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Page start: Wednesday, September 16th 17:10 1998
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Configuring Unreal U Detailed info on how to Launch your own dedicated Unreal Server and on how to edit and put together a Server.ini configuration file (manipulate \Unreal\System\Unreal.ini!), that will control that server. Remote admin, Death Match Level Loops, ...
Console U Unreal Console Commands: Command Line Parameters, C++ Console Commands, Unrealscript Console Commands, Map List, Actor List, Console Configuration Commands... this ought to come in handy :)... Futhermore Key Bindings and Key Aliases.
Download U All the stuff you might need to download to get the most out of Unreal. There is a short Update Unreal section and a bit about Custom Maps... more to come.
Links U Here is a comprehensive list of Unreal related links... The Main sites at Epic and the like, some FAQs, some Misc links and finally Map sites. There is also a Modules section, with discriptions and logos.
Maps U Soon a list of custom maps will be running on my DM server. These will be running in the socalled Current Level Loop on the Unreal Server. So be sure to get these maps! To round things off read about Map Installation, and Screen Shot Tips.
Map Archive U *All* Unreal Death Match maps tested on this site along with screen shots, download links, comments, and rating. There is also a list of "Not So Great" maps I tested, that are only mentioned by name with comment.
News Archive U Archive for old news...
Screen Shots U This page is a collection of single player in-game screen shots. Just to show the last unbeleavers how cool Single Player Unreal is (since I keep forgetting, count me in too ;). You will also find some Bot Shots interesting in-game stills, Net Shots and finally a 1 minute AVI movie. I have added a section Planet Unreal Shots of the Day...

Unreal Ed
UnrealEd - Main Page Ued All about UnrealEd... this is the main navigation page.
UnrealEd - Toolbar Ued This page will tell you about the very basic things you should be aware of when editing maps with UnrealEd. Navigation in 2D and 3D views, Movement of "Objects", an extensive section on UnrealEd's Toolbar, and finally shortcut Keys.
UnrealEd Tutorial N 1 - 1st Room Ued UnrealEd Tutorial N 1: Build your 1st room... learn some of the editing basics.
UnrealEd Tutorial N 2 - Light, ... Ued UnrealEd Tutorial N 2: Change light properties... add water to your map... add sky to the map.

us Code
AEus - Code U A Log Parser for Unreal that produces Stats/Rankings in form of HTML.
AEus - Features U A complete list of features the AEus package provides. Along with plans for further enhancements.
AEus - Download U Download the latest version of the AEus package from here.
AEus - Installation U How to get everything "a running" :). Installing the Unreal Script Module Code, editing your Unreal.ini, testing the module. How to use the Parser.
AEus - The Parser U What AEus can do? Where are it's limits ? What's happening during the parsing ?
AEus - The Module U To make parsing of Unreal Multiplayer games possible, one needs to provide gaming data like frags, deaths, suicides, times, dates, map names, weapons and extras used, weapon-mode and heath info. Well most of the time you will not need all that info really. But "AEonsDMmod" provides all this info, by dumping in-game data into Unreal's log file. And then AEus takes over :).
AEus - Tips & Tricks U Things to look out for, if you would like to integrate the Module into your code. Other tid bits that might be of interest.