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"New stuff to enhance Unreal forever" - Keeping Coop Alive!

     Welcome to Pcube's Unreal site! This site is dedicated to co op on Unreal 1 and innovation through the medium known as Unreal! I've been modding Unreal for years, bringing various elements to co op that have never been seen. I specialize in maps, though I can do some scripting as well, and I hope to bring the fun of co op to newer versions of the Unreal engine. I hope you have as much fun with this stuff as I do. 

- Attention: Some idiot with no life keeps on downvoting my site. I cleared the comments etc. out just a couple days ago, and suddenly I have 31 1 star votes. That's hilarious, because whoever is doing it must come here very frequently, and thus they really like this site. My roomate says "that ain't what yo mom said last night, bitch." You really need a life, loser.

Latest Developments

09/25/07: xCoop 1.6 released
1.6 is out. It includes some extra mutator functionality and fixes a few other minor bugs.

09/20/07: Taking leave for a while; xCoop v1.5 & FaceMutator released
I'm heading back to college (sw33t!) so I will be inactive for at least a couple days (if not longer). Whether I'll be able to bring my computer or not is still up in the air. In a "worst case scenario" I'll be gone for 3 months (though this is unlikely).

On that note, I might as well release whatever I have done so far with xCoop (I'm short on time so I didn't update the readme) and FaceMutator. v1.5 fixes minor bugs and has an attempt at "fixing" the score retrieval system.. still need to improve it though, but it's getting there. :) FaceMutator can be used by typing "mutate faces" in game. This allows headless horsemen to choose a "face." All of this junk is .. wait, you should already know where to get it.

09/18/07: xCoop v1.5 on the way; TeamworkSpellPack for ZeldaGame fixed & released
xCoop is near completion, and there are only a couple annoying bugs left (having to do with score retrieval). I plan the release date to be sometime before this Friday.

I've also uploaded TeamworkSpellPack. There was a serious glitch involving the ImbueStrength spell, but that's fixed now! (Sw33t!) If you're running a ZeldaGame server with TSP enabled, you realllly should get this update, or else people might have their stats permanently altered. The fix can be found in the ZeldaGame section of the DL page.

I'm also uploading the ultimate in blunt speaker time technology; BloodVoiceBox, by DarkNight/FenixSteiner.


09/14/07: xCoop v1.41 released.
More stuff fixed, a potential security hole sealed, and end aborting feature improved!

09/12/07: xCoop v1.31 released.
Wow, am I ever going to be done with this damned thing? lol. More bugfixes have been applied. Same deal as with previous updates- you don't need to overwrite your current xcoop.ini file or xcoopdata.ini.

Note: I took v1.3 down shortly after releasing it. Apparently it had some pretty bad bugs concerning scores. v1.31 is up for download.

09/11/07: xCoop v1.2 released.
More bugs were found and have been fixed. A few of the bugs were actually quite dangerous (potential security holes) so I recommend that xCoop beta users redownload the file from the downloads page ASAP.. Changes are outlined in the readme file, included in the archive. Note that you do NOT have to erase your old xcoop.ini file, but you should make sure that you have CommandMod[0] set = "xCoop.xBaseCommands"...

09/10/07: xCoop v1.1 released. Redownload xCoop if necessary.
As expected, there were a few bugs in the initial release. Everything that was updated is detailed in the xCoop.doc file. The download link is the same, so the update can be gotten from the same place on the downloads page..

09/9/07: xCoop & Chatlink v1.3 released today!
Well, even though I only publicized information about it a few days ago, xCoop is ready for a v1.0 release. xCoop has a TON of features in it from various gametypes (and a few of my own, of course) and it's moddable in almost every way possible. It supports customizable handlers, enhanced mutators, and so much more.. read the readme file in the download at the downloads page if you're interested. Here's a screenshot of my server, outfitted with xCoop:

xCoop's scoreboard and "face texture" feature in action, and apparently 976 telling you to go to his forum

Also, I just uploaded a new version of chatlink (we're at v1.3 now) ... This new version has a much needed update to the connection code.. Servers tend to "lag out" with older versions, but the latest version "secures" your connection
by pinging the master server once every 10 seconds. That, coupled with the master server's recent updated connection timeout settings, will make it virtually impossible for a server to lag out from chatlink (even under extreme
conditions of lag). Chatlink v1.3 is also needed for xCoop users who wish to change the color of chatlink messages in game. Blah blah blah.. just check out the downloads page.

