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Downloads will be added upon creation of new maps or mods... keep your eyes peeled!

[09/25/07] - Released xCoop v1.6

[09/20/07] - Released xCoop v1.5 & FaceMutator

[09/18/07] - Released TeamworkSpellPack(fix) for ZeldaGame & Bloodvoicebox

[09/10/07] - Released xCoop and updated Chatlink (v1.3)

[09/05/07] - Released MActors

[08/11/07] - Re-released xConsole (universally compatible)

[07/31/07] - Updated ZeldaGame

[07/29/07] - Updated xConsole

[07/26/07] - New UTrials maps: MokanTemple & Challenge
                     Uploaded old map: RiverOfTime

[07/23/07] - Updated xConsole

// Disclaimer: I am not responsible for those stupid enough to attempt peeling their eyes.




//      The following maps function on all versions of Unreal, including 225f, 226f, and 226b.

: Drake has allowed me the honor of edifying the public about his spectacular map, DM-Fortress. This map originally was set in UT99 as a CTF map, called Fourtress, the reason being that there were four bases instead of two (as found in this version). DM-Fortress features a rolling (and very unique) terrain spread over a broad area, containing small lakes, isles, and choke points under a night sky. Don't worry though, somehow someone installed an underground electrical system so the whole map is lit by floor lamps (a great new mesh by Drake). Seeing as the terrain was generated by means of BSPTerrain, there are some points where you can get stuck, but some bot will probably minigun you down so don't worry. Two identical bases (go figure) reside on this landscape, each at one corner of the map (the fortresses), each having a standard front entrance (though apparently you can dodge over the walls) and special pipe entrances for those who can fit (pyro playerpawns or even NUKES). Each base is equipped with armor, various weapons, and rooms where you can hide from the oncoming waves of bots. This is a DM map, but it plays very well in co op (kind of like dead city in terms that there is not a defined objective) with multiple bots, and yes the map is pathnoded for the most part. Drake did a superb job on making this new battlefield... check it out!

: This is the homeworld map of the Unreal Development HQ server. Most everyone that has ever joined the server already knows what this map is, but for those of you that don't... It's a map that has the mario64 castle, a giant green space in front of it, and blocks for players to jump upon. The area inside the castle is mostly lounge space, and it includes the basement, pillar room, and main rooms (though it has nothing above the first floor). Inside you can find paintings and mario64 geometry... Outside the castle is the moat and a drawbridge with leads to the main area - a grassy field. Above the grass are several question mark blocks and rainbow-ride-like carpets which lead into the sky, and eventually into space. There is also a music swapper which changes the player's music when they hit a question mark box. This map is ancient, so the geometry, lighting etc. are crap, but the map still makes for a good admin challenge!
Note: This file is in a .rar format for maximum compression! Get WinRar to open .rar files.

: A pretty old map created by Team MP0 last summer (Zeke, Venox, Predator, Dante, Evolution, and myself). MP0 was supposed to be the mission pack before Unreal (unique? not at all!) MP0 was planned to feature a brother ship - the Vertex Riders, and its quest to find the Bodega Bay (Dante's favorite). It's too bad that Mission Pack 0 (MP0) never got off the ground... people kept dropping out and failed to meet deadlines, but at least there's one good map that came of it. The music was courtesy of Dark Night.
// This map requires ScriptedTextures.u and SPTex.utx, both of which can be found... yeah duh you get it already. DL it from the ExtraFiles segment below, or don't and then whine to me for hours while I ignore you for being an idiot and not reading this.

This river is as endless as time, and only an idiot would waste said time looking for an end to it. This map, as the name implies, is centered around a river, but the special thing about this map is that it employs vertex editing of tesselated sheets (among tesselated cubes). Usually, mappers only vertex edit with tesselated cubes (if at all) so I decided to try simulating more realistic (wavy) water and I'd say it was a success. As you float downstream, you will pass a small river shrine thats purpose is unknown. It's a pretty map but serves little purpose other than to be an area for messing around in, but I still think it's one of my best. By the way, do not hold down the crouch key in the water, or else you will be hacking!!
// This map requires Enigma.umx, which can be found below in the ExtraFiles segment or your UT99/Music folder (if you have UT).

: This map features the peak of Hyrule Castle piercing through the clouds of what is assumed to be Hyrule. Those of you who have played Super Smash Bros. for the N64 will certainly recognize this classic. This map is a rip from the game (sort of) with 99% accuracy to the original Hyrule Castle level, textures intact! On the left hand side of the map is a sloped surface going down, the middle area houses the main spire and three platforms, and the right area has a small green tower which players walk through. It's sort of small, but proves to be quite fun nonetheless.

: This is one of my old maps (years old, that is) which, not surprising, has no inherent purpose. This map features a small village comprised of a few cottages, a church, pond, and hot air balloon. It's definitely not one of my best, but has the potential to be fun nonetheless.

Winterhaven: This map is one of my favorites. Here you will find a "secluded civilization" situated in a frosty valley. Here, it is always winter and the northern aurora never ceases to glow. This map is basically an all-purpose map: it contains a "television broadcasting station (thanks to warpzones)," a shooting gallery (the original one from my oldschool map "ShootingGallery.unr"!), shop, ice rink, ski rail and several cottages. Players can stay up-to-date on the locations of other players by viewing the info boards scattered throughout the landscape.

