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My First Mod (UT Edition)

By Sprint1 (edited by Kobain)



(This tutorial assumes you have Unreal Tournament installed to your C:\UnrealTournament directory.)  This tutorial explains how to create a very simple mod using the Ripper as a base.  It will guide you through the basics of how to create a mod.  After you're comfortable with editing everything this tutorial teaches you, you should graduated to Windex's tutorials, or the tutorials at UnrealEd.net.  .

This tutorial is for Windows users only; I'm not sure how this will work on a Mac.

Note: Before you start, open your UnrealTournament\System folder and make sure you don't have a file in there called MyMod.u.  If you do, rename it or delete it.


1. Make sure you have the latest versions of Unreal Tournament and UnrealEd installed.

2. Open MS-DOS from Windows.  Go to your UnrealTournament\System directory, and type this (without quotes):
"ucc batchexport botpack.u class uc c:\UnrealTournament\Reference\"
This should export everything inside botpack.u into a new folder in your UT directory called Reference.

3. Make a folder inside your UnrealTournament directory called "MyMod".  Now open the MyMod folder, and inside there, make another folder called "Classes".

4. Open C:\UnrealTournament\System\UnrealTournament.ini.  Find the [Editor.EditorEngine] section, and go to the bottom of it where it has a bunch of lines starting with EditPackages.  Create a new line just under the EditPackages that reads:

5. Copy the Ripper.uc file from your UnrealTournament\Reference folder to your UnrealTournament\MyMod\Classes folder.

6. From the UnrealTournament\MyMod\Classes folder, open Ripper.uc with NotePad.  You'll see the coding for the Ripper.  Don't touch anything unless I tell you to!

7. First, delete all the lines that start with #.  This will get rid of some ugly warnings when you compile the code later.  Those lines were just used when importing the original UT models.

8. Scroll down to the defaultproperties section.  See the lines that start with "ProjectileClass" and "AltProjectileClass"?  Those are the primary and alternate fire mode projectiles, and that's what we're going to change.  Change them to look like these:


If you open the ut_eightball.uc file and scroll down, you'll see where these are from.

9. Go up to the very top of the code.  You should see "class Ripper extends TournamentWeapon".  Change the word Ripper to RL.  Above this line, you should see three lines with double slashes starting them.  Anything with double slashes at the beginning of the line is a comment, and Unreal will ignore it for the purposes of coding.  You can use the // comment anywhere in your code (it has to start a line) to remind yourself of certain things if you want.

10. From your UnrealTournament\MyMod\Classes\ folder, rename the Ripper.uc file in there to RL.uc.  The title of the .uc file should always match the name of the weapon, i.e. what you type in the "____ extends TournamentWeapon" line.

11. You can finally close any Unreal-related files or folders you have left open, except this tutorial.  (Unless you've printed it out, which is probably a better idea.)

12.  Open MS-DOS from Windows and go to your UnrealTournament\System directory.  Type this (no quotes):
"ucc make"

UCC will run through every EditPackage (as defined in UnrealTournament.ini), and make sure there's a .u file for every one of them.  If there isn't, it'll try to compile it.  Since you defined MyMod as an editpackage earlier, and you don't have a MyMod.u file in your System folder, it'll start compiling everything in MyMod\Classes.

Note: The number one complaint I get about this tutorial is that UCC doesn't find the MyMod package.  (Actually it's more like "ucc cant find my mod it cant be my falt becuz i am l33t".  ;P)  Make SURE you followed the directions in steps 3 and 4, and also check to see if you have a file in your UnrealTournament\System directory called MyMod.u.  If you do, delete it or rename it.

13. Now for the sweet part.  Open up Unreal Tournament and start a practice game.  From the console, type "iamtheone" to enable cheats, and then "summon mymod.rl" (no quotation marks either time).  You should see what looks like a Ripper floating in front of you.  Pick it up, and fire it.  Congratulations, you've made your first mod!

14. Go ahead and edit other things in RL.uc, starting with the defaultproperties. Once you're good with that, start working on the main part of the code.  Just remember that before you compile MyMod again, you'll have to delete MyMod.u from your UnrealTournament\System directory.  Have fun!

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