sound of a ship’s engines. Luca and Halil used the cloak on the Shrekta’Naaji to conceal their second attack on the Skaarj Command Domes that had been erected by a newly arrived attack force.


Command Dome – Type of field headquarters often erected by Skaarj attack forces on first landing. Use of Command Domes is widespread due to their short construction time and versatile applications.


Commune dei Fiori – Community of Nali that live in a large sandstone fortress near the southern end of the Na Lati Coast. Presided over by Father Orgio, the order believe in free love and bountiful living, and the castle is festooned with plants in celebration of life and fertility. The Nali of the commune live somewhat cut off from regular Nali society, breaking established codes in many ways – for instance, Nali of the Commune dei Fiori do not conform to the accepted code of Nali Clothing, preferring to wear long, flowing, colourful robes.

Seeking shelter from a summer rainstorm, Luca and Skrill were welcomed by Father Orgio and Sister Tintsaea. Luca and Skrill stayed for two nights, with Luca becoming increasingly restless because of his urge to continue searching for Halil, who had been recently abducted by Mittari. Luca eventually fled after a close encounter with a forthright Sister Tintsaea, accompanied by Skrill, who had been intending to stay until the Nali of the commune tried to force him to take a bath.


Concussion Staff – Type of weapon operated by Krall under Skaarj command. The weapon acts both as a powerful melee armament and a moderately effective ranged weapon, being capable of firing a brightly coloured energy bolt with a fair capacity to damage.


Containment Field – Technology widespread on Terran space ships. A containment field creates an impassable barrier that is used equally for sealing off rooms, protecting engine cores and restraining laboratory specimens. Several Amoebas were being stored within a Containment Field in the Science and Research Lab of the ISV-Kran prior to its crash-landing on Na Pali.


Corran – Rugged planet known for its beautiful red and mauve sunsets. Kira Argmanov and Nikolai Onalopov were to travel to Corran for their honeymoon prior to the crash of the ISV-Kran on Na Pali.


Cow Cart – Means of road transport widely used on Na Pali. A wooden cart is towed by a pair of Nali Cows tethered to its front end. Travel by cow cart is slow and occasionally bumpy, but the cows are capable of towing a great deal of weight, allowing traders to transport their wares with ease.

Na Lati Town, Avenati Town and Nalipal all saw regular trade by Cow Carts.


Cow’s Head, The – Inn at Avenati Town, near the northern cliff. Kira Argmanov and her Nali followers Kuuna, Huratha and Juura stayed at the Cow’s Head to rest on their journey to find the landing site of the Shrekta’Naaji, but the inn was raided overnight by a Hunting Party of Skaarj. The surprise attack left most of the travellers unconscious, except for Kuuna, who was taken away to the Bluff of Shokkar for interrogation.

Arthuri was the innkeeper of the Cow’s Head. One of his best customers was Thasjiis, a regular barfly and friend of Arthuri’s. Luca visited the Cow’s Head on one occasion, searching for information about the disappearance of Halil.


Daghetta Pass – Hazardous mountain route between Noth’Hanti Town and the Spire Village to the south. The route used to be widely travelled by Nali making pilgrimage, but fell into disuse after the once sacred Sunspire mountain was overwhelmed by the Skaarj and later abandoned by the Nali.


Deunaberry – A type of bush native to Na Pali. The Deunaberry bush bears a sweet fruit with a flavour not entirely dissimilar to the Earth Loganberry, and is often used by the Nali to make a sweet drink called Deunaberry Cordial. Deunaberry Cordial was on sale at the Fisherman Inn in Nalipal.


Devilfish – Type of aggressive, carnivorous wildlife native to Na Pali’s waters. The black coloured, oily skinned Devilfish is ubiquitous on Na Pali, occupying salt waters and fresh waters alike. Luca and Halil caught a Devilfish whilst fishing on the pier at Nalipal, which they later presented to their elderly friend Philona. Devilfish were also on sale at Netarani’s stall in Nalipal Market, and occupied the waters of the lake below Bluff Eversmoking.


Dispersion Pistol – Generic design of sidearm popular with both Terran and Skaarj forces due to its self-recharging capability. With appropriate equipment, the Dispersion Pistol can also be upgraded to any of four superior power levels to its basic, energy-discharging design.

Luca carried a Dispersion Pistol left behind by his late father Lit’harani when he set off to search for Halil following her abduction by Mittari.


DorroKrall operative working under jailer Hrang at Bluff Eversmoking during its occupation by the Skaarj. Dorro was somewhat simple; he truly sucked at Death Bones, and was often slow to respond to instructions. Along with most of the Krall population of Bluff Eversmoking, Dorro was killed when Prisoner 849 passed through the outpost.


Dubrov, Sergai – Security officer working aboard the ISV-Kran prior to its crash on Na Pali. Along with science officer Kira Argmanov and chief medical officer Tatiana Zimna, Dubrov was among the first landing party to explore the planet’s surface, beaming into the Spire Village with his comrades and making first contact with the Nali people.

During an attack by a Hunting Party, Dubrov was knocked out and Kira was captured by the Skaarj, but Dubrov was taken care of by Tatiana and a Nali native. When he was back to full health, he and Tatiana led a rescue party to find Kira. They travelled up the Sunspire mountain and through the Na Pali Haven, but were killed at the entrance to Bluff Eversmoking by the monastery’s Skaarj guards.


Earth – Planet inhabited by Terrans. Kira Argmanov and the crew of the ISV-Kran hailed from this once lush planet now largely urbanised by the so-called Planetary City.


Eightball Gun – Six-barrelled handheld rocket launcher, another weapon popular with both Terran and Skaarj forces due to its versatile applications. As well as loading up to six rockets that can fire in a spread or circle, the rockets can be made to lock onto a heat source, or to be fired as grenades without projection.


Electric Prod – Interrogation device used by Skaarj jailer Vrathi’Naar against the Nali captive Kuuna, at the instruction of Vrathi’Naar’s commander K’tha’Rath. The prod could deliver a severe electric shock of adjustable magnitude. Kuuna did not give way to Vrathi’Naar’s interrogations despite the pain induced by the Electric Prod, although Huratha later successfully used the prod at a high power level to disable Vrathi’Naar in a bid to rescue Kuuna.


Engineering – Section of the ISV-Kran housing the ship’s main Tarydium engines. Engineering occupied decks 3 and 2 of the ship, and was the area of the ship to which Nikolai Onalopov was assigned prior to the ship’s crash on Na Pali.


Fisherman Inn, The – Inn in the central harbour square of Nalipal. The inn had a very relaxed atmosphere, and was the place where the Nali of the town would congregate of an evening to drink and chat. The inn was owned by the innkeeper Tari. Over time, Tari built up a good relationship with the Nali youngster Luca.

Various Nali who visited the town stayed at the Fisherman, including the twenty year-old Mittari who befriended Halil, but Kira Argmanov didn’t enter the inn when she visited the town.


Flak Cannon – Type of powerful weapon kitbashed by the Skaarj from various engine parts. The Flak Cannon takes as ammunition large shrapnel-filled Flak Shells, which can be lobbed whole to great explosive effect, or simply emptied at close range to shred the flesh of the enemy.


Flare – Type of widespread portable illumination device that, once ignited, will illuminate an entire area for a short period of time before it burns out. Halil used a Flare of Skaarj design from the Shrekta’Naaji to start a fire while she and Luca rested between assaults on the newly erected Skaarj Command Domes in a nearby crater.


Flashlight – Type of handheld, portable illumination used by Skaarj and Terran forces. The Flashlight uses an electric battery pack to provide bright, focused illumination for a limited period of time. Flashlights can often be recharged once drained if an appropriate power source is available.


Foundry – One of the two Tarydium plants nearest to the Nali settlement of Noth’Hanti Town. Foundry was where the raw Tarydium from Rrajigar mine was processed and refined, until the plant was destroyed by the Nali Resistance, who found it strangely empty.


Glathriel – Legendary champion of the Gods of the Good Lore. Glathriel led a crusade against the machinations Velora. Many Nali settlements (including Avenati Town) feature statues dedicated to Glathriel, and many smaller villages are named after him.


Gods of the Good Lore – A group of Nali Gods credited with the creation of Na Pali and of the Nali race. The Gods of the Good Lore were Eelhandra, God of earth; Vandora, Goddess of Lightning; Chizra, God of Water; and Ch’tharoth, God of Fire. When Velora, God of War arose and set the Nali against each other, the Gods of the Good Lore banded together to keep Velora at bay and restore peace to the Nali world.