XG-Aquanor: Yet another map that I have come to love. This map was inspired by the game Xtreme-G, for the N64 (a cyberbike futuristic racing game). On top of having a reasonable skybox (that even has lightning effects), the map utilizes vertex editing, providing for a very high-poly and realistic futuristic highway over a frigid sea. The sky's endless and unforgiving expanse provides no reconciliation to those unfortunate enough to slip into the abyss.
// Note: You will also need the file "ladrarrow.utx" which can be found in your UT99/Textures folder. If you do not have UT99, download the file from the ExtraFiles segment found below.

TR-Challenge: This is a conversion of the "classic" map challenge.unr. If you're familiar with challenge, there's nothing new about this conversion other than that it has a goal at the end. Also, this map is not what I would call some of my best work (indeed it was my third or fourth map ever). I'd rate this one as extremely easy, that is, if you can find the shortcut which enables you to score with 18 seconds or less...

This is my first map for the UTrials gametype! It's a simple map consisting of a start area with lasers which progresses into the actual bridge area. This one is sort of tough to describe.. it's just a strangely pieced together bridge with no history or real plot to its presence, but whatever, it's a trial map so who cares. 
// Note: You will need UTTech1.utx, UTTech2.utx and FireBR.umx, all of which can be found in the ExtraFiles segment below.

TR-MokanTemple: This map reveals where the alternate path found in Frost.unr (in my mokan singleplayer package which has yet to be released) leads. Originally, this path was inaccessible, but now it is and the main singleplayer path is not. The map starts in a familiar room and then leads into a small frozen valley. In this valley a few crypic ruins can be found, and there is some hint as to their function. The architecture found in this map is extremely similar to that found throughout the Mokan map package. Players try not to slip and fall into the icy waters under the dancing auroras in the sky.
// Note: You will need PrecipitationGenerator.u, PrecipTypes.utx, and MTextures.utx, all of which can be found in the ExtraFiles segment below.

The idea for this map was by Jack. It's a small planetary defense station (sort of like that one in starfox64) hovering above Earth. Again, no real plot, here, other than "reach the end quickly." Players must first activate the solar panels in order to operate the gauss cannon. From there, they get blasted through a group of meteors and get annihilated by the satellite's primary laser. After that you somehow end up in a sky area, after being transported through an "FU tube" of course, which holds the end teleporter. This one is quite difficult, and it's pretty obvious that the first half of the map is much more professional than the second half! 
// Note: You will need JumpPad.u, MultiSkyZoneInfo.u and Botmca.umx, all of which can be found in the ExtraFiles segment below.


//     The following maps function only on Unreal Gold (226b).

This map was created by Missileguy/Missilemaster. It's safe to say that you will NOT find a map like this anywhere else, for Unreal! As the name implies, this map has something to do with chess (duh ), and indeed provides a realistic simulation of a chess game, for two players. This map comes complete with all of the original chess pieces, so game on!



//  Extra Files
Most of these files are found on UT99 and some are needed to run other maps.

// System files
JumpPad.u - http://www.fileden.com/files/2007/7/21/1285182/NeededFiles/JumpPad.u

MultiSkyZoneInfo.u - http://www.fileden.com/files/2007/7/21/1285182/NeededFiles/MultiSkyZoneInfo.u

PrecipitationGenerator.u - http://www.fileden.com/files/2007/7/21/1285182/NeededFiles/PrecipitationGenerator.u

ScriptedTextures.u - http://www.fileden.com/files/2007/7/21/1285182/NeededFiles/ScriptedTextures.u
ScriptedTextureNotifier.u - http://www.fileden.com/files/2007/7/21/1285182/NeededFiles/ScriptedTextureNotifier.u

// Textures
LadrArrow.utx - http://www.fileden.com/files/2007/7/21/1285182/NeededFiles/LadrArrow.rar

MTextures.utx - http://www.fileden.com/files/2007/7/21/1285182/NeededFiles/MTextures.utx

PrecipTypes.utx - http://www.fileden.com/files/2007/7/21/1285182/NeededFiles/PrecipTypes.utx

SPTex.utx - http://www.fileden.com/files/2007/7/21/1285182/NeededFiles/SPTex.utx

UTTech1.utx - http://www.fileden.com/files/2007/7/21/1285182/NeededFiles/UTtech1.rar
UTTech2.utx - http://www.fileden.com/files/2007/7/21/1285182/NeededFiles/UTtech2.rar

// Music
Botmca.umx - http://www.fileden.com/files/2007/7/21/1285182/NeededFiles/Botmca9.rar
Enigma.umx - http://www.fileden.com/files/2007/7/21/1285182/NeededFiles/Enigma.umx
FireBR.umx - http://www.fileden.com/files/2007/7/21/1285182/NeededFiles/FIREBR.rar

Mods (UNR1)


//      Supported by all versions of Unreal, including 225f, 226f, and 226b.

BlackBomb: This mod is by me; the original idea is by Jackrabbit. This pickup is a small bomb with a fuse attached to it which can be thrown from the player's inventory just like a flare. It's not overpowered, so server admins can allow players to start with a few of these. The best way to describe it? Think of the bombs that Bomberman threw.


DL1-http://www.freewebs.com/unrealpcube/Mods/BlackBomb.u  // Unzip this file to your SYSTEM folder.


