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Welcome to the UnrealEd Page
This is my latest project... an introduction to editing levels for Unreal with UnrealEd.

Semmel braught this idea up. He proposed putting together a german UnrealEd page, and since I wanted to learn how to use UnrealEd as well it became apparent that a english version of Semmel's page might be nice on this site. So here it is...

You will like to start with the Tools page to get an overview of of what UnrealEd can do, and how to "move" in the 2D & 3D views. You might even like to print out that page as an editing reference. Then take a look at the Tutorials...

... woop woopdidoo... Level Editing here we come! :)

Page start: Thursday, August 13th 22:42 1998
Last updated on Wednesday, September 16th 21:37 1998

UnrealEd... Intro, Tools ...
11st Room
2Light, Water & Sky

Tools ... Basic Things To Know
...Navigation in 2D & 3D Views
...Movement of "Objects"
...UnrealEd's Toolbar
...Shortcut Keys

Tutorials ... Here you will learn things ;)
...N 1: 1st Room
...N 2: Light, Water & Sky

UnrealEd - Toolbar Ued This page will tell you about the very basic things you should be aware of when editing maps with UnrealEd. Navigation in 2D and 3D views, Movement of "Objects", an extensive section on UnrealEd's Toolbar, and finally shortcut Keys.
UnrealEd Tutorial N 1 - 1st Room Ued UnrealEd Tutorial N 1: Build your 1st room... learn some of the editing basics.
UnrealEd Tutorial N 2 - Light, ... Ued UnrealEd Tutorial N 2: Change light properties... add water to your map... add sky to the map.