Gryphon System – A solar system unusual for its twin-star configuration. The seven planets, which follow an elliptical orbit around the two stars, include the fourth planet colloquially known as Na Pali, the only planet in the system known to support life.


Haboujii – Nali expression of surprise, sometimes used as a greeting when the visitor is unexpected. In this case, it roughly translates as “Hello!”


Halil – Young female Nali, resident to the town of Nalipal, and daughter to Latana. She and Luca, with whom she had a very close bond, were known to the townspeople of Nalipal as a relentlessly curious pair of mischief-makers.

When Luca chose to row out to the Bluff of Shokkar, Halil accompanied him willingly despite some misgivings, and the two of them discovered the abandoned Skaarj ship Shrekta’Naaji atop the plateau. Once they had discovered how to operate the ship with the aid of a Universal Translator, Halil was as swept up in the enthusiasm of discovery as Luca was, and the two Nali took a joyride in the ship that ended in tragedy as they accidentally killed Kew the Elder, one of Nalipal’s most loved citizens.

The death of Kew affected Halil deeply and caused difficulties with her father Latana. Halil and Luca were ostracised by the town, and when three Skaarj ships launched an attack on Na Pali, she and Luca set off in pursuit in the Shrekta’Naaji in search of redemption.

When their first attack on the Skaarj landing site failed, Halil supported Luca as he began to go to pieces, and in the end her quick thinking saved both their lives as their second attack on the landing site almost ended in disaster.

One year later, Halil befriended Mittari, a twenty year-old Nali stranger who came to Nalipal, almost at the expense of her friendship with Luca. Mittari, however, turned out to be a traitor and abducted Halil to a Krall outpost at Minatha Bay on the Na Lati Coast, that had been established by the Skaarj as a precursor to a third occupation of the planet. Halil was interrogated regarding the destruction of their landing site in the previous year, but Halil told them nothing, feeling confident that she would be rescued by Luca, which she eventually was, with the help of a young Krall called Skrill.


Haversack – Type of bag often carried by travelling Nali. Smaller than a Backpack, a haversack is typically slung across the body and suspended by a single strap from the opposing shoulder. Luca owned such a haversack, carrying food in it when he and Halil travelled to the Bluff of Shokkar.


Hen – Type of avian livestock kept by Nali for their meat, feathers and eggs. Kuri had a pen of hens behind his house at Mein’Haar Falls.


HrangKrall jailer who was in charge of the dungeon at Bluff Eversmoking when the monastery was under Skaarj control. Hrang was prone to beating up prisoners to whom he took a dislike, in particular Kira Argmanov.

After Prisoner 849 ransacked the Skaarj outpost at Bluff Eversmoking, Hrang was the only Krall to escape alive. He joined a rogue band of Krall that attacked the Na Lati Castle some time later. When it turned out that the castle was inhabited by Kira Argmanov and her Nali Resistance, Hrang’s attack soon crumbled and he and his band of Krall ended up guarding the fortress in exchange for accommodation in the castle’s cellars and food.


Hunting Party – Term used to describe a band of Skaarj on an investigative mission. A hunting party acts as a single-minded and powerful force, and often leaves a trail of destruction in its wake. If required, hunting parties are adept at taking prisoners.

One such hunting party was assigned to investigate the crash of the ISV-Kran from their base at Outpost 3J. They descended to the Spire Village via the Sunspire, and on arrival found a group of Terrans fighting a Titan. The hunting party worked together to kill the Titan, before turning on the Terrans and capturing one of their number, Kira Argmanov.

A year later, Kira ran into a Skaarj Hunting Party again, as they attacked the room in the Cow’s Head Inn where she and her comrades were resting and captured her friend Kuuna. This latter hunting party was somewhat smaller, but equally efficient.


Huratha – Dependable and down-to-earth Nali who was born and raised in Na Lati Town. Over the course of the Skaarj occupation of Na Pali, Huratha joined the Nali Resistance movement under Kira Argmanov.

Huratha was one of the three Nali who accompanied Kira in her search for the landing site of the Shrekta’Naaji when the Skaarj first returned to Na Pali. Whilst their comrade Kuuna was captured and their other comrade Juura too badly injured to continue, Huratha stayed by Kira’s side until the very end, when they reached the Bluff of Shokkar and found the Skaarj ship. Once there, Huratha successfully freed Kuuna from imprisonment while Kira held off the Skaarj emerging from the ship, but he was unable to save Kira from a final attack after the battle had been won that cost Kira her life.

Huratha remained in the movement under Kuuna’s leadership, and when Kuuna was killed in battle Huratha took over as leader. After four years of peace, it was Huratha who reassembled the resistance to fight off the Skaarj once more, and it was this Huratha who encountered a lonely Nali named Mishra after clearing out a Skaarj base.

Mishra joined the resistance and fought by Huratha’s side, but through his own irrationality cost one of Huratha’s comrades his life. Despite the loss of Lit’harani, Huratha gave Mishra a second chance, but this proved a mistake, as Mishra’s actions resulted in the deaths of three more of Huratha’s party.

Huratha was captured by the Skaarj on the Sunspire soon afterwards, and it was only then that Mishra redeemed himself by rescuing Huratha at the cost of his own life.

When the battles were finally over, Huratha retired to the sky haven of Na’thali, where Kira’s body had been interred years previously. Living on the outskirts of town, he hoped to find a quieter life.


Inuit CorporationTerran corporation that operated several space vessels, of which the ISV-Kran was one. Although Inuit flew its ships under a banner of scientific exploration, it actually transpired that Inuit had been trafficking weapons to other races – among them, the Mercenaries.


JaaraNali monk at Bluff Eversmoking, brother to Juura and best friend to Kuuna. Jaara was among those imprisoned by the Skaarj in the improvised dungeon beneath the monastery, and was killed as punishment when Kuuna’s brother Kruun escaped from his cell.


Jet Launch – Small water going craft operated by the Skaarj, capable of carrying four Skaarj but small enough to be carried in the hold of an Attack Cruiser. The Shrekta’Naaji was equipped with such a launch, which was used by the Skaarj Hunting Party that captured Kuuna. For moving larger numbers of troops, the Skaarj would use a Motor Launch.


JuuraNali monk at Bluff Eversmoking and brother to Jaara. After Prisoner 849 cleared the monastery of its Skaarj and Krall infestation, Juura was the first to discover Kira Argmanov, who had escaped Skaarj captivity and was hiding in the bell tower.

Juura was timid, but was also very loyal to Kira. It took a long time for Juura to become accustomed to fighting, and although he was never the Nali Resistance’s strongest fighter, his skill with medicine rendered him invaluable to the group, and he survived two Skaarj occupations – first under the command of Kira, then Kuuna, then Huratha.


K’hranna, GrokKrall administrator of the Skaarj outpost at Minatha Bay, but subordinate overall to an unknown Skaarj Warrior. Grok K’hranna ordered Ka’thar to guard the captive Halil before setting off to deal with the incursion of Luca and Skrill. It is assumed that Grok K’hranna escaped with most of the staff of the base by a Motor Launch following the base’s destruction by Luca.


K’tha’Rath – Respected Skaarj Officer and First Talon of the Ssa’Rath. When K’tha’Rath discovered that his blood-brother Ssja’Rath had been killed by Kira Argmanov and her followers, K’tha’Rath personally volunteered to head the Skaarj attack force that landed on Na Pali with the mission to capture and kill Kira so that the Skaarj could re-colonise the planet without resistance. K’tha’Rath was killed when he took the blades of a Razorjack to the head in a fight to the death with Kira on the Bluff of Shokkar.


Ka’thar – Krall guard of the Skaarj outpost at Minatha Bay. Ka’thar was taken down by the combined attack of Luca and Skrill as he attempted to guard the captive Halil, but not before he had reported their incursion to Grok K’hranna.


Kew the Elder – Respected former Nali adventurer who settled down in the town of Nalipal to see out his twilight years. Kew enjoyed looking after the crops of Tintsaea and Rye Grain he kept outside his cliff top home and was very fond of the young Nali Luca, in whom he saw some of his own adventurous spirit. As such, it was an extra tragedy when he was killed accidentally by the Shrekta’Naaji under the control of Luca and his friend Halil.

Kew was rumoured to have been keen on the innkeeper Tari’s daughter.


Krall – A race of dim reptilian creatures who were once dominated by the Skaarj and who now serve them willingly. Parties of Krall are normally assigned to patrol outlying areas of Skaarj control, such as fortresses and cellars commandeered by the Skaarj for storage purposes. Among locations guarded by Krall during the first Skaarj occupation of Na Pali were the Na Pali Haven, the monastery Bluff Eversmoking and the Dasa Mountain Pass.