BloodVoiceBox: A mod by DarkNight... This is a voice box that takes Blunt Speaker Time to the next level. Throw a few in with some helpless fools and let the fun begin!


DL1-http://www.freewebs.com/unrealpcube/Mods/BloodVoiceBox.rar  // Unzip this file to your SYSTEM folder.

Another crazy mod by none other than Missileguy! BoulderDash, as the name implies, involves boulders. Ok, hopefully you understand, because the next part makes no sense at all. BoulderDash features a flak cannon that shoots boulders which the bearer "surfs" around on. You can control the boulder's direction by firing in different directions in mid flight, and of course, you can roadkill anyone who happens to be in your way. The insanity doesn't end there - alternate fire will unleash a boulder that just-so-happens to pick up anything in its path... creating a one way trip to destruction for whatever happens to be in the way. This mod rocks!!!!! (and even more exclamation points!)


DL1-http://www.freewebs.com/unrealpcube/Mods/BoulderDash.u  // Unzip this file to your SYSTEM folder.


"Builder" Mod: Oh my god! Pcube finally got off of his ass and put it up! It must be the apocalypse!! NOT. This is a set of various summonable decorations which can be used to create buildings (hence the dubbed name "builder mod"). Just place all of the .u files in your system folder and get constructing! A list of materials to summon follows.. and yes, sorry I was a moron and made each decoration a separate .u file. 

, gateclosed.gateclosed, pillar.pillar, stove.stove, carpet.carpet, bridge.bridge, ceiling.ceiling, realtable.realtable, reallamp.reallamp.. basically any of the .u files included has an actor with a classname like these.

DL1-http://www.freewebs.com/unrealpcube/Mods/Builder.zip    // Unzip this file to your SYSTEM folder.

[*Popular!] ChatLink(v1.3):
I've been wanting to make a mod like this for quite a while, and.. here it is. This mod allows players to communicate with each other across multiple servers as if they were in the same server! Finally, you don't have to download a ton of mods and wait an hour just to say hello to someone... Installation and details are in the readme file. Hopefully more admins will contact me and join my growing server-chat-network. Note that you WILL probably need to forward a few ports to use this mod, but it's not that hard... If you need help setting this up go ahead and contact me. This mod is now compatible with JCoopZ.


.:..:'s ultimate gametype. It has more features than I can name here... It can do pretty much anything. You have to try it out yourself to see all of the effort that dots put into this crazy gametype!


[*Popular!] Can't Touch This!/Disco1
: MC Hammer is in the house once again! Listen to the ultra-annoying theme song of (Leader)-Dante, or annoy helpless fools to no end with it! For those of you unfamiliar with "disco" mods, the user must summon the decoration in question (Disco.Disco, in this case) and the immediate area will fill with sound. Face it, you can't touch this! Da na na na.

DL1-http://www.freewebs.com/unrealpcube/Mods/DISCO.U    // Place this file in your SYSTEM folder.
DL2-http://www.freewebs.com/unrealpcube/Mods/Radio.uax    // Put this thing in your SOUNDS folder.

NOTE: You need to download BOTH files and place them in the folders as noted! Du et.

: One of DarkNight's mods. (README)

--- This is my kind of DOOMWeps.. Obviously requiers Doompawns and Doomweps.
Featured are sprites i drew myself back in 1993-1996. Sounds came from misc.
sources dateing back to those days.

DOMHBlaster.DOMAPRs, DOMHBlaster.DOMPCaster, DOMHBlaster..DOMQCannon, DOMHBlaster.DOMAGun, DOMHBlaster.DOMHBlaster, DOMHBlaster.DOMDShot, DOMHBlaster.DOMPClip

DL1-http://www.freewebs.com/unrealpcube/Mods/DOMHBlaster.zip // Unzip and place files in appropriate folders.


EvilDecs: One of DarkNight's mods. (README)

Possessed Decorations (summon evildecs.killerbox ,etc ,etc)

--- Something i thought up of since Ageukeli did Living i decided to do my
own ... These really act like decorations (no blood. gibbing sounds ,etc)

The tarydium barrel (summon evildecs.killertarydiumbarrel) explodes on death
just like the regular decoration version. the slime barrel
(summon evildecs.killerslimebarrel) shoots sludge into the air just like
the very same decoration. ,etc ,etc ,etc

EvilDecs.KillerPot3, EvilDecs.KillerPot2, EvilDecs.KillerPot, EvilDecs.KillerDec, EvilDecs.KillerBox1, EvilDecs.KillerBox2, EvilDecs.KillerBox, EvilDecs.KillerTable, EvilDecs.KillerUrn, EvilDecs.KillerBarrel, EvilDecs.KillerChest, EvilDecs.KillerChair, EvilDecs.KillerTarydiumBarrel (quote: oh gawd.. this thing EXPLODES on death), EvilDecs.killersludgebarrel, EvilDecs.EvilDecMutator, EvilDecs.ThisListIsWayTooLong

DL1-http://www.freewebs.com/unrealpcube/Mods/EvilDecs.zip // Unzip and place files in appropriate folders.


GibRocket: Yet another of my pointless mods. This is a rocket that spawns a ton of gibs everywhere as it flies... great. Summon it if you dare.


DL1-http://www.freewebs.com/unrealpcube/Mods/GibRocket.u  // Place this in your SYSTEM folder.

