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What AEus can do for you ?... Here is a list of Features and future Plans... finally all the subpage Topics.

For an example of what AEus can do HTML-wise, see the Stats pages.

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U Unreal Script Module generates extra Log info, The Parser AEus interprets the log file.
U Global and Player specific Statistics along with Real Ranking will be generated in form of HTML pages.
U AEus is written in ANSI C and developed with the gcc compiler, this makes the code portable to just about any platform.
U Lots more... (complete list done soon)

U "AEonsDMmod" testing, done be you folks under real world conditions, to find the remaining bugs and to make sure it is stable.
U Do the "Best of..." Page.
U Support for other game types, e.g. CTF see UWar and NoName CTF.
U Possibly make the source code to AEus available.
U Add a navigation page to the package that lets you jump to each Stats page directly. This navigation page will use frames to do this (Not done as of now since I used the navigation on my main Unreal page for this :9).
U Enhance the us.cfg to allow more control over AEus...
U ...

AEus - Features U A complete list of features the AEus package provides. Along with plans for further enhancements.
AEus - Download U Download the latest version of the AEus package from here.
AEus - Installation U How to get everything "a running" :). Installing the Unreal Script Module Code, editing your Unreal.ini, testing the module. How to use the Parser.
AEus - The Parser U What AEus can do? Where are it's limits ? What's happening during the parsing ?
AEus - The Module U To make parsing of Unreal Multiplayer games possible, one needs to provide gaming data like frags, deaths, suicides, times, dates, map names, weapons and extras used, weapon-mode and heath info. Well most of the time you will not need all that info really. But "AEonsDMmod" provides all this info, by dumping in-game data into Unreal's log file. And then AEus takes over :).
AEus - Tips & Tricks U Things to look out for, if you would like to integrate the Module into your code. Other tid bits that might be of interest.