Hide N Seek

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Quite simply, its Hide and Seek, online. This mod was made because I would occasionally play it online, with friends (In KOOPA888's Unreal server). However, the games had no real rules. Nothing could be enforced, mainly, people could still move. So I made this mod, after I learned UScript. It has rules. You can't cheat (well, theoretically), there is a scoring system, people CANNOT move when they are hidden, or while counting, and players are invisible and inaudible while hiding (not realistic, but I say it's more fair).

I host my own personal Hide and Seek server, Bane's Hide and Seek server. It only appears under "All Servers" in the Unreal Server Browser. On that version, I'm running Unreal version 225, and Nephthys V1.3 as well as my own personal "admin mag" and antibot (CAB) for server protection.


Because of a growing argument during games in my server as to what defines cheating, I'm going to make it clear on this page, so I can have a place to forward any miscreants in my server.

Cheating in my server is defined as the following: Whatever I say.
'Dictatorship' is a good way to describe my server. However, I'm a fair dictator. So I'm going to do my best to make it absolutely clear as to what cheating is.

1. Using any kind of 3rd party program to find other players. This is fairly obvious. Please don't use any wallhacks or aimbots to point out players that are hiding in a corner.

2. Doing anything to illuminate the map beyond the searchlight and REASONABLE gamma. I can't actually doing anything about your gamma/monitor brightness setting, but please don't exploit it to give you an unfair advantage. You aren't supposed to be able to see in the dark without your searchlight/dispersion pistol, thats why you have them!
Also, if you attempt to use the RMode 'cheat', I'd just like to make it clear that it will not work and your attempt will be logged onto the server's log for me to see and yell at you for. There are also a few other security/anti-cheat features that can automatically kick you. If you get a message telling you to stop, I suggust you stop doing whatever it is you are doing.
---Update: Actually, with the latest version, you cannot use 'set', 'editactor' or 'rmode' commands at all (excluding "set input"). Not even if you put them into a bind or text file.

3. And the big one. You are not allowed to hide in a place that is inaccessible. The main point is to find the player, and shooting them is just to prove that you found them. The easiest way to violate this rule is to block movers, preventing access to your hiding spot. The best example is in The Gateway. It is possible to hide on top of the elevators, making it nearly impossible to be tagged. The door at the top will not open because the elevator will not reach the top, and that is the only practical way to get up there. This IS cheating and I will NOT tolerate it on my server! If you can reasonably plead ignorance, I'll let you slide with a demonstration of my admin mag:
1. It can shoot right through movers, meaning I can very easily tag you despite having a huge mover blocking my aim.
2. I can use it for have another player summon projectiles (or anything, actually), without them being admin. This is my preferred method if I am still hiding, as if you get hit by a bouncing grenade or razorblade the person I am forcing to summon will get credit for finding you.
3. I can use it to move players. This means I can either move you outside of your cozy spot blocking a mover/whatever right into the seeker's targets, or move the seekers right on top of you (and landing on you will count as a tag)

4. And if you keep doing it, it also lets me kick by ID. Don't think your stupid ASCII characters that aren't on the keyboard will protect you. Almost every server gives admins some way around untypable characters, and mine is no exception.

I'd just also like to point out that Nephthys 1.3 is installed on my server, so I can ban you if you keep cheating/spamming/whatever on my server, and I will ban you if I feel you are continually causing trouble. With my adminmag's neato Nephthys interface, I can also easily ban people by their player ID, instead of trying to use Nephthys' horrible command interface. 'Ban 0' is so easy to type. I'd also like to point out that I am what is called an "overzealous admin", meaning I will probably kick you while a normal person would just politely tell you to stop a dozen times.
I'd also like to make this point:
Don't fuck with me on my server