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Welcome to the Maps Page
This page will tell you about the custom maps running on my Unreal server in the socalled Current Level Loop and how to Install them. Download links, ratings, comments and screen shots have also been added to each map... If you are looking for a complete list of tested maps please check out the map Archive page.

Note: I have downloaded all the maps from Snarf's Unreal Map Emporium Site.

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xxxx xxth 1998 onward Level Loop

Current Level Loop Maps
...AEon's Unreal DM Server Map Pack
...Death Match Map List
...Map Screen Shots and links!

Map Archive Page

...How to Install Maps

How to Install Unreal Maps
The Map archives (.zip files) on this page need to be installed on your local machine to be able to test and/or play them on servers. I think Unreal servers provide autodownload (with resume) for these socalled custom maps, but in any case you will have the maps downloaded a *lot* faster if you get them via FTP or WEB.

Unpack the .zip files into your Unreal\maps\ folder... Unreal maps all end on .unr... then run Unreal, open the Unreal console and type: open mapname to play the map (e.g. you have the map DmAEon.unr, it can be played with open DmAEon, the ending .unr is not needed!). If the Death Match map supports bots, then these will join your game (provided you have enabled bots).


Current Level Loop - Date ...
These are the custom maps I run in the Death Match Level Loop on the Unreal Server. If you want to make it easy on yourself, then download the following archive: (AEon's Unreal Level Loop) (xxx MB) it contains *all* custom maps in the loop.

AEon's Unreal Level Loop
xxxx xxth 1998 Onward
epic's DMs xxx, xxx, xxx
Custom Maps DmBellToll (352 KB), ( KB), ( KB), ( KB), ( KB), ( KB), ( KB), ( KB).

To install: Unzip above archive(s) into your Unreal\Maps\ directory and read above section.

Death Match Map List
The Death Match maps will be played in this order:

The above is part of my Unreal\System\Server.ini file, defining the DM map list. For more info on Level Loops see the config page.

Maps in Current Level Loop ... August, 3rd 1998
Bots? informs you if the map provides paths for Unreal's Bots, so that you can test the map on your machine, without connecting to the internet.

Map Shots Bots? Rating Comment

For Whom
The Bell Tolls

(352 KB)

DmBellToll - 1 DmBellToll - 2
DmBellToll - 3 DmBellToll - 4
Yes ******
This was the very first custom map for Unreal I tested and I thought... "wohaa"... and it turned out the be the best map of them all... great ambience and gameflow... plus bot support! Perfection seems so simple and yet :))