IdiotCurse: Uhh, why did I make this again... don't ask, just use it. Summon IdiotCurse.IdiotCurse and pick up the item. If you're an administrator (or not? I forgot if it's even usable by non-admins.. oh well!) hit tab and type Curse [ID # of player you want to curse] to cast the ultimate curse of [)[][]/\/\! The cursed will feel the pain of hundreds of messages a second blinking all over the screen, alerting him to the fact that he is shit. Cool!

DL1-http://www.freewebs.com/unrealpcube/Mods/IdiotCurse.U    // Place this file in your SYSTEM folder.


InsaneTable: Another weird mod that I made for laughs. This is a table that, upon being shot, spazzes out by vibrating vertically at an insanely high speed. Watch as the idiot standing on it wonders in confusion what the hell is going on.

DL1-http://www.freewebs.com/unrealpcube/Mods/InsaneTable.u  // Place this in your SYSTEM folder.


[*Popular!] InstantJail: Thank Missileguy for creating this "jail-to-go" mod! Finally, admins can torture unsuspecting idiots in a variety of unique ways... You can trap the victim in a cube of steelboxes and add any "modifier" you want. For example, you can imprison the jerk, and after a few seconds, random bugs will rain down inside. For those of you with more destructive tendencies, you can subject the idiot in the jail to a storm of explosions or tarydium barrels! I've only explained a few of the many jail types, try this rifle out and type JailHelp for a more detailed list of what Missileguy's rifle has in store for fools!


DL1-http://www.freewebs.com/unrealpcube/Mods/InstantJail.u  // Place this in your SYSTEM folder.


[*Popular!] InstantHouseMissileguy's latest mod, and sequel to InstantJail, InstantHouse! This mod is quite similar to InstantJail, and in fact uses the same system of coordinated spawning to achieve amazing structural feats! Firing the weapon will deploy a multi-story 'house' that is ready to be modified by the user. Just like in InstantJail, if you shoot portions of your newly deployed house, they will delete. The best feature about this mod is that you can save and load your house at your leisure! Note that to do this you must 'arm' the rifle to place such objects (with the command SetBuildMode[Mode or Class Name]). After placing tons of stuff, you can save your house for future use! Missileguy has proven himself to be a master of both destruction and construction, and needless to say, this mod is extremely popular among players at Pcube's Co op... so what the hell are you waiting for?! Download it!

Note: This file requires that you have Pcube's "Builder Mod" installed.

DL1-http://www.freewebs.com/unrealpcube/Mods/InstantHouse.u  // Place this in your SYSTEM folder.

Iron: This is a mod created by Predator; I only added decals and fixed up the flamethrower. The resources are from Deus Ex/UT99. I'm not fond of weapon mods, but I really like this one because of the great sounds and the flamethrower! Fire it up, and kudos to Pred!

Iron.TheFlameThrower, Iron.Pistol, Iron.SniperRifle, Iron.GNadeGrenade, Iron.Chaingun

DL1-http://www.freewebs.com/unrealpcube/Mods/Iron.u    // Place this in your SYSTEM folder.
DL2-http://www.freewebs.com/unrealpcube/Mods/IronTextures.utx   // Place this in your TEXTURES folder.
DL3-http://www.freewebs.com/unrealpcube/Mods/BlackoutSFX.uax // Place this in your SOUNDS folder.


JCoop5: The official gametype used by [Unreal Development HQ]. This is .:..:'s modification of JCoop4. It's more convenient than JCoopZ and is much more user friendly. For all of you old JCoop4 users (or JCoopZ users), try this out!

DL1-http://www.freewebs.com/unrealpcube/Mods/JCoop5.zip             // Unzip the files in here to your SYSTEM folder.


LZHunter: One of DarkNight's mods. (README)

Zombies (summon lzhunter.malezombies --- lzhunter.femalezombies)

--- Think of it as DNZombies-][ These things have random meshes. And skins
and a ranged attack of tossing a gibb.. with actual throwing animation. ,etc

you must either head shot the zombie. or gibb  it inorder to kill it.. all
other means will knock it over.. but it will get back up after awile.

LZHunter.MaleZombies, LZHunter.FemaleZombies

DL1-http://www.freewebs.com/unrealpcube/Mods/LZHunter.zip // Unzip and place files in appropriate folders.


MActors: This is a mod that I made primarily for use with the map Mario's World 2007. It has a bunch of different blocks that you can break (or bump to get items, if specified in a level you place them in) or chuck at other players with the Grab function. The mod also has MBoots (mario boots), which are jumpboots that play the classic "jump sound" inherent to the Mario series. Players may also pick up MCoin actors (coins), which give you armor, much like the Armor Shards in UT99's ChaosUT mod.


DL1-http://www.freewebs.com/unrealpcube/Mods/MActors.rar - // Extract files to appropriate subfolders.

: This is Missileguy's (arguably) most efficient and destructive mod. He's utilized advanced approximation calculations in order to ensure that you don't escape the rain of flak. The MegaMortar features a disc like object with a gravitational field hovering over it that launches the mortar at anything within range. This thing is seriously accurate... you have to see it to believe it. Incoming!


DL1-http://www.freewebs.com/unrealpcube/Mods/MegaMortar.u  // Place this in your SYSTEM folder.