Krall often carry a Concussion Staff and are sometimes rebellious in nature. However, they know that fighting back against the Skaarj would be futile. Even so, the young Krall Skrill proved that not all Krall are beyond redemption when he befriended Luca during his search for Halil.

A band of Krall was assigned by the Skaarj to staff an outpost at Minatha Bay on the Na Lati Coast as a precursor to a third Skaarj occupation of the planet, but they fled when the outpost was destroyed, escaping on a Skaarj Motor Launch.


Kran, ISV – Science vessel operated by the Inuit Corporation. The ship was making a routine flight when it passed the uncharted planet of Na Pali, whose Tarydium fields caused the ship to crash on the planet’s surface. On board the ship was Kira Argmanov, who once on the surface was captured by the occupying forces of the Skaarj, but later escaped and led the native Nali in an insurrection against their oppressors. The Nali Resistance eventually drove the Skaarj from the planet, but not until long after the entire of the ship’s crew had been killed.

When the Skaarj occupied the planet for the second time, they found the abandoned hulk of the ISV-Kran rotting in a mountain range near the Spire Village and converted it into a base. It remained as such until the whole ship was destroyed by the Nali Mishra, who himself died in the explosion.


KriinNali monk at Bluff Eversmoking, and brother to Kruun and Kuuna. A prisoner of the Skaarj controlling the monastery, Kriin died in his cell before Prisoner 849 could free the captives, but he kept his faith until the end.


KruunNali monk at Bluff Eversmoking, and brother to Kriin and Kuuna. A prisoner of the Skaarj controlling the monastery, Kruun escaped from his cell into the sewers and was able to tunnel Kira Argmanov out of hers. Kruun was discovered and killed by the Krall jailers before he could escape, but not before he had seen Kira to safety in the bell tower.


KuriNali male born in Avenati Town, who lived in the hamlet at Mein’Haar Falls. Kuri was an able blacksmith who used the waterfalls of the Mein’Haar River to cool his newly forged ironworks. Kuri owned a shop in the harbour town of Nalipal where he sold his wares.

When the rope bridge at Mein’Haar Falls was cut down by a Hunting Party of Skaarj, Kuri allowed Kira Argmanov and the Nali Huratha passage through his work cave to get to the other side of the chasm. There, he directed Kira and Huratha to Nalipal, where they could loan a boat to ride out to the Bluff of Shokkar.

Kuri was also helpful to Luca seven years later, after Halil was abducted by Mittari. Luca passed through Mein’Haar Falls as he searched for his friend, and Kuri was able to confirm that Mittari and Halil had passed through his village that morning. Kuri also offered Luca an apprenticeship, but the young Nali was too preoccupied at that moment to give it much consideration.


KuunaNali monk at Bluff Eversmoking, and brother to Kriin and Kruun. Of the three brothers, Kuuna was the only one to survive the Skaarj occupation of the monastery.

When Kira Argmanov tried to rally the monks to fight off the Skaarj, Kuuna refused at first to fight, but when Kira explained that Kruun had died to save her, he had a change of heart. In time, Kuuna became Kira’s most loyal friend and follower in the Nali Resistance.

Kuuna accompanied Kira to search for the landing site of the Shrekta’Naaji when the Skaarj returned to Na Pali. However, he was captured by a Hunting Party and taken to the Bluff of Shokkar for interrogation.

Kuuna withstood considerable torture to protect Kira and the others, and was eventually rescued by Huratha. Kuuna and Huratha were, however, unable to save Kira from being killed by the Skaarj jailer Vrathi’Naar after his comrades were defeated.

When Kira died, Kuuna took over as leader of the Nali resistance until he himself was killed in action, leaving Huratha in charge.


Lake Shokkar – Deep inset, east-facing bay on the Shokkar Coastline. Lake Shokkar is a saltwater lake that is separated only from the open sea by the sheer-cliffed Bluff of Shokkar. The bluff provides slight shelter from the sea winds, thus leading to the creation of the small harbour town of Nalipal at the centre of the bay.


Latana – Male Nali and father to Halil. Latana is a stern father, whose anger can sometimes get the better of him. Latana is not the most popular citizen of Nalipal, preferring to remain in the quiet of his home since the death of his wife.


Leatham, MikailTerran male. Captain of the Inuit Corporation science vessel ISV-Kran, whom science officer Kira Argmanov believed was fundamentally a good man, despite the Inuit Corporation’s shadier leanings. Leatham was killed, along with the rest of the crew that remained on board, by the Hunting Party of Skaarj that raided the ship after it crashed on Na Pali.


Leonarati – One of several Nali that followed Huratha in the Nali Resistance against the Skaarj. Leonarati and his friend Nitishara almost died in the Daghetta Pass when a rope bridge collapsed, but they were rescued by the combined efforts of Huratha and the rest of the party. Leonarati, Nitishara and their comrade Lonelias were later killed while holding off a Skaarj Hunting Party at the Spire Village so that the others could escape to the safety of the Sunspire.


Liquid Fuel – Type of fuel used by Skaarj on their construction sites. Liquid fuel is typically kept in canisters protected from energy weapons by a force field, but Luca and Halil successfully destroyed a Skaarj construction site by piloting the ship Shrekta’Naaji into the fuel canisters, against which there could be no reasonable defence.


Lit’harani – Male Nali originally resident to the harbour town of Nalipal, husband of Matharil and father to Luca. When Luca was six years old, Lit’harani left to join the Nali Resistance during the second occupation of Na Pali by the Skaarj, and never returned from his mission; but before he left, Lit’harani presented Luca with a keen-bladed knife that Luca has kept on his person ever since.

Lit’harani was killed trying to save a suicidal Mishra from a Skaarj Hunting Party in Noth’Hanti Town. His death was heroic, but ultimately senseless.


Litha Plant – Fleshy plant native to Na Pali’s plains and foothills. Knowing it to have a moist, edible tuber for a root, Luca pulled up several Litha plants so that he and Halil could have a snack while resting after their first, failed attack on a nearby Skaarj construction site.

Visiting Avenati Market a year later, Luca bought three Litha roots, and a bag of Thanilayan Apples.


Lo’juura – Mali Nali chieftain of the harbour town of Nalipal. A respected leader among the townspeople, Lo’juura was a calm and practical Nali who took charge quickly when the Main Road Tunnel collapsed in the rain on one particularly stormy summer night. With the help of many able-bodied townspeople including the thirteen year-old Nali youngsters Luca and Halil, Lo’juura was able to rescue two Nali travellers who were trapped in the rubble.


Lobster – Type of sea life native to Na Pali, similar to the eponymous creatures native to Earth. The fishermen of Nalipal used wicker and wire constructions known as “lobster pots” to capture these heavily armoured water creatures.


Lonelias – One of several Nali that followed Huratha in the Nali Resistance against the Skaarj. Lonelias was badly injured in an attack on an underground Skaarj base, but was nursed back to full health by the Nali monk Juura. Lonelias, along with his comrades Nitishara and Leonarati, eventually gave his life so that the rest of the party could escape from a Skaarj Hunting Party at the Spire Village.


Luca – Young Nali boy native to the harbour town of Nalipal, son to Matharil and Lit’harani. Luca shared a very close and complex bond with Halil, a Nali girl of about the same age. Luca was a plucky and mischievous character, who usually wore a leather jerkin (see Nali Clothing) and carried a knife presented to Luca by his late father Lit’harani when he had left to join the Nali Resistance. Luca was also a good friend of Philona, an elderly fisherman also native to Nalipal.

When Luca was six years old, he witnessed Kira Argmanov and her friend Huratha pass through Nalipal on the way to what would ultimately become Kira’s final mission on the Bluff of Shokkar. Luca and Halil shared a relentlessly curious streak, and when Luca was twelve years old he and Halil rowed out to the Bluff of Shokkar to see where the Avenging Angel died. There they discovered the Shrekta’Naaji, an Attack Cruiser long abandoned by its Skaarj commanders, and the two Nali youngsters took it on a joyride that ended in the tragic, accidental death of Nalipal’s oldest citizen, Kew the Elder. Ostracised by all the town, Luca and Halil had only a few words from a Nali named Motanisha to cheer them up, and when three Skaarj Attack Cruisers flew overhead Luca and Halil set out in pursuit in the Shrekta’Naaji to achieve redemption in the eyes of the townspeople.

Luca and Halil eventually destroyed the Command Domes erected by the newly arrived Skaarj, destroying the Shrekta’Naaji in the process. Rescued by the chieftain Lo’juura and taken home to Nalipal by Cow Cart, Luca and Halil left the experience slightly wiser and even closer friends than before.

