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  You're interested in learning how to make your own weapons for Unreal and Unreal Tournament? You've come to the right place. This section of WoD is dedicated to anything and everything related to UnrealScript, and the development process in general. While these tutorials are only directly applicable to the original Unreal and the original Unreal Tournament, there is still probably quite a bit of knowledge you may be able to skim from them for use in code working with UT2003, Unreal2 or any other Unreal engine game.

If you've never written UnrealScript before, then you should check out the Beginner's Guide to UnrealScript and My First Mod. Those ought to get you started in the world of coding for Unreal. If you've already had some experience, though, you might want to check out the Function Reference and Class Hierarchy sections which can be found on the sidebar at the left of the screen. They're meant to provide quick and easy reference to things you may need while writing UnrealScript.

If you've got a tutorial on some subject that you'd like to add to this section, feel free to mail it to me in plain text format, and I'll post it up for the world to see. After all, the more collected knowledge that's available here, the better. If you've got a question about UnrealScript that's not answered here or at CHiMERiC or one of the other sites listed on the sidebar, feel free to post your question on our UScript Forum or mail me at and we'll help you as best we can.

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