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Server Events & News

Welcome to the Server Events & News page! Here you will find updates on anything that has gone on, or will happen, at Pcube's co op. Events described may include appearances of players, comical antics, or whatever else you can think of..

ChatLink Network

The ChatLink mod provides Unreal server owners the ability to "link" the chat of clients within their servers. In short, two servers that are linked will be able to send each other messages as if their clients were in the same server. The ChatLink Master Server is hosted by Jackrabbit, and we currently have the following servers participating in our network:

Unr. Development HQ


Nali Baba Land

Dimensions Coop

Da Noodle<N>


Unreal Nali World


Darkest Nightmares


If you would like to join our network then download ChatLink and talk to Jackrabbit or myself about it.

Server Events

[6/29/07] [Unreal Development HQ]

- Today, Hyrule Castle was under siege, and this time not by Ganon's minions. Things got pretty crazy atop the castle...

- While discussing with Helsheth the usage and creation of homemade explosives, I noticed that he had went through the trouble to make this... lol

[6/01/07] [Unreal Development HQ]

- Yet another crazy time on the map Winterhaven... This time, Missileguy piloted an extremely offensive plane armed with a nuclear payload straight into Winterhaven's communications tower. Owenij!

[5/05/07] [Unreal Development HQ]

- Wow, talk about disco madness... What you see is at least 50 psycho-disco actors all lined up along the snowy hill in Winterhaven... Trippy! (not to mention laggy)

- Just recently Dante, Fenix, Jackrabbit, Missileguy and I tried playing the Mario 2D mod at the server. Dante decided to hold the up arrow and so did I, creating a storm of... yeah. Gibblin'!

[4/03/07] [Unreal Development HQ] (and the old Pcube's Co op server)

- Jack used the InstantHouse rifle to build an especially cheerful house. What can I say other than :)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (HQ server)



- Jack happened to summon 6 microcars and they actually came out just like that... what are the odds?! (HQ server)


- The ultimate record in deaths! Dr. Dumb!#%$ (DarkNight), Pcube, and some random idiot named Miss.Twilight watched as some helpless fool died 100,000 times. Ownage!

[4/03/07] [Unreal Development HQ]

- While playing on Mario'sWorld at the HQ server, "interesting" events unfolded. Read the console if you dare.


[2/05/07] [Unreal Development HQ]

- Today we played a few of my maps at the server. On the map Challenge7 (the Zelda one) the server got quite a lot of clients. Here's a shot of a bunch of people posing on the altar at the end.

Players in the server: []Jack[], myself, Pak, TheAttacker[UNW],Fat_Block_Of_Cheese,.:DA:.Panthara,$A/$AL!en,SNOWBOARDING!!!!!!!,o00Clouded00o]2[ and Holy_Embrace[UNW]

[2/04/07] [Unreal Development HQ]
- Today I ran the map Challenge, and apparently []MasterX[] decided that teamkilling would be a good idea. Check out the soap opera.


>say Sounds like crap.
Log: Flushed engine caches
ChatLog: []_Master_X_[]: sry this si just to fun
ChatLog: F~tnr: Ownage!
ChatLog: F~tnr: Ownage!
ChatLog: F~tnr: Ownage!
ChatLog: SNOWBOARDING!!!!!!!!: i was almost at the end!!!!
ChatLog: F~tnr: that was a stray shot.
ChatLog: F~tnr: jesus
ScriptWarning: ServerMessager Challenge.ServerMessager0 (Function ServerMessager.ServerMessager.Timer:0010) Accessed array out of bounds (20/20)
ChatLog: F~tnr: way to get mad at a dragon/
ChatLog: SNOWBOARDING!!!!!!!!: no fucking kidding


[2/03/07] [Unreal Development HQ]

- Today Jack, L33tness and I went through the Zelda maps. Here's a picture of us getting torched (literally).

-left to right; Pcube, Jack, L33tness



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