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Get the stuff you need to run AEus... At present only a Beta version is available. This has several reasons: 1. This is the first public test, and on some machines the installation of "AEonsDMmod" seems to make Unreal crash as soon as someone logs into the server (still to be seen if this really is so), but be warned. 2. Some of the HTML output pages are still not quite finished. The more important stuff is there, and should work, but I still want to enhance a few things. 3. I need some more real world testing :)... 4. The ducumention is bit scarce 8-)

... downloading dumdidum ... ;)

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AEus 1.95b
Binary for w95 only, for now. Grab the binary AEus195b.zip (387 KB) and read the AEus195b.txt for quick and dirty installation.