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Welcome to the Map Archive Page
This page will simply "remember" *all* maps I have ever tested. The better Death Match maps will have screen shots along with download links from my local site. Maps are rated and have short comments attached.

Whereas the Maps page holds info about the current Level Loop maps and how to Install them...

On rating... 6 (******) stars is the best mark... I have only seen one map that is this good so far. The worst mark is no () stars, and I only rate maps with 4 (****) stars and above!. The not so great maps have been put in the "Did not make the Cut" section.

So far I have been downloading all the maps from Snarf's Unreal Map Emporium site.

Page start: Monday, August 8th 20:28 1998
Last updated on Wednesday, September 16th 20:55

Map Archive
Death Match Maps ... 21
...BSGrinder ... Big Space Grinder
...BellToll ... For Whom The Bell Tolls
...Excavation ... The Excavation
...Shane's Nali Castle
...Tree Of Life
...Unhip DM 1

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...Map that "Did not make the Cut"


Maps Tested ... August, 10th 1998
Map Shots Bots? Rating Comment
(523 KB)
DmBagzok - 1 DmBagzok - 2
DmBagzok - 3 DmBagzok - 4
No ****
Futuristic, narrow corridor driven map... should give us one heck of an adrenaline rush ;)
(1.04 MB)
DmDawn - 1 DmDawn - 2
DmDawn - 3 DmDawn - 4
Yes ****
Map looks great with it's mansion-like castle feel :). I would have given this map a "5" where it not for lag. Uses one of Unreals music module tracks.
(619 KB)
DmExperiment - 1 DmExperiment - 2
DmExperiment - 3 DmExperiment - 4
No ****
Nice base-like futuristic setting, lots of light :).
(152 KB)
DmGlamis - 1 DmGlamis - 2
DmGlamis - 3 DmGlamis - 4
No ****
Dark 2 arena type map in castle style.
(284 KB)
DmJackal - 1 DmJackal - 2
DmJackal - 3 DmJackal - 4
No ****
Huge central yard, with pool and several domed buildings... lag ?... will have to test this.
(181 KB)
DmLalage - 1 DmLalage - 2
DmLalage - 3 DmLalage - 4
No ****
Interesting runaround map with serveral yards and lots of eye candy. Looks a bit unfinished in places... but that's ok :)
(641 KB)
DmShanesNaliCastle - 1 DmShanesNaliCastle - 2
DmShanesNaliCastle - 3 DmShanesNaliCastle - 4
No ****
Shane obviously ;) edited Epic's Nali Castle Single Player map to make it Death Match compliant... Map was changed in several places... note this map is *huge*... even with 32 players, frags will be rare... since it is basically von Epic... it rocks... we will have to see about DM though...
(545 KB)
DmTreeOfLife - 1 DmTreeOfLife - 2
DmTreeOfLife - 3 DmTreeOfLife - 4
No ****
Nice 3 story cylindrical arena, tree in center with "mega health", thus the name...
(537 KB)
DmUndead - 1 DmUndead - 2
DmUndead - 3 DmUndead - 4
Yes ****
Very interesting map, great elements there, especially the lighting in the "altar" room, and really cool respawn points.

This map sports new Music (Overture.umx), you will need to install them into your \Unreal\Music\ folder.

(496 KB)
DmUnhipDm1 - 1 DmUnhipDm1 - 2
DmUnhipDm1 - 3 DmUnhipDm1 - 4
No ****
A remake of Hipnotic's Mission Pack for Quake - DM map 1... I have also seen it for Quake II... very nicely done remake for once. Features "petagram of protection" and one other special extra item.

This map sports new a new System file (Unhip.u), install in \Unreal\System\ and Textures (UnhipTex.utx), install in \Unreal\Textures\ folder.

(433 KB)
DmWhisper - 1 DmWhisper - 2
DmWhisper - 3 DmWhisper - 4
No *****
A bit dark but wonderful castle-like setting, great outdoors.
(232 KB)
DmWrench - 1 DmWrench - 2
DmWrench - 3 DmWrench - 4
No ****
Originally a Quake II map... the convertion is a lot darker and "dertier" than the nice clean base-like feel of the Q² map... but map looks ok :)... it's really cool to be able to look through teleporter doors and "see" the weapons on the other side.

First Maps Tested ... August, 3rd 1998
Bots? informs you if the map provides paths for Unreals Bot, so that you can test the map on your machine, without connecting to the internet. If a map *has* this feature, you can bet that its rating will go up. Personally I hate not having this provided since bot DM matches are really great to test maps.
(~Wink~ Climaxilie! :)))

Map Shots Bots? Rating Comment
Big Space Grinder
(362 KB)
DmBSGrinder - 1 DmBSGrinder - 2
DmBSGrinder - 3 DmBSGrinder - 4
Yes *****
One heck of a DM arena. Lots of interesting and cool effects. This map should be tons of fun to play.

This map sports new Textures (Mist.utx), you will need to install them into your \Unreal\Textures\ folder.