09/5/07: Uploaded files, new projects coming out soon
I decided to upload MActors. You can get it in the downloads section (...duh).

As of late, I've been working primarily on a new coop gametype that I plan to use as the main gametype at the UDHQ. This gametype is called "xCoop", and features extensive functionality, so anyone can mod it and make their server unique. It contains useful elements from many other gametypes I've played.. I'll release more details on this when I'm nearly done with it.

I've also been working on Mokan lately, namely, implementing a new type of puzzle (never before seen in Unreal I should think) - the mirror puzzle. Deep within the Sanctum, players must focus a beam of light on a certain object in order to proceed to the final room (the Sun Chamber). This is accomplished by moving around mirrors and decorations, using what remaining light there is in Mokan to unlock the final path. I'll have some screenshots of the mirror rooms up in the near future.

Also, I've been working on a *new* map - Mario'sWorld 2007! MW07 is a total revamp of the classic map, Mario'sWorld. The map features an extensive underground labyrinth, classic sky-climb area, scenic courtyard, and castle remniscent of that in Mario 64. I think I'll have this map completed in the next week or so (it's more than halfway complete). I'll have screenshots up in the near future.

To chatlink users: Shivaxi recently pointed out that attempting to connect to the Master Server from multiple servers using the same IP fails... Jackrabbit and I are in the process of beta testing a new version of chatlink which should correct this, among providing other small fixes.

08/24/07: MActors mod completed
Lately, I've been working on a new mod call MActors. The "m" stands for "Mario" (not surprisingly). This package includes a bunch of bricks that you can break and throw - all from the various classic Super Mario games. Smaller blocks can be "grab"-bed and hurled at enemies, while larger blocks can be used as stepping stones or item containers. There's also a pair of MBoots that play the classic jump sound unique to all Mario games, as well as coins from Super Mario Bros 3 that serve as armor. I am currently not releasing this mod, but if you contact me I will gladly send it to you. The reason I'm not releasing it is because the owner of a server called "HERD Coop" is an ass and uses whatever I make while I'm banned. Pretty shameless, eh.. Here's a glimpse of MActors:

The various summonable actors from MActors.u

08/19/07: New version of ChatLink released
There's a new version of ChatLink out that boasts many new features and bugfixes. You can download it from the downloads page (wow.. duh) and see what's been changed in the changelog (included in the .rar archive). It is strongly recommended that anyone using the old version of ChatLink update their files, or else you will receive weird messages and errors when using it..

*UPDATE: I updated the download again (August 20th). The new client fixes a few minor bugs. If you do not download the new verison, the master server will auto-reject your connection!

08/11/07: xConsole for non-gold users released
I've finally released a universally compatible version of xConsole... Sorry for the wait, converting it was a real pain. Anyways, check out the downloads page and download xconsole.rar if you're interested. Installation is straightforward (just change Console=UBrowser.UBrowserConsole to Console=xconsole.xconsole in your unreal.ini file).

In other news, I'm continuing work on UKart again along with MP0. MP0Caves is turning out to be respectable, but there is still much to be done. Other than that, things are kind of slow these days, especially with the fact that I can't host my server for another month due to internet issues..

07/31/07: ZeldaGame remastered
After messing around with canvas stuff, I figured it was time to finally make ZeldaGame marketable. I reuploaded ZeldaGame (the .rar file comes with the basicspellpack and my latest spell package, teamworkspellpack). Check out the details at the downloads section under Zeldagame (bottom of the page).

8/1/07: UPDATE - More bugs are being fixed, so I've reuploaded the ZeldaGame.rar download. Download it so as to avoid version mismatches.

07/29/07: xConsole bugs fixed; MusicMenu revamped
I've just uploaded a fixed version of xConsole (the previous release didn't run addons such as xminigames). In addition to having fixed a few bugs, I redid the entire music menu. The music menu is now based on the same window method as xNews, and thus is a lot more stable and efficient. Also, users can save 50 favorite songs, as there are now (finally) scroll buttons to control the list.

In other news, UTrials is soon going to have 10 maps, thanks mainly to Holy Embrace! When I get back in college (roughly a month from now I think) I'll be able to host the regular servers again, probably 24/7 if not most of some days. I'm going to resume work on MP0 and UKart.

07/26/07: Uploaded a few maps
Today I'm uploading three maps, one of which is completely new to Unreal. Check out TR-MokanTemple, TR-Challenge, and RiverOfTime at the downloads page if interested. Make note that most of these maps require extra files, which I've provided... read the comment beneath each download to see what you need, or else the map will not run. I'm also uploading a new version of UTrials.