One year later, a twenty year-old Nali stranger called Mittari came to town and befriended Halil, which caused Luca feelings of jealousy that he couldn’t fully understand. When Mittari abducted Halil shortly afterwards, Luca set off alone to find her, following Mittari’s trail to Avenati Town (aided by the blacksmith Kuri at Mein’Haar Falls), where he sought information from traders at Avenati Market and The Cow’s Head Inn in the north of town. Following information gleaned from a barfly called Thasjiis (who also got him drunk on Ale), Luca travelled northwards towards the Na Lati Coast.

Camping in a clearing, Luca awoke to find a young Krall called Skrill going through his belongings. Seeking shelter from a summer rainstorm shortly afterwards, Luca and Skrill found themselves at the Commune dei Fiori, where Luca had a close encounter with an order member called Sister Tintsaea. Whilst at the commune, Skrill asked Luca if he loved Halil, which the young Nali found himself unable to answer.

When he and Skrill finally escaped from the commune, they ran into Mittari, who admitted to having abducted Halil, delivering her to a Skaarj outpost at Minatha Bay that was staffed by Krall. Luca and Skrill travelled to Minatha Bay and rescued Halil, destroying the outpost in the process. It was then that Luca did realise his true feelings for Halil, but found himself unready to tell her.


Main Road Tunnel – Name given to the main Cow Cart route out of the harbour town of Nalipal, which heads to Avenati Town via Shahari Bay. When a summer night rainstorm collapsed this natural cave formation, Nalipal was left cut off to all road traffic, with only the Upper Valley available as a route out of town, along which a Nali could only travel on foot.

Although Putanuuri had heard that it might not be possible to repair the tunnel, several Nali were already working to shore it up when Luca and Halil returned to Nalipal following Halil’s abduction by Mittari.


Matharil – Female Nali resident to the harbour town of Nalipal, wife of Lit’harani and mother to Luca. Matharil was a devoted mother to Luca, but her love for him was put to the test when he and his friend Halil accidentally caused the death of Kew the Elder, a much-loved senior citizen of Nalipal.

Matharil’s love for Luca prevailed, however, and when Luca returned to Nalipal after destroying a newly Skaarj attack force, she welcomed him home with open arms.


Mar’thakKrall guard of the Skaarj outpost of Minatha Bay. Skrill successfully distracted Mar’thak, allowing Luca to stun Mar’thak with his Dispersion Pistol so that he and Skrill could enter the base and rescue the captive Halil.


Mealworm – Type of fast-moving creature native to Na Pali’s soil. Mealworms were often used by fishermen as live bait. Luca and Halil used Mealworms when fishing off the pier at the harbour town of Nalipal.


Mein’Haar Bridge – Strong wooden bridge constructed at the point where the Main Road Tunnel from Nalipal meets the treacherous canyon of the Mein’Haar River. The bridge, when constructed, allowed Nali to travel to the town by Cow Cart and immediately opened Nalipal up to a greater range of trade and business. The town soon became home to the Nalipal Market, a thriving fish market.


Mein’Haar Falls – High valley in which the Mein’Haar River cascades from an underground watercourse into a treacherous canyon full of rapids and shaly rock. A small hamlet resides at the top of the valley, and a rope bridge connects the two sides of the canyon. Kira Argmanov and her companion Huratha visited the Mein’Haar Falls in pursuit of the Hunting Party of Skaarj that had captured their comrade Kuuna. There they encountered Kuri, a local blacksmith, who aided them in their search.

Luca passed through Mein’Haar falls seven years later, following the trail of Halil’s abductor Mittari.


Mein’Haar River – Fast-flowing river that flows out into Lake Shokkar from a treacherous canyon full of rapids and shaly rock. Further inland, the river cascades from an underground watercourse at the Mein’Haar Falls.


Mercenaries – An alien federation of part-organic, part-machine creatures who are classified as galactic enemies of the Skaarj. The Mercenaries are politically non-aligned, but the Skaarj consider them a threat because the Mercenaries possess weapon and propulsion technologies nearly equal to their own.


Minatha Bay – Huge, sandy and shingly beach on the Na Lati Coast. When visiting the beach in search of Halil following her abduction by Mittari, Luca estimated Minatha Bay to be up to two miles in length. The northern end of the bay was bordered by the Northern Mountains, while at the southern end a narrow canyon led south towards Avenati Town while a broader road led to Na Lati Town.

Upon his arrival, Luca discovered a new Skaarj outpost staffed by Krall, where Halil was being held. Aided by Skrill, Luca rescued Halil and destroyed the base, but most of the Krall and their commanding Skaarj Warrior escaped on a Motor Launch. Here Luca bade farewell to Skrill, who left with the Krall to learn the ways of his people.


Minigun – Type of generic weapon design implemented by various races. The Minigun has a rotary barrel capable of dishing out ballistic rounds at an incredible rate. Miniguns are relatively hard to find on Na Pali, although they do occur on occasion.


Mishra – Male Nali who lived alone in a clearing a little way north of Noth’Hanti Town. Every so often he would travel into town and visit his brother Sasha, owner of the Traveller’s Rest Inn. However, when the Skaarj returned to Na Pali and began the second occupation, they built an outpost in the caves adjoining Mishra’s clearing to the north and collapsed the canyon to the south that lead to the town. Mishra was cut off from his kin in Noth’Hanti for three months, with only his Nali Cow for company.

Mishra survived for three months by avoiding the Skaarj who patrolled the clearing by day, until one fateful night when Mishra emerged from his house to find his cow slaughtered in a brutal and pointless Skaarj game. This act tipped Mishra momentarily over the edge, until he was rescued by a party of the Nali Resistance led by Huratha, who raided the Skaarj outpost the following night and killed all of the Skaarj within.

Mishra joined the resistance group and they used Plastic Explosives from the Skaarj outpost to clear the canyon to the south. With them Mishra travelled to Noth’Hanti Town and found it deserted and derelict. Hurrying to the Traveller’s Rest Inn with a resistance fighter called Lit’harani, Mishra found his brother Sasha chained up in the cellar. Sasha died in Mishra’s arms.

Stricken, Mishra tried to take on a Skaarj Hunting Party single-handed despite his inexperience with weapons. He was rescued by Huratha and Motanisha, but not before Lit’harani died senselessly in a bid to protect Mishra.

Huratha was furious with Mishra, but he gave him a second chance, and they travelled southwards through the dangerous Daghetta Pass. Although the route was dangerous, the Nali prevailed and eventually they arrived at the Spire Village, where the Skaarj had built an outpost in the rotting shell of the ISV-Kran. There, Mishra endangered the whole party by firing carelessly on a patrolling Skaarj, an error that cost three more of the resistance party their lives.

The remaining Nali fled to the nearby Sunspire, where they rested until Huratha was captured by a Scout Skimmer from the Skaarj outpost. Mishra and Motanisha led the Nali in a bid to rescue Huratha, at which they prevailed, but ultimately Mishra died, covering the others as they escaped and ultimately destroying the ISV-Kran and himself with it.


Mittari – Male Nali of about twenty years of age. Mittari travelled to Nalipal shortly before the Main Road Tunnel collapsed. Apparently stranded in the harbour town with too much luggage to carry on foot, Mittari befriended Halil, but Halil’s friend Luca took a dislike to Mittari at once, describing him variously as a “prat”, a “twerp”, and Halil’s “boyfriend”. Halil stood up for Mittari, causing a rift between the two young Nali that threatened to damage their long-lasting friendship.

In fact, Mittari was an agent of the Skaarj, and he abducted Halil to Minatha Bay on the Na Lati Coast, where a new Skaarj outpost staffed by Krall had been constructed as a precursor to a third occupation of Na Pali. When Luca caught up with Mittari afterwards, Mittari explained that he had joined with the Skaarj out of a desire to be “on the winning team” for the coming third occupation. Mittari escaped with his life when Luca found himself unable to kill another Nali in cold blood.


Motanisha – One of several Nali that followed Huratha in the Nali Resistance against the Skaarj. For a long time Huratha’s second in command, Motanisha originated from the town of Nalipal, where he briefly encountered Kira Argmanov and Huratha some time before he actually joined the resistance himself. Motanisha gave Kira and Huratha some weapons he had found, which helped Kira and Huratha to rescue their comrade Kuuna and destroy the newly arrived Skaarj attack force.

After fighting in the resistance until the second Skaarj occupation of Na Pali was defeated, Motanisha returned to Nalipal, where he befriended Luca and Halil after the accidental death of Kew the Elder. Motanisha was also in charge of the party that worked to extinguish the blaze that began in the belfry of Nalipal’s church when the building was struck by lightning on the night the Main Road Tunnel collapsed.


