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Player List

A list of players recognized by Pcube's co op as being a positive influence to the Unreal community. If you would like your name here, request on the guestbook or email me (unrealpcube@hotmail.com).

Good players: +25!

*Missileguy / Missilemaster: Missileguy is an innovative mapper, unique scripter, good player, and friend. I'll try to post more of his modifications, after requesting permission and finding the time to do it... His mortal enemy is Ryan (the ultimate in political knowledge?! more like a manipulative high strung asshole), and therefore also e-Ryan, Dante. Nobel prize for deleting the "do not delete" folder.

(Leader)-Dante / (Klingon)-Gorge: He may act a bit weird online, but he's a good guy (supposedly). He's genuinely concerned about the future of Unreal and online co op for video games in general and does what he can to improve both. He also has a great deal of knowledge concerning Mario (+25!), not to mention political figures of the day (hahaha). If you're interested in politics, give Dante a call: He's Ryan the second. Dante enjoys accepting programs from unknown sources, which just so happen to spam the hell out of his computer. (Recently got A Macbook)

.:..: : How could anyone not say that this man is one of Unreal's greatest? "Back in the day", dots created several mods (and some interesting maps too) and virtually kept Unreal1 alive for a short period of time. Dots is probably the best coder on Unreal1, though he doesn't play as much anymore. Dots has moved on to UT2004 to bring the good times of co op to the new generation players on UT2004! He actually converted every single Unreal1 map to UT2004 and even ported the co op gametype! Apart from his coding skills, he's a great person who always remains positive and optimistic.

Dark.:.Night: He was a truly innovative spirit in Unreal... He brought mods such as DNZombies, DNPawns, various hilarious inventory items, DDFStarfightergame and more to light in Unreal. He still plays under the name RedHornedMurderer. Check the download page to see his modz. Sw33t!

*[TWP]Drake_Osiris<vtx>: An excellent mapper and adequate scripter. Drake's one of the most innovative players I know of on Unreal. He usually frequents his server when he's on Unreal, and you can be sure that he's testing some unique (sometimes weird) modification!

Predator: An awesome mapper and good modder. Predator always makes really weird mods and good maps, though he disappears from Unreal from time to time. He invented many legendary things, one of which is SneakFace. Predator is one of Dante's political adversaries, but then again, who isn't.

MentalHunter : MentalHunter is definitely a great player in Unreal, and contributes regularly with his expert model conversion skills! He hosts the server MentalCoop which hosts his many unique mods. MentalHunter always argues for reason and accepts nothing less than the truth. +25!

EZ$: A cool guy. He's not known for patience, but he's definitely a good player. He spams the hell out of my guestbook though... haha! EZ is one of the more intellectual members of Unreal's online coop community. He provides interesting commentary and is famous for his "going through the game" story (a fictional story on his website depicting various people in coop attempting to escape Na Pali). EZ's lately been taking up mapping as a hobby. Check out his work sometime. Seriously. Go. Now.

*(MEOW)Dellkat: Dellkat is definitely a good player that does nothing wrong in Unreal. He hosts innovative mods by Venox at his server, which is usually online these days. His server will return some time in October after he gets his surgery.

Hunter: He's alright. He doesn't ever do anything intentionally wrong, but then again he's usually kind of oblivious. The only thing I don't like about him is the fact that he loves summoning things in mass, such as nukes or pcunepawns. Disturbing!

Doom: Doom is usually not online in Unreal, but he's a good player who would never do anything intentionally wrong.

(Klingon)Zeke: An excellent player. He's an above average mapper and modder (one of his most famous contributions to Unreal is.. uh.. 'Leo TCK's F$% World'. Don't ask if you don't know).

*Jack: I thought long and hard about putting Jack here, and apparently here he is. Jack is the master of summoning, but beware: if you happen to touch or mess up whatever crazy structure he's building, you're history. Eh, Jack is more of a +18.

MasterOfUnreal[iC] : An awesome modder and player. I think he used to play UT99 but somehow ended up in Unreal (the same thing happened ot me, actually). MoU is smart, eccentric, and kind of crazy at times. 

*Cheese : Owner of the iC clan. As an established coder, Cheese is famous for the various 'uber' mods among many other things. He's frequently found in his server, UberCoop, but has gained respect throughout the entire coop community.

HolyEmbrace : A mature player that will probably kick your ass even if it's coop. He's a faithful member of the iC clan, which is headed by Cheez.

Skaarj_xxx : A cool player. Beware of his trademark LagNuke spam! Hahaha..

Wiggiha : Another player with a good personality. He likes to joke around a lot and uses admin responsibly.

Ninesvnsicks : One of the coolest players out there. Asks me a s!@#load of questions, but usually for good reasons.  His server is 976online - classic carnage with explosive action 24/7!

Jackrabbit : Jackrabbit.role=role_authority. A master of terrains in Unreal (through use of 3DS and Unreal Ed). In-game, Jackrabbit tends to let all those whose role < role_authority know that he is superior.

Dre' : Super oldschool player and accomplished modder. Having known him for a long time, I can say he's one of the coolest players on Unreal!

*Pcube: Site owner. The guy typing this exact sentence. And this sentence fragment. And this one. Ok.

( * = Administrator )

Jerks: -25.

Jackson: In all the years I've played this game, I have never joined his server. The first time I joined it, Sept. 17th 07, I was banned within 3 minutes. I didn't say a word while in there, and neither did anyone else - Jackson just banned me for, literally, NOTHING. Later, we found out that Jackson had cache ripped 976Pawns from Ninesvnsicks without permission. What the hell is up with this guy?!

Clan members: Ownage!

Pcube: Leader of the clan. Not much else to say here.

Doom: Senior member. Admitted roughly two years ago.

(Klingon)Zeke: Senior member. Admitted roughly two years ago.

Jack: Senior member. Admitted many years ago (perhaps the first to join).

KillerSkaarj: Senior member. Admitted recently, but known for many years. Respectable player.

Helsheth: Senior member. Admitted quite some time ago. A great admin.

Dimension4 : Recent Admit. Admitted roughly half a year ago.

EZ$: New member. Admitted earlier this year.

Skaarj_xxx : Recent Admit. Admitted some months ago

Nasegeicht / Cheese : Recent admit. Admitted within the past few months.

Holy Embrace : Recent admit. Admitted within the past few months.

If you are interested in joining this clan, please contact me first. Failure to contact and confirm your acceptance will be treated as an offensive act, and will be punished by permanent firewall from any clan affiliated server. You may contact me via e-mail or through the guestbook.

Admins in training:   Nice!


Zeke, Head Rebel, EZ$, Skaarj_xxx, Wiggiha, Red Horned Murderer, Darkninja333, Hunter


If I forgot to add your name here, I apologize.... Please alert me to this fact on the guestbook or via e-mail.


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