Here's a screenshot of the UTrials map TR-MokanTemple that I've just recently finished...

(Mokan Temple) TopLeft: Temple Main Room, TopRight: Temple Outside, BottomLeft: Outside, BottomRight: Start Pond

07/21/07: xConsole updated - news feature & minor fixes
I finally have updated xConsole with an actually "informative" feature. xConsole now has a built in news feature so that you can always find out what the heck is going on in the development / weird players sector of Unreal! It automatically connects to the UDHQ server and retrieves the latest news contributed by fellow Unreal players. If you would like to alert others to something, publicly humiliate someone or just ramble like Jackrabbit, send me something via email or tell me about it in game. Please limit any submissions to under 400 words or so...

xNews client in action.. check it out, I'm using JPG instead of BMP. Too bad Epic doesn't take a hint from games like HalfLife.

07/21/07: Uploaded UTrials & TR-CyberBridge; Site overhaul
Well it finally happened. I hit freewebs' file storage limit, so now I'm using FileDen to host all the maps previously hosted by freewebs. It's pretty good, because now I can store pretty much as much as I want, but I have to login to their site once a month or all the downloads go to heck... heh. Anyways, today I'm releasing my little known mod "UTrials" - a time trials gametype for Unreal. I'm also releasing my first, and only as it stands, map for this gametype - TR-CyberBridge. If you've ever wanted to host a "bunny track" server on UT99 but on Unreal, check out UTrials!

07/17/07: Site updated, Drake's map DM-Fortress released
Hey look I'm typing. Today I updated the site (well duh.. actually, I'm typing this before the update is actually completed, so technically I'm lying) by administering a few very subtle changes.. which I doubt you can even find.. As for the ongoing projects, here's the story; I've been working on MP0 with the other MP0 members a lot, recently, and we've successfully completed multiple maps (kudos to Predator) including the 1st map and various other locations.. details will be provided later, if permitted by the creator of each map. UKart hasn't been seeing much lately since the 5th and probably won't for at least another week (Jackrabbit and I are working on the 2nd MP0 map, which is at the moment simply called "caves").

As implied above, Drake has just recently released his map DM-Fortress (don't get the wrong impression; it's a great DM map for messing around on co op with bots!), so stop reading this sentence (now) and go to the downloads page. Go.

In other, slightly irrelevant / weird news, Zeke has been suspended by Dellkat for 90 days for hosting the DKBoss mod on his website (sorry for the pronoun confusion there).

07/05/07: Map package recruiting
I and a few other players are restarting the once widely known project MP0. Visit Anarchy's forum under the Unreal Related section and read Dante's post for more information if you're interested.

07/05/07: Minor updates

I reuploaded toasty.u (updated) so it's now compatible with JCoopZ. Not much else going on... recently I've been trying to update chatlink, but it's going to take a while with all the stuff I'm adding to it, so I'm also going to continue working on UKart and perhaps Mokan. Here's a screenshot of what I've been doing with UKart:

06/30/07: New stuff

Today I released what could be one of the most useful mods on Unreal! After several hours of experimenting with Unreal's networking classes, TCPLink and UDPLink, I've devised a way to allow players in different servers communicate with each other in a hassle free way. My latest mod, ChatLink, lets server owners set up connections between themselves so that their clients can do just this. It's not too hard to set up, though it might require some very basic port forwarding (which any good server owner should be familiar with). My server already serves as a hub for connections, so if you own a server and would like to connect yours to my network then feel free to contact me. As it stands, ChatLink can link up to 16 different servers / individual connections... Admins, check it out! 

// Edit - This is now compatible with JCoopZ... thanks Zombie!

Also, recently I've been working a lot on UKart. I've gotten the item boxes pretty much finished, along with a few essential items, including homing shells!  UKart will definitely be finished this summer, but right now it's hard to give an exact release date.

06/22/07: Summer break

Well, summer break is finally here (for me, at least ). I'm out of college for the next three months, which means two things. Firstly, my server will NOT be up all day as it used to be, and will have much less bandwidth than before. On the other hand, I'll now have plenty of time to make new mods and maps (in fact, I've already made a few neat things which I'm posting for download today). As a note to my previous temp admins: I'll give you the secondary admin password whenever we next meet on Unreal, and you can hereby consider yourselves as secondaries.