For Whom
The Bell Tolls

(352 KB)

DmBellToll - 1 DmBellToll - 2
DmBellToll - 3 DmBellToll - 4
Yes ******
This was the very first custom map for Unreal I tested and I thought... "wohaa"... and it turned out the be the best map of them all... great ambience and gameflow... plus bot support! Perfection seems so simple and yet :))
(277 KB)
DmD-Lite - 1 DmD-Lite - 2
DmD-Lite - 3 DmD-Lite - 4
No ****
Nice DM map, lots of light, alas a bit small for more than 5-6 folks.
(490 KB)
DmElements - 1 DmElements - 2
DmElements - 3 DmElements - 4
Yes *****
This map almost made it to 6. Really well done map, fun to explore. Connecting tubes should keep the map a challenge for a while.
The Excavation
(268 KB)
DmExcavation - 1 DmExcavation - 2
DmExcavation - 3 DmExcavation - 4
No ****
Some interesting ideas here. The waterfall rocks, and the "liquid" elevator too. Map is a bit linear for DM, especially all the "cave" part of it.
(580 KB)
DmKrakatau - 1 DmKrakatau - 2
DmKrakatau - 3 DmKrakatau - 4
No ****
This is one weird map :). Imagine a sphere, inside is dry, the outside is water and you can swim up and down the map on the outside part. I'm not sure this will rock in DM, but here it is 8-).
(242 KB)
DmRiot - 1 DmRiot - 2
DmRiot - 3 DmRiot - 4
Yes *****
No frills, straight DM map. Feels like lots of action.
(371 KB)
DmSinfonia - 1 DmSinfonia - 2
DmSinfonia - 3 DmSinfonia - 4
No *****
Extrem Monitor Usage Terror ;). This map has screens and control units all over. There even is a mirror.
(266 KB)
DmYOB - 1 DmYOB - 2
DmYOB - 3 DmYOB - 4
No ****
Huge DM maze... we'll see how it works in real world matches...


Maps that did Not make the Cut ... August, 9th 1998
Since it's a lot of work to test DM maps, I am not wasting any of it 8-9. Here is a list of maps that for some reason or other did not make it into the list of maps I liked. Note this is my subjective ;) opinion...

Some maps may really be well done, except that they are laggy on my hardware (Pentium 200MMX, 64MB), and if they locally lag, gameplay in the internet will be dreadful for most players. Therefore these maps are in the following list:

Map Bots? Comment
DmAgroof(dlx) No(Yes) In 2 versions, with and without Bot support. Though nicely done, it's simply too small and cramped.
DmArena No Wide but not too big Arena, alas boring map, not enough weapons.
DmCelerManusDeV2 No Unrealish feel, small, lots of details, laggy and gameflow sucks.
DmCitadel No Interesting cave ambience, but too many long "useless" corridors and dark spots. Feels like a editing test.
DmCoolGuy'sDM2 Yes Too darn many teleporters, when will level builders learn that this kills any decent gameflow. Many interesting effects put together badly.
DmCoreReaction No This is a one room Arena, reminded me of the more organic spacey Duke Nukem 3D maps. Very creepy the ambience. Low gravity. Alas it's simply *too* small for my server.
DmDiamond No Some interesting places, but too small, and too dark in too many places.
DmDkeepV2 No Too dark the map.
DmFoxArena No A DM arena, design simply does not make the cut. You can see too far, therefore the map lags.
DmLavatoryV2 Yes A blow-up of a bathroom, complete with mouse holes and sewage. Interesting idea, huge, but simply not my style :)
DmLedgesV2 No Originally this was a DOOM map, and it rocked, I played it hours on end. This map provided the basic idea for my Duke Nukem 3D and Quake II maps Cyber Arena. It' s a central arena with several "windowed" walks around the arena. Alas this "convertion" does not use any of the really neat features of Unreal and the un-attention to detail simply makes me cry. So I condemn this version but not the map idea 8-).
DmLevel No Looks more like a editing test. Major sky texture glitch.
DmMansion Yes Interesting design, one can shoot the "cathedral-like" windows and they will respawn after a while. But there are too many unnerving dark spots and due to the level of detail the map lags a bit.
DmOutpost1 No Space station feeling, very cool spots, huge, many inovative ideas, but laggy as heck... alas unplayable over the net.
DmPillar No Very much looks like a 1st time round map, where the "paste a cylinder" function was discovered ;). Design, textures simply suck. This map is laggy as hell :(.
DmPlunge No Great use of vertigo effects, nice texture choice, alas the gameflow sucks. In testing I killed myself at least 5 times, you can imagine what's up with lag due to bad connects.
DmSatansPlayground No The map name may not be politically correct but it fits. This map has some really great parts... the outside (burning skies that scream fast your face) is quite something. Alas the central huge room makes internet play impossible due to lag.
DmSlimJim No Cool teleporters, nice light, overall weird design, gameflow leaves something to be desired.
DmSWFort No Mexican Hasienda, wonderfully sunny ourdoor feeling, major brush alignment problems, some textures plain suck, alas way way way ;) beyond todays hardware... read mega lag!
DmUn-place No A remake of Quake's infamous DM4 map, uses music, and to be able to look through teleporters gives the map an interesting touch, *but* this convertion is *ugly*, texture choice is beyond bad taste... yuck!
DmWaterTank No Huge low gravity map, it's simply to wast and thereby unfit for DM games.
DmWhichWayV2 No Nice simple arena, that lags!