Motor Launch – Advanced nautical vessel used by Skaarj to transport troops. A Motor Launch was stationed at the Minatha Bay outpost, and was used to evacuate many of the Krall staff when the base was destroyed by Luca.


Mouhaga – Nali exclamation of fear. There is no known exact translation for it at this time.


Na Lati Castle – Large walled castle on the Na Lati Plains. Kira Argmanov and her Nali Resistance settled at the Na Lati Castle after the first Skaarj occupation of the planet was defeated, there to remain until such a time as they were needed to fight again. The castle walls were guarded by a band of Krall led by Bluff Eversmoking’s former jailer Hrang, who served the resistance loyally in exchange for shelter and food.


Na Lati Coast – Stretch of Na Pali coastline between the rocky Northern Mountains towards the Sunspire to the north, and the Shokkar Coastline to the south. Behind the immediate, cliffier coastline lie the large expanses of the Na Lati Plains.


Na Lati Plains – Large expanse of rolling, scrubby grasslands on the Na Lati Coast. Among the wildlife native to the plains are Nali Hawks, Nali Rabbits and the more dangerous Pack Hunters. On the Na Lati Plains was the Na Lati Castle, where Kira Argmanov’s Nali Resistance settled after the first Skaarj occupation of Na Pali was defeated.

A pass leads east through the foothills and mountains to the harbour of Na Lati Town. A smaller route from the plains can be followed through the foothills to Avenati Town.


Na Lati Town – Fair-sized harbour town on the Na Lati Coast, birthplace of Huratha. The town is a fairly open place, bordered by coastal cliffs. A pass leads westwards from the town, inland towards the rolling Na Lati Plains, while a branch of this pass heads north to Minatha Bay. Luca and Skrill crossed the pass to the Na Lati Plains when following the road from Avenati Town in the south.

Cow Carts travel regularly from Na Lati Town to Avenati Town, and Luca and Halil used one of these to get home after Luca rescued Halil from the Skaarj outpost at Minatha Bay.


Na Pali – Colloquial name for the fourth planet of the twin-sunned Gryphon System. Na Pali, or Gryphon #4-A, is rich in the natural mineral Tarydium, a power source known to interfere with space ships’ instruments. So strong are Na Pali’s Tarydium fields that the planet has become known as the “Ships’ Graveyard”, on account of the large number of ships that have crashed there. Ships that have hit the surface include the prison transport vessel Vortex Rikers, Inuit Corporation vessel ISV-Kran, UMS ships Prometheus, Chantilly and Bodega Bay, the Mothership of the Skaarj, and a Mercenary vessel known as Terraniux. Na Pali is also home to the Nali, unfortunate victims of two Skaarj reigns of terror.


Na Pali Haven – One of several rocky islands that float in the upper atmosphere of Na Pali. Raised there many an era ago by Nali of ages past, the sky islands are held aloft by great white obelisks charged with the Nali race’s natural telekinetic powers. Na Pali Haven itself is one of the larger islands, once the home to a town that included a church and a large inn, but was long since laid waste by the Skaarj.

Na Pali Haven was originally accessed from the Sunspire by means of the Sky Elevator, but ceased to be a place of Nali pilgrimage when the Skaarj colonised the island and built on it their Outpost 3J. Kira Argmanov was brought through this town on her way to be interrogated by base commander Ssja’Rath.


Na’thali – One of the largest of Na Pali’s sky islands (see Na Pali Haven). The sprawling city on the island was the chosen burial ground for Kira Argmanov, Avenging Angel of the Nali, and was also the town Huratha chose to retire to when his battles were done.

Na’thali is a famous producer of fine drapery, and Na’thalian rugs can be found on sale at Avenati Market for five gold coins a piece. Na’thali also houses a library of Nali scriptures, where books tell of the Gods of the Good Lore and their struggle against the God of War Velora (see Appendix I).


Nali – Four-armed, benevolent race indigenous to Na Pali. The Nali, who prefer religion and meditation to fighting, have twice been completely subjugated by the brutal Skaarj, and used for labour in their Tarydium mines. It is only through the Nali Resistance movement (originally led by Kira Argmanov) and the actions of the unnamed Prisoner 849 that the Nali have been able to rid themselves of the Skaarj infestation, twice.


Nali ClothingNali civilisation has a very particular code of attire due to the race’s strong religious beliefs. When a male Nali comes of age (at the age of fourteen), he gets his religious tattoos on his arms, legs, chest and back and is thenceforth forbidden to cover them up; hence, most adult Nali males wear only a loincloth. Females, however, are not bound by this responsibility and normally wear a roughly woven fabric smock.

Up to the age of thirteen, it is common for male Nali to wear a leather jerkin cross-tied over the chest, and a pair of fabric leg coverings that come down to the knee. Luca of Nalipal was one such Nali, who also wore a belt attached to which he kept a knife given to him by his father.


Nali CoinsNali currency consists of coins made of three precious metals; gold, silver and bronze. Gold is the most valuable, while bronze is the least. Kira Argmanov often used this currency in exchange for goods and information, although in Nali society trade of goods for goods, bypassing currency altogether, is also widespread.


Nali Cow – Type of two-legged Nali cattle also used to tow Cow Carts. The Nali Cow is dim and docile, therefore easily farmed and milked. Nali will also sometimes farm the cow for its meat, although the tender meat of the Nali Rabbit is more popular.

Nali Cow meat was on sale in Avenati Market when Luca visited it following Halil’s abduction by Mittari.


Nali Hawk – Type of bird often found wheeling above Na Pali’s mountain passes and plains.


Nali Healing Fruit – Type of very fast-growing plant indigenous to Na Pali. The berries of this widespread shrub have powerful healing properties and, when ingested fresh or semi-dried, will cure most wounds and fevers. The dried powder of this fruit is also often used as an ointment to be applied directly to severe wounds, which applies the healing properties of the fruit directly to the injury and transports easily.

Nali Healing Fruit plants in decorative pots were on sale in Avenati Market when Luca visited it following Halil’s abduction by Mittari.


Nali Rabbit – Type of two-legged indigenous wildlife widespread to most environments on Na Pali, with different sub-species adapted to different conditions. The Nali Rabbit, often caught wild rather than farmed, breeds rapidly and has tender, tasty meat that preserves well when salted, smoked or cured.

Nali Rabbit meat was on sale in Avenati Market when Luca visited it following Halil’s abduction by Mittari.


Nali Resistance – Movement started by Kira Argmanov and later led by Kuuna and Huratha. The Nali Resistance formed out of the normally pacifistic Nali race as a means to free Na Pali of its Skaarj oppressors, and succeeded twice in restoring the planet’s freedom. After the first occupation the resistance settled at the Na Lati Castle, but they regrouped and fought again when the Skaarj returned to the planet.


Nalipal – Fishing harbour at the centre of Lake Shokkar on the Shokkar Coast. Nalipal consists of about thirty old stone buildings connected by a series of lanes centralised around a main harbour square, where one can find the Fisherman Inn, the Nalipal Market and the town’s main pier. Boats tethered to the pier belong to the local fishermen, while the townspeople can also go to worship at the town’s single church. The town does a good deal of trade via the Main Road Tunnel, which leads inland town towards Avenati Town to the north.

Luca and Motanisha were natives to this town. Kira Argmanov and her friend Huratha also visited Nalipal on their way to retrieve their comrade Kuuna, who had been captured by the Skaarj. Their visit was fleeting, but was the subject of many stories in the town in the years to come.

Nalipal, and the region around it, is prone to very heavy rainstorms on summer nights. One such storm collapsed the Main Road Tunnel and set fire to the belfry of Nalipal Church, which sustained considerable damage that had to be repaired by a team of Nali afterwards.


Nalipal Market – Thriving closed-roofed market in the centre of Nalipal. The market sells the usual range of meats, plants and seeds, but also does a thriving trade in the numerous varieties of fish caught by the townspeople of Nalipal.


NetaraniNali fisherman native to Nalipal who owned a stall in the Nalipal Market and was a good friend to Philona. Netarani befriended Luca when the visitor Mittari caused a rift between Luca and his close friend Halil, and also played a major part in the rescue of two Nali travellers from the collapse of the Main Road Tunnel.


Nitishara – One of several Nali that followed Huratha in the Nali Resistance against the Skaarj. Nitishara and his friend Leonarati almost died in the Daghetta Pass when a rope bridge collapsed, but they were rescued by the combined efforts of Huratha and the rest of the party. Nitishara, Leonarati and their comrade Lonelias were later killed while holding off a Skaarj Hunting Party at the Spire Village so that the others could escape to the safety of the Sunspire.