In other news, the files on this website are starting to reach freewebs' capacity... (I have 4 MB of space left ). I turn to the visitors of this site to tell me what mods, maps, or pictures should be removed so that I can host new material (of course, any removed material can be sent to you upon request). Please post your suggestions in the guestbook or e-mail me.

New mods:
BlackBomb (based on an excellent idea by Jackrabbit)
Hyrule Castle map from Smash Bros. (N64) (this is an original rip)
Mcdonalds Happy Meal (destroyable, of course) [Not for download]

Hyrule Castle

05/20/07: Admin recruiting / New projects

With the recent administrative overhaul, I think it's time to start training a few new admins. I used to have a lot of irresponsible admins who just abused and caused trouble, but now I have a simple process by which I can recruit new responsible admins (this could be you! ). The process is quite simple. If you want to become an administrator, simply tell me and, if I think you have at least a semi stainless background, then I'll give you the temp admin password. If you can use temp admin for two weeks without getting more than 3 incident reports or in-game claims against you, then you will get the secondary admin password. If you can keep up the good work (no more than 1 or 2 negative reports against you) for another solid month, I will give you the primary admin password. At this point, you will be a full admin at the server. If you continue to use admin in a mature and positive way, then I may (this is rare, but possible) consider you to be a permanent admin. When I give you a password then you are agreeing that you will not use admin in an abusive manner, and that you understand that if caught, you will have your password revoked and there may be further consequences (such as a ban). If you're interested, contact me by any means possible.

The process is as follows:
Temp -> Secondary -> Primary -(maybe)-> Permanent

// See the player list for the current status on "Admin in Training"

Lately I've been working on maps again. I've taken up working on a map (which was based on Jack's idea) TR-SpaceWalk. SpaceWalk, as the name implies, will consist of a course through various obstacles in space and the upper stratosphere. I can't give too many details here or else Jack will be disappointed.  Also, this map is for my UTrials gametype, which is a time trials gametype for Unreal (I don't think a lot of people have heard about it yet). Apart from SpaceWalk, I've also been toying with the idea of creating a new "Mario'sWorld" map to serve as the server's homeworld. The new map would have the same feel as the old one, but with much nicer geometry, sounds, and lighting. It would be created totally anew and would hopefully change some peoples' opinions on my skill at making maps.  I'm not too sure on this one though, it's still just a thought.


05/20/07: Server to go online again

Ok, I've been listening to some players like EZ and I think they have a point. Just because some of my admins were complete jackasses doesn't mean I have to leave the game. I love this game too much to just give it up because of a few insulting players. Yeah, I am still pretty pissed off about it, and these scars will never heal. However, I guess I will still host for those players who actually do care... thanks guys. On another note... those that feigned friendship and crossed me, shame... Oh and about the whole clan dismissal thing... forget it. I was pissed off at certain members who were being extremely immature and in turn made a premature decision. I really am amazed at how much you guys stuck with the clan even though I tried to abandon it, I appreciate it. Having said that, I urge former members to apply the tag again if they wish. I am going to add a section to the players list outlining members of the clan. If you aren't on the list, you aren't really in.

I am not going to forget this incident, but at least it has taught me something crucial about perception and trust. The solution is really simple... From this point forward, the only administrators in my server will be Missileguy, Dante, and myself.

I apologize to whoever actually missed the server or my being on Unreal in the past week.
To progress!

05/08/07: Finally releasing Mario'sWorld (225 compatible)

Today I'm finally releasing the server's homeworld map Mario'sWorld. It's a classic map that has been run on the server for a few years now, and it has seen various additions and "improvements" over time. I made the map 225 compatible so now anyone can use or join to it. Check it out at the downloads page if you're interested.
-Edit: Some players have brought it to my attention that they still cannot connect to the Unreal Development HQ server. I have fixed the download so now all players have to re-download Mario'sWorld. The map is now called Mario'sWorld[225]. You should download this file again and replace your .unr file if you want to host the new universally compatible map.

