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Welcome to the Ĉus' Installation Page
The Parser package of AEus has 2 parts:

Part One: The Unreal Script Module called "AEonsDMmod" that enhances Unreal in such a way that it yields the extra info needed to make maeningful statistics. This is done by dumping info into Unreal's log file. Alas the installation of the module is a bit complicated. But it's well worth it :)

Part Two: The binary program AEus that parses the above generated log files and turns them in nice, meaningful Statistics and Ranking in form of HTML pages.

The Installation, as of now, is pretty much based on the AEus195b.txt text. Enhanced info will be available on this page soon as I can think of the new info ;).

... installating installing ladidada ... 8-)

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Quick Rundown
U Enhance Unreal with Unreal Script in such a way that it yields meaningful info that can be parsed.
U This is done with the "AEonsDMmod" module. It has the extra code that makes Unreal dump all data into Unreal's standard LOG file.
U Parse that log file with the Parser AEus (an executable, that can be run from DOSbox/Shell): E.g. "AEus a.log"
U Finally AEus generates lots and lots of stats in HTML form in your "stats/" directory. Run any browser and load the file "stats/AEusStats.html", to see these stats.

To simplily the description of the installation let me presume you have Unreal installed on your e:\ drive e.g. e:\Unreal\. I am discribing it for a w95/w98/NT system, Unix/Linux hackers will find it easy to adapt the below, right ? Right ! ;)

Unpacking - Put files where they belong.
U Unpack the latest AEus Package into your Unreal main directory. E.g. e:\Unreal\AEus\.
U Move the "AEonsDMmod" module (e:\Unreal\AEus\System\AEonsDMmod.u), that contains the enhanced Unreal Script code into your e:\Unreal\System\ drawer.

Preparing your own Unreal.ini to make "AEonsDMmod" work.
U Make a duplicate of your e:\Unreal\System\Unreal.ini file and rename it to Server.ini (or something). This should be the .ini file you use to run internet games.
U To use "AEonsDMmod" you will need to edit e:\Unreal\System\Server.ini (use a text editor like notepad, or UltraEdit :)). The following parts should be changed (remove the tabs/blanks before each line before you insert them in your .ini file):
U Set the default game to "AEonsDMmod". Useful when running a dedicated server. Read: It starts a Death Match game that uses the module right away. (Under 2.09 alas this only worked properly under NT, haven't been able to test this with 2.19 yet.). This part can be skipped if you only want to test the module, but be sure to do the next part:
U If the default game will not run AEonsDMmod automatically or if you want to do some testing first add a new Games[] line. [4] was the last line with the UnrealCD, but you may have installed other game types. Just pick the next empty slot and add "AEonsDMmod.AEonsDM" there. Also change MaxGames from 4 to 5:
U Since "AEonsDMmod" is a new game type, you can specify all the usual defaults, in a special section called [AEonsDMmod.AEonsDM]. This also comes in handy, since you don't have to enter all your personal settings every time you run Unreal. Configure the below as you will:

Starting Unreal with AEonsDMmod - Generating your own log data that AEus can parse.

We will now run Unreal with the module and generate some test log information. This will let you check if the module is working and thereby was properly installed (believe me, this is a lot less trivial than you might expect!).

U Grab your Unreal Icon (on the w95 Desktop) with the right mouse button and make a duplicate of it. We will use this icon to set all the command line parameters. Name the duplicate Unreal icon Unreal-Log or something. Then add this line under properties:
        e:\Unreal\System\Unreal.exe Dmfith LOG=AEus.log READINI=Server.ini
This will run Unreal and the map Dmfith. All LOG data that we will parse with AEus further down will then appear in e:\Unreal\System\AEus.log.

The READINI= will read the Server.ini file you prepared above. Note on leaving Unreal this Server.ini file will *not* be changed. Your Unreal.ini file on the other hand will be!

Note: Alas w95 (at least on my machine) will not automatically load "AEonsDMmod", we need to select it via menus. Under NT the "DefaultServerGame=AEonsDMmod.AEonsDM" will indeed use the module right away. I have not been able to check this under the latest version of Unreal (2.19) yet though.

U Click on the Unreal-Log icon. This will start Unreal in Death Match mode in the Map Dmfith.
U Hit Escape, the menus will appear, select Multiplayer, and then Start Game.

In the line "Select Game", hit the left/right cursor keys until it reads: "AEonsDM" ("cursor left once" get's me there right away, on my machine initially the "DeathMatchGame" is set).

You might like to "Configure Game" on that page, personally I activate a few bots to make stats more interesting. Read: If you want to see some meaningful stats, you will have to do some Bot fragging.

Then "Start Game"... and pick your player(ette)...

A DM game should start on your machine, that also has parsable log info (due to "AEonsDMmod").

U After some fragging, these frags should appear in Unreal's log file. To test this hit Esc, Menu Audio/Video and set Unreal to the Window'ed mode ("Toggle FullScreen Mode"). In the window frame menu, "View" has the entry "Show Log". Turn this on. You should see lines like:
ScriptLog: F/19980910174351/DMAriza/Bot-Bane/Bot-Bane/fell/Rifle7/None/0/0/-30/0/None/None/
The rest of the line will differ. It is these lines AEus can parse.
U Now quit Unreal and copy the log file you just generated e:\Unreal\System\AEus.log into AEus' directory: e:\Unreal\AEus\AEus.log. You now have your own log file handy...

Using AEus - How to make stats out of your log files.

Note: AEus can only make stats for log files that where generated using "AEonsDMmod". Aplying AEus to normal log file will yield no stats, more probably make the parser crash :).

U Copy the log file you want to parse into the e:\Unreal\AEus\ directory. As mentioned above this makes things easier, e.g. you don't have to type the *full* path of the log file.
U For your conveniece I am providing a the log file I used to test AEus with, called "a.log".
U For this test we will use the "a.log" log file, it should work properly:

1. Open a DOSbox ("shell"), to get a (DOS) prompt.
2. Type:

       cd e:\Unreal\AEus\
       AEus a.log
3. AEus will now parse the log file.

U You can watch the progress, because I output lots of debugging info. This output will also help you if AEus is not able to read/write a file. In this case you will have to check that the files/paths exist. If AEus should crash on your own log file, please send me a bug report along with all the info AEus provided in that run.
U If all goes well you should have generated a file called:
View this file in a WEB browser... Bingo you've got your own Stats. For a demo on how things should look you can take a look at the Stats page on this site.

Here is an example line:

ScriptLog: F/19980910174351/DMAriza/Bot-Bane/Bot-Bane/fell/Rifle7/None/0/0/-30/0/None/None/
From left to right ("F/" stands for Frags):