Northern Mountains – Mountainous region at the northern end of the Na Lati Coast, beginning at Minatha Bay. Beyond the Northern Mountains lies further mountainous territory that spreads for many miles across the continent.


Noth’Hanti Town – Large Nali town occupying the Noth’Hanti Valley north of the Sunspire. The sprawling town was built around a river that ran down the valley, and had a distinctive church with twin bells in the belfry. Mishra’s brother Sasha ran an inn at the centre of Noth’Hanti Town called the Traveller’s Rest Inn. After the second Skaarj occupation took hold of Na Pali, Noth’Hanti Town was ransacked by the Skaarj and abandoned by its Nali residents.


Noth’Hanti Valley – Large river valley north of the Sunspire, which was connected to the Sunspire by the Daghetta Pass to the south. The sprawling Noth’Hanti Town occupied the base of the wide valley.


Observation Lounge – Area on the ISV-Kran where the crew of the ship could go to relax and stargaze, also often used for weddings and other ceremonies. During the ship’s fateful crash on Na Pali, the Observation Lounge was one of the most badly hit areas of the ship, and there were many casualties reported from within it.


Onalopov, NikolaiTerran male, assigned to the Engineering section of the ISV-Kran. Onalopov was engaged to be married to Kira Argmanov, but the wedding never happened, as Kira was captured by the Skaarj and Onalopov was killed whilst ascending the Sunspire mountain with the rescue team.


Onsov, Pelli – Terran male, assigned to the ISV-Kran as a member of the security staff. Onsov held the rank of Corporal, and shared a bunk with Kira Argmanov. Onsov was killed defending the aft loading bay of the ship from a Hunting Party of Skaarj.


Onthio, Brother – Member of the Commune dei Fiori. Brother Onthio made conversation with Luca over dinner during his short stay at the castle, and offered Luca and Skrill a goblet of wine each in the process.


Orgio, Father – Plump, bearded Nali and leader of the Commune dei Fiori. When Luca and Skrill sought shelter from a summer rainstorm, Father Orgio and Sister Tintsaea welcomed the two youngsters as new initiates to the community. Luca, however, had no intention of staying.


Outpost 3JSkaarj outpost built within the mountain of the Na Pali Haven. Outpost 3J was the regional command station for the planet below, and was commanded by a Skaarj Officer by the name of Ssja’Rath. The base also had assigned to it a Scout Skimmer code numbered #3J-1A.

Ssja’Rath had the Terran female Kira Argmanov brought to Outpost 3J for interrogation, but gained little out of his prisoner. She was sent to Bluff Eversmoking for holding, pending further interrogation.


Pack Hunter – Aggressive, carnivorous animal native to Na Pali. The Pack Hunters operate singly until a potential victim is found, at which point the fast creatures group together to take their target down. In his youth, Huratha and a friend encountered Pack Hunters near Na Lati Town. Later in life, Huratha and Kira Argmanov encountered the creatures whilst they and their party rested on the Na Lati Plains.


Philona – Elderly Nali fisherman native to the harbour town of Nalipal. Philona was good friends with Luca, a local Nali boy, and his friend Halil. On one occasion when Philona was unable to fish due to a bad back, he lent his boat to Luca and Halil so that they could row out to the Bluff of Shokkar.

Although he was physically weak, Philona had a sharp, perceptive mind and was able to give good advice to Luca, who was struggling with feelings of jealousy he couldn’t fully understand when Halil befriended Mittari, a newcomer to the town; “You and Halil have too good a bond to throw away over some silly li’l jealousy thing.”


Plastic Explosives – Type of explosive used by various races. Plastic explosives are potent tools, and must be operated with care. Huratha and the Nali Resistance used Plastic Explosives requisitioned from a Skaarj base to clear the canyon between Mishra’s clearing and Noth’Hanti Town, which had been caved in by the Skaarj.


Prisoner 849 – Unnamed person who crashed on the surface of Na Pali in the prison transport vessel Vortex Rikers. Prisoner 849 cut a bloody swath across the Skaarj-occupied planet, freeing such key locations as the Nali temple of Chizra and the monastery of Bluff Eversmoking, thereby allowing Kira Argmanov to band together with the monks that first formed the Nali Resistance. Prisoner 849 saved Kira’s life by planting some fast-growing Nali Healing Fruit plants beside her semi-conscious form.

Some Nali greeted Prisoner 849 as the Messiah, but it was Kira who ultimately fulfilled the prophecy of the Avenging Angel and cleared the planet of its Skaarj infestation.


Putanuuri – Plump Nali who owned a fish restaurant in Nalipal. Putanuuri was concerned for his business when the Main Road Tunnel collapsed, but Luca assured him that his business knew how to find him.


Qupada – Nali exclamation of fear. There is no known exact translation for it at this time.


Razorjack – Deadly hunting weapon of Skaarj design. As well as possessing two extremely sharp blades on the device itself, the device fires spinning, serrated razor blades with the capability to slice an enemy’s head clean off its shoulders. When they could find them, the Nali Resistance used Razorjacks as a powerful weapon against the Skaarj.


Rifle – Highly accurate weapon of fairly widespread popularity. The weapon fires a ballistic that hits its target instantly and has the power to decapitate its victim. Additionally, the rifle has a zooming scope that allows a sniper to aim at his or her target more precisely.


RrajigarSkaarj mine, where raw Tarydium was unearthed for treatment at Foundry. One of the two Tarydium plants nearest to the Nali settlement of Noth’Hanti Town.


Rye Grain – Popular Nali crop used for making bread, and also as animal feed. Kew the Elder maintained a crop of Rye Grain atop the cliffs at Nalipal prior to his accidental death.


SashaNali male and brother of Mishra, resident to Noth’Hanti Town. During the second Skaarj occupation of Na Pali, Sasha was held captive in the cellar of his own business, the Traveller’s Rest Inn, and interrogated for information – none of which he actually had. Sasha eventually died in his brother’s arms.


Science and Research Lab – Area of the ISV-Kran to which Science Officer Kira Argmanov and Chief Medical Officer Tatiana Zimna were assigned. Prior to the ship’s crash on Na Pali, Zimna and Argmanov were studying a group of Amoebas that were being held in a Containment Field.


Scout Skimmer – Type of Skaarj ship designed for intra-atmospheric use. Scout Skimmers were commonly assigned to Skaarj outposts. Scout Skimmer #3J-1A brought Kira Argmanov to Outpost 3J for interrogation by the base commander Ssja’Rath; a similar Scout Skimmer abducted Huratha when he and the remainder of his Nali Resistance party went to earth in the Sunspire.


Seagull – Type of bird indigenous to Na Pali’s coastal regions. Several seagulls lived in the cliffs on the Bluff of Shokkar.


Shahari Bay – Large bay at the northern end of the Shokkar Coast. A road led inland here towards Avenati Town.


Sharuun – Sturdy Nali, one of several who fought under Huratha in the Nali Resistance to rid the planet of the Skaarj. Sharuun was a good friend of Theoda, another of the resistance fighters.


Shokkar Coast – A region of Na Pali coastline south of the Na Lati Coast and Avenati Town. At the centre of the Shokkar Coast lies Lake Shokkar, home to the harbour town of Nalipal and the cliffy Bluff of Shokkar.


Shrekta’NaajiAttack Cruiser operated by the Skaarj. The Shrekta’Naaji was sent to Na Pali under the command of K’tha’Rath, where its crew were to locate and destroy Kira Argmanov. When the Skaarj were defeated and Kira died, the Shrekta’Naaji was forgotten and left abandoned on the Bluff of Shokkar until the young Nali duo of Luca and Halil found it six years later. Restoring the ship to working order with the aid of a Universal Translator, Luca and Halil flew it inland.

Ultimately, the Shrekta’Naaji was the Skaarj’s undoing, as Luca and Halil used the craft to destroy the construction site set up by a newly arrived Skaarj attack force.

Like all Skaarj Attack Cruisers, the Shrekta’Naaji was equipped with powerful weapons, a defensive shield and a Cloak, as well as advanced self-maintenance systems.


Skaarj – An aggressive and advanced alien race with a hive-like structure that colonised Na Pali twice to mine the planet of its Tarydium deposits. These were dark times for the native Nali, who were forced to work in the mines or be slaughtered. Due to the planet’s tactical position and rich Tarydium reserves, the Skaarj were very reluctant to give the planet up and fought bitterly to retain control of it.