05/05/07: Server issues

It has come to my attention that there has been a lot of negativity in the server as of late. I'm getting extremely sick of it, to be blunt. I like to think that my admins are (in general) quite responsible and take correct actions when necessary. Obviously, this is not always the case. As for Drake's admin rampage, I told him to. I told Drake to snipe whoever he wanted; it was supposed to be part of an "admin challenge." I consider Drake innocent in this regard. However, that aside, there is a lot more going on here than anyone likes to recognize. Firstly, a lot of players harbor negative feelings against one of my admins, Dark Night. Dark Night is constantly assumed as the party in question whenever something bad happens. For example, when someone messed around with KillerSkaarj, everyone blamed Dark Night, and for no real reason other than "because." Though he might have played a part in the situation, I am certain that he was not the driving force behind it. Also, I've heard claims of outright admin abuse by players such as Zeke, Drake, and Dark Night (whom I will from this point forward refer to as Fenix). I am aware that at times my admins will do idiotic things such as run around summoning nukes or whatever. Hell, even I sometimes get bored and perform the "50 nuke fanfare" ritual. Just because a nuke goes off does not mean that someone is trying to abuse you - it may very well be that someone just wanted to see some explosions for the hell of it. However, there are scenarios which I deeply disapprove of, one of such being file corruption. Lately, players at my server have frequently experienced having their keys rebound and files corrupted. This is absolutely unacceptable. Not even the worst player on Unreal deserves such treatment. Zeke used to have a habit of rebinding players' keys, but I have to say that he has dropped the habit altogether. I am also guilty of this at times. If someone is being annoying, sometimes I'll rebind their talk key to suicide or something. This is wrong, and I won't do it anymore. However, even worse than rebinding keys is file corruption. Basically, this means forcing someone to restart their game and overwrite a file with log content, rendering the file useless. Fenix occasionally does this to people who are total jerks to him, and I can almost understand why. It doesn't matter though, now I'm removing the player control mod so that this crap never happens again. 
This leads into an important note: admins aren't the only ones at fault, here. I've often heard "Pcube, _____ was killing me today in your server! He was abusing admin!!" My first thought is "why would ____ do that? Is ____ one of those admins that just gets bored and does it, or was it something else?" There is always a reason for an admin's actions. For example, today I talked with Fenix about recent claims of player abuse. He told me that it is indeed possible for him to be an administrator yet at the same time be fair. Moments later, EZ$ joined the game, made a remark (something like "f!%#@% you zeraetul! you crashed my game!!), and then it started. Fenix didn't even get angry, he just asked what the heck EZ meant. After we talked about it, it turned out that EZ's crash was due to a stray nuke which caused a rendering error. You see, things like this happen all the time. Something small happens, someone makes a blunt comment, someone else gets instigated and then it starts. We must try not to lose our cool while playing, I mean hell, it's just a game! Having said all of this, I'm giving two new responsibilities to everyone who plays at my server...

Admins: If someone is being annoying, just let them know. Ask them to stop. Don't destroy their files. Don't ban them immediately. At worst, just mute them a while. Talk with them about whatever it is. If they're being assholes just to instigate you or someone else, mute away. If that doesn't work, kick. If they keep coming back, then kickban them and tell me about the ban (I'd really like to know why each ban is inserted). If players need something, try to be polite and tell them. As administrators it is our responsibility to try to keep the game fun for players.

Players: Ask admins if you need something, but don't spam. Don't demand things of admins - ask. Don't insult someone just to evoke a reaction; this will result in a mute, kick, or worse.

I'm really sorry that I had to waste ten minutes typing this thing up, but apparently it's necessary. If this continues, I'm going to make it so Missileguy and I are the only admins.

Recent developments

Fenix (aka DarkNight) has been working on a new weapon package for Unreal: DukeWeps. DukeWeps (so far) contains weapons based on those from the classic game Duke Nukem. So far, Fenix has made the pistol, shotgun, and RPG. Whenever he finishes I'll post it for download here, with his approval. He's spent a lot of time converting sounds and textures to Unreal, so appreciate it when it comes out!   "Who wants some?" 

Also, I've been working on my map package Mokan again. I've been working on the map "sanctum" (where the "sun stone" was housed). The sanctum is a temple that has been corrupted due to the loss of the sun stone. Fire and ice can be found throughout the complex, along with various puzzles and inscriptions. The hookshot (by .:..:) can be found within the sanctum, providing the player with heightened mobility (and it makes for some interesting obstacles). There is nothing but elemental chaos in the sanctum... or is there?

