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This page sums up all the possible stuff you could need. Primarily updates, maps, and other patches.

Page start: Monday, August 3rd 22:33 1998
Last updated on Wednesday, November 4th 10:19 1998

...Update Unreal to v2.19
...Make UnrealEd Work !!
...Custom Maps
...Complete Server.ini Example
...FTP Site: Files, Skins, Maps.

Update Unreal
U Alas since epic is still working on an internet patch to finally make Unreal Multiplayer work on the Internet this and further updates will be nessary. This is the first update:
    To update from v2.00 (Unreal's release CDROM version number) you will have to install v2.19 (2.11 MB) over your previous Unreal\System\ version.

    For completeness here are the no longer needed previous betas: v2.17 (1.9 MB) v2.16 (1.9 MB), v2.09 (1.19 MB).

Here is a list bug fixes with Beta v2.19:

Internet Play

Internet Server

LAN Play



Here is a list bug fixes with Beta v2.17:

Here is a list of things the Unreal Combined Patch, Beta v2.16 fixes:

Known issues

Hardware support






Here is a list of things the Unreal Combined Patch, Beta v2.09 fixes:
U Significantly improved Internet performance on 28.8K and 56K connections. The should fix the uber-lag problem for most players, and improve performance on 28.8K-56K modem connections. Performance is still far from silky smooth, but this should get most people up and running with somewhat-decent performance. We'll be doing a lot more optimizing, playing, and tweaking of the Internet code over the coming weeks.
U 3dfx Voodoo Rush: Now supported in beta form. Still some known problems with resolution switching.
U Cyrix processors: Fixed Unreal crashing at startup giving an "InitEngine" error message.
U Aureal 3D audio: Fixed sound effects repeating and skipping.
U Creative Labs SB3D audio: Now supported in beta form. 4-speaker panning and other cool effects.
U Network play: You can now download multiple package files (.unr, .utx, .uax, etc) when entering a server. Previously, only the .unr file could be downloaded, then the connect attempt aborted.
U Dedicated server: The CD is no longer required in the drive to launch a dedicated server.
U Dedicated server: The "IpDrv" package is now server-side only, so it is not version-checked against clients.
U Dedicated server: Supports multiple UnrealServers per machine.
U Windows: Fixed not being able to click on .unr map files to launch them from long-filename directories.
U Windows NT: Switching in and out of 3dfx mode multiple times now works.
U UnrealEd: Fixed "Full rebuild" giving bogus error message in UnrealScript #always directive.

Make UnrealEd Work !!!
If you have trouble getting Unreal\System\UnrealEd.exe to work, this may have to do with Visual Basic. The Map editor needs some of the runtime libraries that come with Visual Basic, and will crash if they are missing. Grab this VB Run 5.0 Fix (1.86 MB) and install it. Then reboot... UnrealEd should now work... hopefully ;)

Death Match Custom Maps
To get an overview of all maps you can also take a direct look at my FTP Maps directory for Unreal. Be sure the check out the Maps and Map Archive pages.

U For a complete list of Unreal Custom Maps along with Screenshots take a look at the Map Archive page. Since I am running a Level Loop on Ĉon's that also contains some custom maps, please make sure that you check out this DM Level Loop and download and install the maps into your Unreal\Maps\ directory.

Complete Server.ini Config File Example
Here is my adapted and edited Unreal\System\Unreal.ini file: Server.ini (20 KB). This might help you server admins out there :)... Be sure to check out the Server.ini section.


Unreal Movies
Here is a one minute Unreal AVI movie (8.9 MB) you might like to check out. Also from www.unreal.com.