The Skaarj plan to re-take Na Pali for a third occupation, but their first attempt was foiled by Luca and Halil, who use an abandoned Attack Cruiser (the Shrekta’Naaji) to destroy the Skaarj landing site. The Skaarj later established an outpost at Minatha Bay and staffed it with Krall, until this too was destroyed by Luca.


Skaarj Assassin – Class of elite Skaarj Warrior that is more heavily armoured than many varieties. Skaarj Assassins were among those Skaarj that led major assaults on the Nali Resistance.


Skaarj Energy Bolt – Energy projectile launched from the prosthetic claws of all types of Skaarj Warrior. These fast projectiles feed off the Skaarj’s own energy, and therefore will never be depleted as long as the Skaarj remains alive.


Skaarj Gunner – Class of heavy Skaarj Trooper normally armed with an Eightball Gun. Skaarj Gunners were normally assigned to fortify the borders of key Skaarj outposts such as that created in the caves north of Noth’Hanti Town during the second occupation of Na Pali.


Skaarj Infantry – Class of Skaarj Trooper normally armed with a Stinger. No more than, but as resilient as a Skaarj Trooper, simply more heavily armed. Several Skaarj Infantry backed up K’tha’Rath on the Bluff of Shokkar in their failed attempt to destroy Kira Argmanov and her comrades Huratha and Kuuna.


Skaarj Officer – Elite class of Skaarj Trooper, normally assigned to command Skaarj outposts. Officers encountered by the Nali Resistance included Ssja’Rath and K’tha’Rath, both of the Ssa’Rath guild. Officers could be armed with any weapon type, but often preferred Razorjacks.


Skaarj Scout – Type of light-duty Skaarj Warrior with minimal armour. Skaarj Scouts often formed the vanguard of a Hunting Party, with a few higher-ranked Skaarj in command. Two Skaarj Scouts escorted Kira Argmanov to see base commander Ssja’Rath at Outpost 3J.


Skaarj Trooper – Type of Skaarj outfitted with full-body armour. Troopers do not wear prosthetic claws; instead, they carry portable weapons – often of the Dispersion Pistol design. Jailer Vrathi’Naar, who interrogated Kuuna at the Bluff of Shokkar, was a Skaarj Trooper who, unusually, was armed with a set of prosthetic claws as well as a Dispersion Pistol sidearm.


Skaarj Warrior – Type of Skaarj with limited armour that relies on its speed and agility to win in combat. All Skaarj Warriors are outfitted with prosthetic claws that can fire Skaarj Energy Bolts at their foes.

A Skaarj Warrior was placed in charge of the Krall staffing the new Skaarj outpost at Minatha Bay.


Sky DemonsNali name for the Skaarj. The name fell into disuse after the Nali Resistance formed, except among the most superstitious of Nali people.


Sky Elevator – Transportation device that used to carry Nali between the peak of the Sunspire and the Na Pali Haven above. Powered by a mixture of Tarydium and thought, the Sky Elevator continued to operate until a bad thunderstorm struck it down into a lake somewhere some way from the Sunspire. Both passengers were killed.


Skrill – Juvenile Krall. Skrill was born on Na Pali into a group of Krall who were serving the Skaarj during their first occupation of the planet. However, when Skrill was six years old, the band of Krall was destroyed by a party of the Nali Resistance. Skrill was then left to fend for himself for three years, but somehow survived the harsh climate of the planet.

At nine years of age, Skrill encountered Luca when the young Nali was camped out in a clearing near the Commune dei Fiori following Halil’s abduction by Mittari. After a mistrustful start, Luca conceded to sharing his supply of food with the Krall, who spoke to Luca using his limited command of the Nali language, and they fled together to the Commune dei Fiori for shelter when they found themselves caught up in a summer rainstorm.

Skrill was impressed by the welcome he and Luca received at the commune, and gained particular pleasure from the copious supplies of food that were on offer. However, Skrill’s plans to stay at the commune were ruined when the Nali of the commune tried to make him take a bath.

Skrill and Luca fled the commune, and Skrill stuck by Luca for the rest of his journey, accompanying the Nali to Minatha Bay and helping to rescue Halil. As the outpost the Skaarj had established there was destroyed, Skrill joined the tides of Krall fleeing the outpost on a Motor Launch, wanting to learn the ways of the Krall. By the time he and Luca parted, they had become good friends.


Slith – Amphibious cousins of the Skaarj. These slimy, green-skinned creatures have deadly claws and are capable of spitting balls of an unpleasant green venom. The Slith is also said to be a versatile creature, with variants that have adapted to inhabit various more extreme conditions.

Slith meat is edible, although not to everybody’s taste. Slith tails were on sale in Avenati Market when Luca passed through Avenati Town following Halil’s abduction by Mittari.


Spire Village – Settlement of four Nali houses that occupied the valley near the Sunspire mountain. It was into a crevasse above this village that the ISV-Kran made its fateful crash during the first Skaarj occupation of Na Pali. Troubled by Titans and Sky Demons, the residents who survived didn’t waste much time in fleeing the valley.

It was in the Spire Village that Kira Argmanov was first captured by the Skaarj, and in the same village five years later that Mishra gave his life to rescue Huratha from the clutches of his Skaarj captors.


Ssa’Rath – Guild of Skaarj Officers, one of many such guilds within the Skaarj hive structure. K’tha’Rath and Ssja’Rath were first and third “talons” of the Ssa’Rath respectively.


Ssja’Rath – Third talon of the Ssa’Rath and commander of Outpost 3J. Ssja’Rath was a vicious and intelligent Skaarj Officer who had a reputation for extracting the eyeballs of Skaarj who let him down. Ssja’Rath’s only mistake was to underestimate the Nali race and what they could accomplish with appropriate leadership.

Ssja’Rath died when Kira Argmanov blasted him off the causeway and into the lake at Bluff Eversmoking, where his body became a meal for the Devilfish in the waters below.


Static Discharge Nodes – Device used by the Skaarj to prep the hydroelectrically powered lifting platform they installed at Bluff Eversmoking. Once activated, the nodes allowed the platform to perform a full circuit of the bluff, climb to the entrance to the Dasa Mountain Pass, and then travel back again.


Stinger – A mining tool converted into a deadly weapon, the Stinger fires precisely aimed shards of volatile Tarydium at its target. Surprisingly effective, the weapon is often carried by Skaarj Infantry. Corporal Pelli Onsov and two of his crewmates, Kerig and Anders, used Stingers to make a final stand in the aft loading bay of the ISV-Kran when it was attacked by a Hunting Party of Skaarj.


Sunspire, The – Immensely tall, needle-like mountain on Na Pali near the Spire Village. From the level of the lava below, the Sunspire soars up into the sky, where it towers above the surrounding mountain ranges. Nali of old hollowed out the interior of the Sunspire to form a sacred sanctuary to which Nali from all around would make pilgrimage. The Sunspire also provided access to the Na Pali Haven on the sky island above by means of the Sky Elevator.

During the first occupation of Na Pali, the Sunspire was one of the many Nali fortifications commandeered by the Skaarj. The remaining Nali fled the Sunspire and never returned to the mountain, even after the Skaarj were long gone, until Huratha and his party of Nali Resistance fighters went to earth there during the second occupation.

Whilst the mountain was still under Skaarj control, Kira Argmanov was briefly held captive there by the Skaarj. Afterwards, Kira’s fiancé Nikolai Onalopov was killed there as the rescue party searching for Kira climbed the interior of the Skaarj-infested mountain.


Tari – Innkeeper of the Fisherman Inn in the harbour town of Nalipal. Tari had a daughter, on whom Kew the Elder was rumoured to be quite keen. Tari once lent Luca some medical supplies when Halil was injured by a Devilfish, and struck up a good friendship with the boy after he and Halil destroyed an attack force of Skaarj using an old Skaarj Attack Cruiser, the Shrekta’Naaji.

Tari was a responsible Nali, and alerted Luca to his suspicions after Mittari, who had been staying at the Fisherman Inn, checked out unexpectedly with an unhappy-looking Halil in tow.


Tarydium – Volatile mineral found in rich native deposits on the planet Na Pali, with a distinctive crystalline shape and blue glow. Tarydium can be used as a potent power source, but also disrupts navigational and scanning equipment. The planet’s rich deposits of Tarydium were the reason the Skaarj were so keen to control the planet, but were also the reason so many space ships crashed on the planet’s surface.


Tarydium Sludge – Volatile by-product of Tarydium processing that possesses toxic and explosive properties. The Mercenaries had the idea of using the sludge as a weapon, and designed a launcher that could throw globs of the substance. The launcher became known as the GES Biorifle.


Teleporter – Technology perfected by the Skaarj. If a pair of teleporters are stationed in key locations, life forms and inanimate cargo can be transported from one location to the other by means of a matter beam.