The Sanctum - Upper left: Entrance, Upper Right: Left Wing; Lower Left: Pond of Purification; Lower Right: Magma Chamber II

 04/22/07: More DLs (xPaint & BoulderDash)

Missileguy has once again made a totally off-the-wall mod that's just interesting enough to offset the fact that it doesn't make sense! If you think the idea of flying around on rocks obliterating anything in your path is good then you definitely need to go to the downloads page and see BoulderDash! Also, I've released my second add-on to xConsole: xPaint. xPaint is (warning! "no duh pcube" comment ahead!) ... a paint program for xConsole. xPaint has the basic components of any image editing program, but it's nothing too fancy. On that note, I encourage players to send me pictures they make with xPaint. Once a week I'll choose a couple unique or interesting ones and host them here on the site! Here's something I made (and yeah, I did go to art school):

Players can use xPaint to draw simple images. Here's an idiotic drawing by yours truly. Users can save, invert, load, or clear images. Tooltips are togglable.

I'm probably going to start working on UKart again. And to anyone who's interested, I've cleared up all of my previous issues at school...


04/13/07: Even more downloads & Jack's insanely random event picture...?

Missileguy and DarkNight (aka Fenix Steiner) have been making contributions to Unreal for quite a while, and it's time for them to show off some more mind-boggling insanely-illogical semi-destructive mods! Check out the downloads page for recent additions (i.e. InstantHouse, RainbowCurse and WingCommanderMusicBox). In other news, Jack summoned some microcars and they just so happened to match in color. Don't ask me, it's totally random and totally unlikely, but he wanted me to post the picture, so yeah. As for myself, I'm going to ease off of modding for a couple weeks... I have some important issues to deal with at school.

04/7/07: Added more downloads; UKart is shaping up!

Today I added a bunch of downloads (and fixed a link; thanks for the info Zeke!). I've decided to relase xConsole and xMinigames again... but I have removed commands I consider malicious to gameplay. In addition, I've added CSTaunts.uax and fixed the Disco10 uax file link. In other news, I've been working on UKart and just recently finished coding the base for 'UKartProjectiles' (such as shells). These projectiles slide along the ground (up and down slopes as well) and properly reflect off of walls. I can't say when UKart will be done, but it's definitely seeing progress! Also, Drake_Osiris<vtx> has been making a bunch of crazy maps for UKart (though I think they will only run on Gold... but not to fear; I'll make my own tracks as well, which will be universally supported) such as Unreal Circuit and Nyleve Beach (the maps are very similar in design to those on the SNES game Super Mario Kart). Stay on the lookout for this unique mod! (or don't, but then U.R.B.S. because you just read this lengthy description about it) As for my map package, Mokan, I may post some screenshots of what I've done with it. I am currently considering scrapping the map 'Sanctum', though... it isn't coming out as I'd planned.

On another note, I've updated the player list and server events page (though you may not want to see it).

04/5/07: Online / Warning

I'm online again after a week or so of inactivity. I've been working on mods as usual and continuing my college career, but it has come to the attention of many players at Pcube's Co op that a player by the name of Zeraetul has crossed the line. He repeatedly and randomly bans me, and as it turns out other players, for absolutely no reason. I'm not fond of being toyed with. Many players have made a pact against this player, and he will be permanently banned from each of our servers (at least 5). This is a general warning to all players to be wary of what you're dealing with when in his vicinity. As for Dark.:.Night, "his presence in Unreal is no longer felt."

- This conversation was initiated at 6:05 PM, Apr. 5th with an undisclosed participant.
"Zere is fuckin pissed...dont tell him im telling u this...hes in my server now and he sais he has friends who are looking for u to kill u...i doubt it...but u never know...and he's gonna make u think that he's left unreal and then come bak with a different name and join ur server and try to log into admin to screw up ur unreal.ini so change ur pass...and watch ur bak...ur REAL bak"

Needless to say, I've changed my passwords and banned every range he has ever used, so players in the servers wont be harassed. By the way, I know you're reading this, Zeraetul. Hi.

03/23/07: Offline for a week

The servers will be offline for the next week. In other news, I'm considering releasing the *latest* version of xConsole (my version), but I'm not totally sure if I should yet. Previous releases resulted in some players (idiots...) abusing the console. If I do release it, I'm going to remove many functions since apparently some players aren't mature enough to handle it.


03/22/07: ZeldaGame completed; A green light for UKart!