[*Popular!] NewMapsP: This mod is by .:..: (the KING OF SCRIPTING!!). This is one of his earlier mods that was long forgotten, but is still really fun to use! This mod has a summonable handcuffs item which can be used to cuff nearby enemies or players, forcing them to follow you around. This really becomes hilarious when you get an "idiot train" of more than 3 players. Catch the bad guy, or just be an ass with this one.


DL1-http://www.freewebs.com/unrealpcube/Mods/NewMapsP.u  // Place this in your SYSTEM folder.


[*Popular!] PrismTower: Another unique modification by Missileguy! If you've played Red Alert 2 you know exactly what this is. In Red Alert 2, the prism tower is an optical defense structure, which focuses light beams on a target, effectively obliterating any infantry or heavily damaging targeted tanks. Unfortunately for you, the tower is NOT on your side in Unreal! This thing is basically a giant bug-zapper. If you don't believe me, try to touch it. You won't even get close. Great mod!


DL1-http://www.freewebs.com/unrealpcube/Mods/PrismTower.u  // Place this in your SYSTEM folder.


RainbowCurse: One of DarkNight's mods. (README)

Rainbow Curse (summon rainbowcurse.seizureitem)

--- My version of 'idiotcurse' This thing will really give people elipitic
problems. That or total annoyance. (I think this mod has a command admin giveseizure <ID>)


DL1-http://www.freewebs.com/unrealpcube/Mods/RainbowCurse.zip // Unzip and place files in appropriate folders

[*Popular!]Redeemer3: This mod is NOT by SKW-SkaarjLord; it was created by Ageukkeli's brother (a member of the SKW clan). He decided that Unreal didn't have enough blown out of proportion explosions and fixed this problem. Use SKW's nuke to annihilate anything within a massive radius; visual effects are impressive too! This weapon is frequently seen at Pcube's co op, and usually it's in the hands of Dante. Go figure.

Redeemer3.NukeCan, Redeemer3.NukBoome, Redeemer3.Radiation


STurrets: A mod by me, so you know it's chaotic! Ever wanted to mow down other players in co-op, even if they're on your team? YEAH, ME TOO . So start tearing it up by employing STurrets! STurrets stands for Summonable Turrets. Duh. After summoning an Sturrets.TurretCreator actor, you can deploy turrets anywhere you choose, provided that you are admin. To set a control point (where you want to remotely control the turret from), type Admin SETCP. After doing this, go to where you want the turret to be located and type Admin SETTP. Finally, type Admin Deploy (or Admin Deploy Charger for an energy turret). Stand on the control point and let the carnage begin!




SprayCan: This is one of my favorite mods. Basically, this mod features a weapon (very similar in shape to that of the flak cannon ) which you can utilize to DEFACE EVERYTHING!! Just do what we do at Pcube's Co op - run around mindlessly defacing everything in reach, regardless of the situation. With this device you can graffiti decorations, enemies, other players, walls, and even doors/gates! Admins can use the ini file to add extra sprays to the spraycan (in a very similar way to that of toasty's ini file). Thanks to Dante for giving me this idea and providing me with the CSSprays (counter-strike sprays). The pen is mightier than the sword; Lock and load.

NOTE: If you add extra sprays to the can via ini file, you must include the texture packages in ServerPackages, or else players won't be able to see them online! In addition, you MUST add CSSprays and ServerSprays to your serverpackages list if you are using them! They don't download automatically if you don't have them in serverpackages!  

hi pixels hi


DL1-http://www.freewebs.com/unrealpcube/Mods/Spraycan.u // Place this in your SYSTEM folder.

DL2-http://www.freewebs.com/unrealpcube/Mods/spraycan.ini // Place this in your SYSTEM folder.

DL3-http://www.freewebs.com/unrealpcube/Mods/CSSprays.utx // Place this in your TEXTURES folder.

DL4-http://www.freewebs.com/unrealpcube/Mods/ServerSprays.utx // Place this in your TEXTURES folder.


SwordWeapon: One of DarkNight's mods. (README)

Long sword (summon swordweapon.MW_Sword)

--- This sword i made.. Converted Model from TheiveryUT with sounds from
Theif 2.. Thanks to the XWE program that i used to rip the sounds off
Theif 2's game files.

SwordWeapon.MW_Sword - but you just read that in the description, or maybe you didn't and are for some reason are reading this, or it's also possible that you can't read, but then how are you reading this?

DL1-http://www.freewebs.com/unrealpcube/Mods/SwordWeapon.zip // Unzip and place files in appropriate folders.


[*Popular!] Toasty: This is one of my most useful mods for Unreal! This actor enables in game taunts! For example, if a player kicks someone else's ass and says "Ownage!", everyone hears some guy say "Ownage." Yeah ok duh hopefully you understand, because I'm not elaborating any further as to what it does. The great thing about Toasty is that it's dynamic. You can add your own taunts without doing any scripting at all! Just open Toasty.INI and set some values... To use this mod on a server, open your Unreal.ini file and find the lines that say ServerActors=... Add a line that says ServerActors=Toasty.Toasty. Note that you should ALSO add this mod to serverpackages if you want players to hear "Toasty!" when they meet a fiery fate. For advanced users: To add your own taunts, first open Toasty.ini. Find an empty slot that says Trigger= and type after the = what you want the player to say to activate the taunt (ie, if I wanted a taunt to be activated by the phrase "you suck", I would type "You suck" here). In the same line, find the parameter that says PlaySnd=. After the = type the name of the package and sound that you want to play. Example: Following my previous example, here I could type MyTaunts.YouSuck. This will load the sound YouSuck from the package MyTaunts.uax. It is VERY IMPORTANT that you add all of your used custom taunt packages to serverpackages! If you don't then nobody will be able to hear them online (since they will have not received the .uax file). Toasty comes with a basic set of taunts hardcoded in to the .u file (you don't need to mess with the ini file for basic taunts); these taunts are supported by 2K4TauntPak.uax, which is a needed download for toasty to work.

