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HTML Templates - Stats pages are build out them.
Since AEus is a third generation parser (1. Amiga ARexx Parser for Quake, 2. AEqs for Quake II). It became clear that templates are needed to provide all the "other" info that stats pages should show, like placement of all the tables, descriptions on what the stats mean and the like. It became clear to me that the best method would be to generate template pages, that contain all the "other" info and use socalled key word lines that tell AEus where to place its tables and other info. For each stats page there is one and only one template page (generation 2. used to patch template *parts* together).

You can find the template pages in the stats/headers/ directory that comes with the AEus package. For anyone who has some experience with HTML, it should be very easy to change the pages to suit your own needs.

The key word lines begin with "<!--AEus " followed by a the key word". In the following example the key word is "Players":

        <!--AEus Players; 150-->
and inserts the Number of players that where seen on that server. Here is a list of Keywords that AEus understands sofar (v1.95b):
        "BackGROUND"              // Set a Background texture ? (not implemented yet)
        "MaxPlayers"              // Maximum players that will have stats, default 90
        "Players"                 // Number of players with unique names seen in that log file
        "MadeItPlayers"           // How many players actually will have stats <=MaxPlayers
        "LastUpDated"             // Page was last updated when ?
        "TableMiscGlobalInfo"     // Global Info... Misc 
        "TableFragInventory"      //   "     "
        "TableWeaponFrags"        //   "     "
        "TableSuicides"           //   "     "   (no longer used)
        "TableMapNamesPlPerMap"   //   "     "
        "TablePlPerMap"           //   "     "
        "TableWeaponDeaths"       //   "     "   (no longer used)
        "TableWeaponFDs"          //   "     "      Frags/Deaths
        "TableCorrelationWFDs"    //   "     "      Weapon Frags/Deaths
        "TableSDT"                //   "     "      Suicides/Damage Types
        "TablePlayerNames"        // Player Stats... Name List
        "TablePlayerNetto"        //   "      "
        "TablePlWeaponUsage"      //   "      "
        "TablePlFragsDeaths"      //   "      "
        "TablePlAltWeaponUsage"   //   "      "      Alternate Weapon Usage
        "TablePlAltFragsDeaths"   //   "      "
        "PlayerName"              //   "      "      Current Players Name
        "TablePlayerSDT"          //   "      "      Suicides/Damage Types
        "TableFPHPerMap"          //   "      "      Frags per Hour Per Map
        "TableFPHOtherInfo"       //   "      "
        "TableRankFragMatrix"     // Ranking
        "TableRankDiffMatrix"     //   "      
        "TableRankPlayerNames"    //   "      
        "TableRankMaxPlNumber"    //   "      
        "TableRankIntFragMatrix"  //   "             Intensity
        "TableRankIntDiffMatrix"  //   "             Difference
        "TableRankSummery"        //   "
        "TableRankMax-1PlNumber"  //   "
        "TableRankPlMatrixNo"     //   "
        "LinkRankMatrix"          //   "
        "LinkDiffMatrix"          //   "
        "TableRankINTPlayerNames" //   "
        "LinkRanking"             //   "
        "LinkPlayerNames"         //   "

Configuring us.cfg
You can set a few things in the AEus' configuration file: "us.cfg". Empty lines or lines that begin with "//"in the .cfg file will be ignored. If you want to change something then, you might edit the following line:
        //set path /user2/cloewe/Mega/public_html/unreal/stats/ 
        //set path f:\unreal\stats\ 
        set path .\stats\
This tells AEus where to look for the "stats/" drawer. Useful if you want to generate stats for serveral servers. This drawer contain two directories initially: "headers/" and "players/".

The "headers/" directory contains the HTML templates used to put the stats pages together. There are certain key word lines "<!--AEus ... -->" that tell AEus where to put specific data. Should be very easy to adapt. Also some logo's in jpg format are provided here.

The "players/" directory, it where AEus will dump all the player specific pages. Each player gets his personal page. Initially it's empty. *Make sure this directory exists*.

There are some other things you can set in the "us.cfg" but better leave them as they are :). I am thinking of enhancing the config file to be able to control more of AEus... later maybe...

Bug Reports - Comments and the like.
Sofar I have only release a Beta version, so that some of you admins can get some stats together. But there are bound to be bugs in the code that make AEus crash if something unexpected is encountered in the .log file.

If AEus crashes please send me an email with the following info:
U AEus dumps info to the console while parsing. Please copy this info and send it in. This will help me track down where AEus crashed.
U Provide the log file that caused the crash. Please do some testing, try to narrow it down to the lines that cause the crash.