Before I describe my latest work on my new 'MarioKart' mod, I have to say that I'm not leaving Unreal permanently. I've been under quite a lot of stress lately, mainly due to family issues and finals. Sometimes when I'm on edge, comments can strike me the wrong way... (so try not to push me off the deep end, eh? ) Anyways, I'm going to try to have the HQ server up a bit each day... Now that I have finished ZeldaGame (check the downloads section) I've begun work on an old idea - a racing gametype for Unreal. I've already made the base coding for "places" in the race, calculations of how much each player has completed (percentage wise) of a track, and more realistic handling of inclined surfaces for vehicles (your kart slopes up with any hill it's on, for instance...). Right now I'm working mainly on HUD elements of the UKart gametype, and I still have plenty of work ahead if I want to implement AI into this thing. I expect the gametype to support a maximum of 32 racers along fairly long tracks. If you know of any resources I could use, I'd appreciate an e-mail or post at my forum informing me of such.

1. My latest 'mini mod': SprayCan! With this annoying device you can spraypaint crap wherever you want... great. This thing is customizable (like Toasty), so that you can give users their own custom 'sprays' which they can label mindlessly on everything they see...

2. Missileguy's new and improved method of total annihilation, MegaMortar! No, it isn't raining "cats and dogs", but it IS raining. Missileguy implemented lengthy mathematical calculations so that you can't escape this time... today's forecast includes flak, flak, and.. yeah.



02/24/07: Updated Toasty

My version of toasty was apparently different than the one I uploaded here. I've fixed that. The "help" phrase command has been improved - now players can get a list of all basic AND custom taunts on the server. Ownage! I've also been working a lot on the Mokan map series, now that I'm done with ZeldaGame. Solaris is finished; the next map is Sanctum (where the Sun Stone was created).

02/16/07: Development continues!

Recently I've had a ton of studying to do, but I've managed get a considerable amount of progress done on ZeldaGame. In fact, it's nearly complete and loaded with new features typical to RPG games. I've added systems for paying others rupees, buying items from shops, giving others items, teaching others spells, learning new spells and abilities (that can do virtually anything), an end game brag broadcast (tells players who took the most rupees, who did the most damage etc) and more (not to mention that I fixed a ton of bugs in the old version - the triforce is BACK! ) The only thing I've left to do before a beta release is in order is create basic spells. So far I have 6 basic spells and 6 basic abilities, but I'd like to have at least 12 of each before releasing the gametype. Please register at the forum to shoot me ideas for my first set of spells and abilities. Please limit these ideas to BASIC spells/abilities (as in useful but not all-powerful ones, such as an ability that gives the bearer +10% speed - I've already got this one though), as these spells will be integral to the game. After the BasicSpellPack is complete I can begin work on more comprehensive spells that do a multitude of things... and for those of you who are interested in making spells, just tell me - I've made it very easy to build new spells for ZeldaGame! In fact I may even post a tutorial on my site about how to do it once I release the gametype...

02/06/07: Forum Created


Due to the growing size of my guestbook and frequent comments thrown about, I think it's time that the servers/site had a forum attached to them. Hopefully it will be more efficient than other means of communication already in place. Feel free to sign up at the forum by clicking the link above and finding the Register button. All visitors of the server and or this site are encouraged to register.

01/30/07: It's Unreal!

Now that the whole plan for UT2004 has been botched, it's time for the regular routine. Concerning server-status, I will now be hosting two coop servers daily (lest they crash mid-day for whatever reason, like if Jack decides to summon an unstable actor, such as FlakHell.u (damn it Jack don't summon that!)).

[Unreal RPG] - This server hosts the ZeldaGame gametype (thanks for the coding help, .:..:!) where players can play normal coop with an RPG twist. Get exp, gain levels, cause havoc. Get in there and start fraggin'!

RULES: Just don't be an ass. If someone else needs EXP give them a chance too - it's just that simple. Friendly fire is off for obvious reasons. This server gets pretty competetive...

Looking ahead: I'm currently working on the next generation of RPG gaming on Unreal; ZeldaGame v1.1. The new version will allow players to upgrade their stats manually, choose their own spells and customize their abilities. More info will be posted as development continues.

ADMINS: Just me!

[Unreal Development HQ] - This is my main server, formerly known as []Pcube[]'s Co op. Here is where many testing trials for new material will be tested. This server hosts everything I've ever made (maps, mods, you name it) and is also administered by admins other than myself.

RULES: Anything goes here! Don't expect mercy from admins if you start pestering them, though. Friendly fire is on! Yeah!

Looking ahead: Now and then I test the latest RPG gametype out here (why here you may ask? I test at this server so that players in the real RPG server can continue uninterrupted.) I also test maps from my map package, Mokan, here. 

ADMINS: Missileguy, Jack, Dante, Dark Knight, Anarchy and myself.