DL1-http://www.freewebs.com/unrealpcube/Mods/Toasty.u  // Place this in your SYSTEM folder.
DL2-http://www.freewebs.com/unrealpcube/Mods/2K4TauntPak.uax  // Place this in your SOUNDS folder.

-Toasty Bonus Paks: Due to the sheer greatness of toasty, I've come up with a few of my own taunt packages. Have fun with them! Note: You need to add these to your Toasty.ini manually, including the trigger phrase and PlaySnd. 

I: Hoeger Taunts
It looks like the coolest chemistry professor on earth has some words of wisdom for Unreal players! Dr. Hoeger is a hilarious and intelligent professor who's ready to insult AND school your ass at the same time! Go Hoeger!

Taunts: HoegerTaunts.ThatsCrap, HoegerTaunts.Duuddde, HoegerTaunts.Idiots // You can add these to your toasty.ini file along with triggers to activate the taunts. That's CRAP!!

DL-http://www.freewebs.com/unrealpcube/Mods/HoegerTaunts.uax   // Place this in your SOUNDS folder.

II: Grand Theft Auto 3 Taunts
  Dante told me to compile this, he ripped most of the sounds. There are some funny ones in here!

Taunts: GTA3Taunts.Bitch2, GTA3Taunts.Bleeder, GTA3Taunts.Call911, GTA3Taunts.Dipshit, GTA3Taunts.FlipFlop, GTA3Taunts.FuckVista, GTA3Taunts.Funeral, GTA3Taunts.GiveAShit,
GTA3Taunts.GiveAShit2, GTA3Taunts.Gladiator, GTA3Taunts.HellNO, GTA3Taunts.HeyDumbasses, GTA3Taunts.KissAss, GTA3Taunts.LeaveForDead, GTA3Taunts.Macs, GTA3Taunts.MommaSoFat,
GTA3Taunts.PrettyBoy2, GTA3Taunts.Retard, GTA3Taunts.RoastYou, GTA3Taunts.ScrewYou, GTA3Taunts.WannaParty?, GTA3Taunts.SorryAss// You can add these to your toasty.ini file along with triggers to activate the taunts.

DL-http://www.freewebs.com/unrealpcube/Mods/GTA3Taunts.uax   // Place this in your SOUNDS folder.

III: Xtra Taunts
  I made this compilation, though I didn't make some of the sounds. NEDM!?

Taunts: XTraTaunts.NEDM2, XtraTaunts.Hallelujah, XtraTaunts.WRONG2// You can add these to your toasty.ini file along with triggers to activate the taunts.

DL-http://www.freewebs.com/unrealpcube/Mods/XtraTaunts.uax  // Place this in your SOUNDS folder.

IV: Counter-Strike Taunts
  Thanks to Skaarj Slayer and Dante for getting and compiling this .uax file! Go go go!

Taunts: A lot... open this sound file in Unreal Ed and look at the sound names.

DL-http://www.freewebs.com/unrealpcube/Mods/CSVoicePak.uax  // Place this in your SOUNDS folder.

 One of DarkNight's mods. (README)

Unreal GTA [ABBANONDED(sic)]

--- Another thing i did. Unreal from a top down prespective. (Like that of
GTA 2 or something) It also comes with a differnt hud. Never really finished
this at all.

DL1-http://www.freewebs.com/unrealpcube/Mods/UGTA.zip // Unzip and place files in appropriate folders.

 Unreal Time Trials / "die a million times and get really pissed off" gametype

I made this a while ago but never bothered to release it. Someday I might. Oh wait, I am. UTrials, as the name implies, is short for "Unreal Trials." If you are wondering what "trials" are, then you haven't lost your mind yet! "Trials" is short for "time trials" which refers to players mindlessly scurrying through obstacles, many of which involve death if you fail, to reach the goal and set a new record. The idea for this mod was based on the UT99 gametype "bunny track" (a simple yet addicting gametype). The three best times for each map are saved in the host's ini file so players can constantly waste time to attain a better record. Also, I added an end-game interface that allows players to vote for the next map by clicking on the GUI on screen! (no more typing 'mapvote') Another great thing is that it's very easy to map for UTrials... all you have to do is make some map (well duh) and at the end place some actor (like a light or something.. it doesn't matter) and set its tag to 'Goal'. In this manner, you don't even need to have the gametype installed to map for it!

For admins/server owners:
Edit UTrials.ini to change the settings for your server. You can assign an adminpassword as with any other gametype, but there are a few more options.
MapList - Add the names of maps here (without .unr). Initially you have 1 map to begin with: TR-CyberBridge" UTrials supports 200 maps in one list.
Record[#] - These are the records for each map played on the server. Any map that has been loaded with the gametype running will have records saved, even if it isn't a UTrials map (it has an actor with tag 'Goal')

DL1-http://www.freewebs.com/unrealpcube/Mods/UTrials.rar // Unzip and place the files in your SYSTEM folder.

