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Module Output
This is the information "AEonsDMmod" outputs, line by line. At present only on type of line exists those that begin with ScriptLog: F/, socalled frag-lines. In the future other info lines are possible e.g. CTF specific lines (ScriptLog: C/).

Here is an example line:

ScriptLog: F/19980910174351/DMAriza/Bot-Bane/Bot-Bane/fell/Rifle7/None/0/0/-30/0/None/None/
From left to right:
Not only time information is available for each frag, but in what map it happened. For each frag there is info on the player names involved, the weapons they had in hand, if they where using their weapons in its alternate mode, what health they had after the encounter, and if they had anything special selected (e.g. Powerups).

If a player suicides e.g. kills himself then there is no 2. player name, I programmed "AEonsDMmod" to duplicate the name of the player who suicided. The latter is important for the parser. I therefore recommend carefully copying the function I programmed to ensure that AEus can parse the code.

Bug Reports
Not only the parser will have bugs also the Module: "AEonsDMmod".

I have received one email that says that after the module was installed on an Unreal server, it crashed Unreal after someone tried to join a multiplayer game on machine. Alas I am not sure whats hapening here. I have teste the module on my local machine and not in the net, during Bot matches. So it may very well be that internet gaming may have some weird side-effect. While I had a server running it tended to crash after 24 hours, but that was under Unreal 2.09. Since I don't have a server to test things, I will need your help to do it.

As always try to be as specific as possible, when you encounter a problem. Otherwise I will not be able to help.