The Terrans have an alternative version of the technology that can transport life forms or cargo to arbitrary coordinates. Such a technology was used in the ISV-Kran’s emergency transporters.


Teraniov, Kelvin – Navigator and co-pilot aboard the ISV-Kran under Captain Mikail Leatham. Teraniov held the rank of Commander, and was a highly experienced bridge officer, but even his skill could not have saved it from crash-landing on Na Pali. Teraniov survived the crash with only a broken arm to show for it, but later died along with the rest of the crew who remained aboard the ship when it was attacked by a Hunting Party of Skaarj.


Terran – Term used by other races to describe people or items originating from the planet Earth.


Thalitha, Father – Nali male resident to the harbour town of Nalipal. Thalitha was the priest in residence at Nalipal’s church, and gave weekly services to his congregation of fifty or so townspeople, as well as presiding over special occasions like weddings or coming-of-age ceremonies.


Thanilayan Apple – Sweet fruit often sold in Nali markets. Luca bought a bag of Thanilayan Apples at Avenati Market when he passed through Avenati Town following Halil’s abduction by Mittari. Luca later shared the apples with Skrill, who also found them to his taste.


Thasjiis – Friend of a storekeeper at Avenati Market. Thasjiis is reported to have witnessed two members of a Hunting Party carrying an unconscious Kuuna out of the town by the southeast road during the night.

Thasjiis was a stocky Nali, and a regular barfly at the Cow’s Head Inn in Avenati Town. When Luca came to the Cow’s Head Inn looking for information on the abduction of Halil by Mittari, Thasjiis entertained himself by getting Luca drunk on ale in exchange for his information – against the better judgment of the innkeeper Arthuri.


Theoda – Loyal Nali follower of Huratha in the Nali Resistance Movement. Third in command under Huratha and Motanisha, Theoda was also the band’s resident weapons expert, and masterminded the clearance of the canyon to the south of Mishra’s clearing to allow them access to Noth’Hanti Town. Theoda was also good friends with Sharuun, another of the resistance fighters.


Thirumban Grapes – Variety of glossy-skinned fruit used to make a very sweet red wine. The Commune dei Fiori had a successful plantation of Thirumban Grapes on vines outside the main entrance to the castle.


Thunderbird – Nali term for the alien spacecraft that frequently crashed on Na Pali, “seeding fire and destruction”. Like Sky Demons, it was a term that fell into disuse after the realities of the situation were revealed by Kira Argmanov and the Nali Resistance, except among the most superstitious Nali.


Tintsaea – Type of plant native to Na Pali with a vigorous fibre that could be woven into rough clothing, and carrying bags such as Backpacks. The Tintsaea was a widespread plant that was often farmed as a crop. Kew the Elder maintained crops of Tintsaea and Rye Grain outside his cliff top home in Nalipal.


Tintsaea, Sister – Senior member of the Commune dei Fiori. Along with Father Orgio, Sister Tintsaea welcomed Luca and Skrill to the commune when they sought shelter from a summer rainstorm.

About thirty years of age, Sister Tintsaea became very fond of the young Luca during his short stay at the commune. As a member of a community free of most of Nali society’s rules, Sister Tintsaea made a strong pass at Luca, but found herself rebuffed as the terrified youngster fled the commune with Skrill in tow.


Titan – A kind of huge beast native to Na Pali. The somewhat slow and stupid but very aggressive Titans were reported to have beaten the hull of the ISV-Kran at night after it crashed on the planet, and when one of the beasts attacked the Spire Village whilst Kira Argmanov and the landing party were present, it took an entire Hunting Party of Skaarj to take the beast down.

The exact origin of the beasts is unknown, but Nali scriptures tell that the beasts were created by Velora, the Nali God of War, to rain destruction upon the land.


Traveller’s Rest Inn – Inn in Noth’Hanti Town owned by Sasha, brother to Mishra. When Noth’Hanti Town was ransacked by the Skaarj during the second occupation of Na Pali, Sasha was chained up in the cellar and interrogated periodically until Mishra found him some time later.


Universal Translator – Device used by many advanced races to automatically decode and translate one language to another, enabling communication between races as early as first contact. Universal Translators can take many forms, from simple text-based units to belt-clip or pendant devices that interface directly with the brain of the wearer; Luca and Halil came upon such a device aboard the Shrekta’Naaji, which allowed them to interpret and operate the ship’s control systems.

Crewmembers aboard the ISV-Kran all had Universal Translator chips planted within their bodies upon first enlisting with the company. This ensured that the crewmembers would never travel anywhere without a Universal Translator available if it was required.


Upper Valley – Name given to the lesser of the two land routes out of the harbour town of Nalipal. The Upper Valley led to Avenati Town via the rope bridge at Mein’Haar Falls, and when the Main Road Tunnel collapsed in a heavy summer rainstorm became the only route available for Nali travelling to or from Nalipal. Luca used this route when searching for Halil following her abduction by Mittari.

Kira Argmanov and Huratha used the Upper Valley when they first came to Nalipal in search of the Skaarj who had captured their comrade Kuuna for interrogation.


VeloraNali God of War and alleged creator of the Titans. According to Nali scriptures, Velora led a reign of terror on Na Pali during which the Nali warred endlessly with each other, until the Gods of the Good Lore grew tired of the bloodshed and beat Velora into submission. Velora has remained dormant ever since, although his underground temple and dark arenas remain.


Vrathi’NaarSkaarj Trooper who served under K’tha’Rath when the Shrekta’Naaji landed on the Bluff of Shokkar. At K’tha’Rath’s behest, Vrathi’Naar interrogated the captive Kuuna mercilessly for information about Kira Argmanov and the Nali Resistance. When Kuuna failed to respond to interrogation, K’tha’Rath authorised Vrathi’Naar to use an Electric Prod as a means to torture the truth out of his victim.

Vrathi’Naar was disabled by Huratha, who used his own Electric Prod to incapacitate him. When Vrathi’Naar came to and emerged onto the bluff to see his commander and comrades defeated by Kira and the two Nali, the Blood Wrath came upon him and he killed Kira with a prosthetic claw before she or the Nali even knew he was there. Vrathi’Naar was killed by Huratha and Kuuna, but it was too late to save Kira’s life.


Zimna, Tatiana – Chief medical officer assigned to the ISV-Kran. Zimna held the rank of Lieutenant, and was a good friend of Kira Argmanov. As well as being part of the first landing party to make contact with the native Nali people, Zimna was among the rescue party who set out to rescue Kira after she was captured by a Hunting Party of Skaarj. Zimna, along with Security Officer Sergai Dubrov and two other members of the ship’s crew, was eventually killed by the Skaarj at the entrance to the Bluff Eversmoking monastery.


Appendix I: Texts in the Na’thali Library of Nali Scriptures


The Book of Nali Lore, Vol. I. "In the beginning, the gods of the good lore came together to make this our world. The mighty Eelhandra forged the earth, then Vandora made the air and charged it with her lightning. While Chizra flooded the valleys and oceans with his life-giving water, Ch’tharoth lurked underground and gave the world its fiery core. 'Thus,' Eelhandra proclaimed, 'we shall forge the Nali race to farm the lands and tend to the animals we shall create."


The Book of Nali Lore, Vol. II. "Time passed and the Nali went to war with each other. Velora, the Nali god of war, arose and presided over the battles that raged below, his eyes gleaming with hunger for more bloodshed."


The Book of Nali Lore, Vol. III. "The powerful Nali warlord Lachoroth approached the god Velora and made this demand; 'Please, my lord, forge for me a race of titanic beasts who will strike down my foes.' Velora listened to the warlord's supplication with amusement, but then replied, 'very well.' At once, the land was flooded with the race of the Titans, but these creatures soon turned upon their masters."


The Book of Nali Lore, Vol. IV. "The gods of the good lore grew tired of the warring of the Nali people through Velora's manipulations. Together, they sought out the warlords and struck them down. Ch’tharoth spawned a race of floating, fire-breathing daemons to seek out and destroy all those who showed signs of drawing to arms."


The Book of Nali Lore, Vol. V. "The spirit of justice, Azure, imbued a Nali named Glathriel with all of her strength and nobility. As a champion for peace and justice, Glathriel roamed the lands, appointing many deputies, warriors such as Nagomi and Tashara, to strive for his cause."


The Book of Nali Lore, Vol. VI. "At length the Nali race found peace, and the god of war Velora fell dormant. Overseen by Nagomi, a band of priests ritually deconsecrated Velora's underground temple. Only his legacy remains, in the form of his dark arenas and titanic warrior beasts."





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