[*Popular!] Vehicles:
This is probably .:..:'s most famous mod on Unreal, though I can't say for certain. As the name implies, this mod adds vehicles to Unreal. They're somewhat buggy, but definitely fun to use! Pilot the skies or tear up the road, either way, you'll have fun doing it. Those in your path, however, won't have the same experience.

Vehicles.sportcar, Vehicles.airship, Vehicles.ufo, Vehicles.singelcar, Vehicles.normalcar, Vehicles.hoverjet, Vehicles.flightjet, Vehicles.sub, Vehicles.MicroCar

DL1-http://www.freewebs.com/unrealpcube/Mods/Vehicles.u  // Place this in your SYSTEM folder.

WingCommanderMusicBox: One of DarkNight's mods. (README)

Wingcommander Musicbox (summon wing.commander)

--- Cycles through 41 Wingcommander Amiga MOD files. Total 2mb ish.
{ These MOD files came from a link off mirsoft.info .. World of Game MODS }

DL1-http://www.freewebs.com/unrealpcube/Mods/Wing.zip // Unzip and place files in appropriate folders.


[*Popular!] XConsole: My, seemingly famous, console: xConsole! I originally worked on this for purely testing purposes, but xConsole has evolved into a very useful tool.

Features and commands:

* Built in "news" retrieval service!
* FakeMessage command so that you may send messages in colored text. (This pisses off admins. Use it wisely.)
* Spam command that (obviously) spams whatever message you enter!
* RestartMe: Allows you to restart your player, like in JCoop.
* ChangeSkin: Sort of works, but not really.
* SimSummon command allows you to 'summon' things client-side only! Try SimSummon-ing a few disco actors! Whatever you summon will only be on your client, so summoning items etc. is pointless.
* SwitchTeam <int> lets you change your team in game.
* TeamMadness command lets your player change teams 30 times in 1 second!
* Built in radar to track foes and friends alike!
* UT2004 style name and health display above players' heads. (command: ToggleNameDisplay)
* SaveNames and CopyName <slot #> commands allow you to copy other players' names!
* SetAutoWelcome < true or false > lets you choose if you want to automatically greet players upon joining a new level.
* SetCatchPhrase command lets you set your 'welcome' phrase.
* Built in MusicMenu so that you can make your own playlist and listen to umx files whenever you want!
* Compatible with 'xMiniGame' .u applications (such as Tetris and ShootingGallery) so you can get new utilities for your console! (command: LoadXGame < class of game >)
// If you would like a complete list of all the commands you can use, do the command xHelp while you have the console loaded.

- I removed the commands 'shitlog', 'shitlog2', and 'DoS' because they were being frequently misused by players.

Installation: Place xconsole.u in your system folder. Open Unreal.ini and find the line that says: Console=Upak.UpakConsole (or console= something). Change it to say "Console=xConsole.xConsole". You're done. Ok stop reading this. 

DL1-http://www.freewebs.com/unrealpcube/Mods/xConsole[Gold].rar  // Extract this to your SYSTEM folder. This is for Gold users (well.. duh.)
DL2-http://www.freewebs.com/unrealpcube/Mods/xConsole[Universal].rar  // Extract this to your SYSTEM folder. This works on all versions of Unreal.


XCoop(1.6): Beta gametype... Boasts many features from various coop gametypes and then some.

I was motivated largely by Dark.:.Night chewing me out on Drake's server, telling me to put it up ASAP (in more impromptu terms, of course), so there are bound to be at least a couple bugs. That's crap, and not my fault. Anyways, here's a description (straight from the readme.. wow I'm not lazy, right?)

(a very small section of the readme)

// Overview
I’ve been wanting to make a gametype that is "as moddable as possible" for some time now.. and hopefully this is it. When I first started making xCoop, my goal was simply to make a gametype that was open to custom player classes while still offering security and support much like that found in the various Jcoop gametypes. The result is a gametype with many opportunities for server admins to customize their servers with plugins, enhanced mutators, added commands, logos, etc..

[Other Features & Tips]

  • Players can use their own Face Textures by opening their User.ini file and editing the Face= line at the head of the file.
  • Getting a multi kill, ultra kill, or beyond will add a lot of points to your score…
  • Typing "AdminHelp" in game will give you a list of commands that the administrator has allowed you.

XCoop supports MutatorPlus! MutatorPlus is a subclass of mutator that gets many more function calls, such as PostRender, ScoreKill, TakeDamage… (these can be added like normal mutators through hookmutator)

DL1-http://www.freewebs.com/unrealpcube/Mods/xCoop.rar // Do something with this. You should probably unzip the files in this archive to their respective folders, but that's entirely your choice. 

These can be used in xCoop as character portraits. You will need to add these files to your serverpackages if you run them...
// UT99 Faces
Available faces: Bane, Blake, Boris, Cryss, Freylis, Gomida, Gorn, Ivana, Jayce, Kragoth, Kyla, Luthor, Maime, Makalai, Mariana, Nickolai, Nikita, Ramirez

// UDHQ's Faces
Available faces: Jazzjackrabbit, Miragevolcano2, USilver

MutatorPlus mutators!
// FaceMutator - Let people choose public faces that you specify by ini with the command "mutate faces" (no authority table entry needed; DO add to serverpackages & hookmutator!)