01/26/07: Well, it appears that hosting a server on UT2004 will be nigh impossible. The file sizes are just too huge (even for simple maps or mods) and the only way to compensate for this is with an FTP server. Purchasing or renting one is not feasible right now, so unless I can find a suitable alternative, I'm going to have to continue modifying and hosting for Unreal1 (which isn't so bad, I guess ). In short: Pcube's Co op will remain on Unreal1 until further notice.

11/28/06:   Updating the site today by adding 5 "new" downloads (mostly maps). I also have changed the page Latest Downloads to the xConsole Page, since it's kind of redundant to have 2 DL pages. Whoa, go check out the new DLs NOW!!

To those interested:
If you would like to review a map or mod hosted here (and get your feedback posted on this site), please let me know! Just e-mail me your thoughts on whatever mod or map in question (my e-mail is Unrealpcube@hotmail.com) and you can be sure to see your input here! Frequent reviewers will get their names posted as contributors to this site and better of Unreal. Note that all feedback is greatly appreciated (negative and positive!). Oh yeah, and for those of you who are going to be assholes and spam me with malicious reviews like "lol u suck your maps r crap dumass noob" etc., I say go to hell in advance. 


11/25/06:    It appears that Midway decided to modify Unrealshare.u and Unreali.u by removing the old logos just for publicity. Way to go, guys, really. By doing this they have effectively divided new players from old players.. perhaps they think that we, the people who still play Unreal, don't exist? In any case for all of you new players, download this fix (thanks to the Celtic Warriors) so that you may join other original Unreal Gold servers! Thanks a lot Midway, you morons!
FIX: http://www.celticwarriors.net/Downloads/Patches/Anthology/AnthologyFixV1.zip
Installation: Unzip this archive and place the two files (UnrealI.u and UnrealShare.u) into your system folder. This will overwrite the "new" files and put in the correct ones.

In other news..
- Dante says you should click on this link to see something hilarious. Chew on this, King George!
- I suggest that you join Anarchy's forum so that you may stay up to date on everything worth knowing happening in Unreal. Sign up by clicking on this link:
Du Et.

11/04/06:    Today Dante is releasing two of his own mutators - NoEndGame and Skill3Level. Use these mutators to prevent your co op server from hanging up on EndGame.unr, and to increase the difficulty of your game! These files are located on the latest downloads page.

Back in business?

9/25/06:    Today I've decided that I will try to have my hosted game up from time to time. For a while, the hosted game will only show up in the least busy hours of the day, so as to not stress bandwith at UCSD (the college I'm at; it's great! ). I'll try to revamp the site, and will most certainly continue to make modifications for Unreal in my free time...

- Recently I've been working on dfsa map package called Mokan. The story is about an unknown world (and race, as you find out) that met a chilling fate. The maps can be classified as exploration based rather than action based (though there are a couple action scenes). Architecture-wise, the maps are a blend of arcane and futuristic elements, or as some have put it, just plain weird. I might post a few more screenshots in the near future, so keep your eyes peeled! 


Map flow

Mirage Island -> Interdimensional Bridge -> Mokan -> Frost Valley -> Solaris -> River of Time -> ?

  Disclaimer: I take no responsibility for injuries due to acts triggered by the previous statement, such as peeling your eyes. 

- Dante, that guy who nukes the crap out of servers and hates the South, is releasing Coboterative SE! Here's what the heck he has to say about it.

Coboterative SE - Coop Bots for Unreal
by (Læder)-Dantæ


Place all files in the /System folder.

Fire-up Unreal or go to User.ini and set your keypad keys to the following layout:

NumPad0=exec coboterative.txt
NumPad1=exec maleonebot.txt
NumPad2=exec maletwobot.txt
NumPad3=exec malethreebot.txt
NumPad4=exec femaleonebot.txt
NumPad5=exec femaletwobot.txt
NumPad6=exec skaarjplayerbot.txt
NumPadPeriod=killall bots

Press Tilde ~ (located next to 1) or press Tab to open console, type in:

exec ######.txt

Where ###### is the text files you want executed, listed above.

or just press a keypad button. They are all the same.

If you want, modify the text files. I don't care. You should make backups.

Don't summon too many, 6 is good enough. I made a special bind to handle this. Use a fast PC.

This is freeware, I can't make money off of this, what do I care if you call it yours? It's free
information, there would be no point. Still if you manage to sell it, give me some of it.


So get your rear over to the downloads section NOW to download Dante's original game enhancing mutator, CoBoTeRaTiVe!


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