: My minigame package for xConsole; it contains two games: Tetris and Shooting Gallery!

Tetris: Made a long time ago by Russian programmer Alexey Pajitnov. In this game, you must stack blocks of various shapes and color in lines. When you complete a line, it will disappear and you will acquire points. If you gain enough points, you will progress to the next 'level'. Players earn my respect if they can get to level '1337'!

ShootingGallery: A simple point and click game. Shoot boxes, moons, and logos - but don't shoot the food! (from Gauntlet) Shoot the rifle ammo icons for extra ammo, and the boots icon for extra time!
Tips: Try to keep the timer as high as you can. More ammo does mean more points, but having more time means having more chances to shoot Mario targets (which are worth 3 points).

Installation: Place this in your system folder. You must have xConsole installed to use this file... duh  While in game, do the command LoadXGame ________ and fill the blank with one of the following phrases:



DL1-http://www.freewebs.com/unrealpcube/Mods/xMinigames.u  // Place this in your SYSTEM folder.


XUtilities / XPaint: The second add-on to xConsole which features xPaint!

XPaint is a mini paint program built into Unreal with the help of xConsole (ok duh that should have been obvious). XPaint is NOT, however, photoshop. Actually, it's similar to something like "mario paint" (go figure), but it's still pretty entertaining. As of yet I don't have a way to transfer images in game... and I kind of doubt I ever will (this would require MEGA replication.. we're talking about 500 messages or something!). But anyways, this mod still works just fine for creating simple pictures. Features include loading, saving, painting, and inversion of color. Pictures are saved in xUtilities.ini, so you can send others your pictures by sending them the ini (or you can save a copy of an ini if you really want to keep a certain image).

Try it out, Michaelangelo.

Installation: Place this in your system folder. You must have xConsole installed to use this file... duh  While in game, do the command LoadXGame ________ and fill the blank the following phrase:


DL1-http://www.freewebs.com/unrealpcube/Mods/xUtilities.u  // Place this in your SYSTEM folder. Wait, duh. I already said that. In fact I said where to put it in the "installation" segment under xMinigames.u too. Ok what the hell why am I typing this. Just download it and ignore this sentence. And this one. But this is a sentence fragment so it doesn't count, because it


Warfare: This mod is by DarkSquirrel. It includes a few summonable mortar cannons which activate when players are in close proximity to them.

, Warfare.MC2

DL1-http://www.freewebs.com/unrealpcube/Mods/warfare.u  // Place this in your SYSTEM folder.


ZeldaHookshot: This is definitely one of the greatest mods for Unreal, and, no doubt, it's by .:..:! This mod features a hookshot very similar to that from various Zelda games; it was modelled by Xepptiz and coded by .:..:. It was originally intended for the Zelda map package, but a mod this great must be used everywhere. Amazing work, .:..: and Xepptiz! Note: I think that in order to allow the hookshot to grapple on to anything, an admin must first type Admin Set Hookshot bCanHitAnything True. I'm not totally certain of the variable, though.

, ZHookshot.Longshot

DL1-http://www.freewebs.com/unrealpcube/Mods/ZHookshot.u  // Place this in your SYSTEM folder.


ZeldaGame: This will turn Unreal into an RPG game! This is a very popular mod..
 ZeldaGame is a gametype that transforms Unreal into an RPG experience. ZeldaGame allows players to play Unreal
in an envoriment where they gain EXP, levels, stats, and abilities. ZeldaGame was first created in 2005 and has since seen great
progress. This version can be considered v 2.1.

 Admins have basic control over players, including killid, kickid, mute etc... There is no built in banning system, however.
For this, I recommend Zora's security mod, Nephthys.

* EXP System - Players gain experience points proportional to monsters' health. Anyone who deals damage to a foe will gain exp
which is proportional to the havoc they caused. :)

* Rupee System - The currency in ZeldaGame is, no doubt, rupees. Rupees can be found throughout every level, provided the level
has some pathnode system. Rupees can be transferred amongst players in exchange for items and spells, or they can be redeemed
in the map HyruleShop.

* Spell and Ability system - Players may hold up to 12 spells (top row) and 12 abilities (bottom row). Spells may be activated with
the cast # command, or by typing FastCast and holding shift to click on them. Abilities need not be casted, as they are always

-See readme for installation

DL-http://www.freewebs.com/unrealpcube/Mods/zeldagame.rar // Unzip and read the readme for installation details.


TeamworkSpellPack (fixed) 
Players gain "party" spells that boost allies' speed, strength, health, and more...
// Spells to add to your ZeldaGame ini
// SBHealOtherL1, SBHealOtherL2, SBImbueSpeed, SBImbueStrength, SBImbueSwiftSwim, SBWarpL1, SBWarpL2, SBWarpL3

Mods (UT2004)

This section is designated for all mods created for UT2004 (hopefully you figured that out on your own).

StrategicVehicles2: An excellent vehicle modification mutator by Missileguy. The sequel to StrategicVehicles (1), this mutator brings a whole new wave of vehicular madness to your average match. Watch in awe as players create armies from scrap metal, create hybridized vehicles, and seek the perfect combination for the ultimate fragging machine. You have got to check this out!


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