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Here is a list of screen shots and other Unreal related pictures. To begin I am putting together screen shots that I made running through Unreal in single player mode. I made these shots just to remind me how complex and different the Unreal word is. One tends to forget the depth, since one only plays the game once or twice, from then on only Death Match. With Unreal this is especially bitter in two respects one single player maps *cannot* be played in DM and two the single player maps are what make Unreal tick. So one forgets...

AEon's Unnreal Art - 1 On the left is a collage I put together:

Be sure to read... Tips on Making Better Screen Shots.

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Screen Shots
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...Planet Unreal Shots of the Day
...Net Shots:
  Resent, IVS Kran, SkyCity, Jan'98, Oct'97.
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...Tips on Making Better Screen Shots

Tips on Making Better Unreal Screen Shots
Here are some tips you might find useful on making screen shots with Unreal. I used the set off console commands below to make all the map screen shots. Simply open your Unreal console and type the commands, in some cases it may well help to bind them to keys. Note: Crosshair and HUD are *not* commands!

Console CommandUse... 8-)
GodInvulnarability helps when making shots and Bots are near :)
Fov 110Enlarge your Field Of View... more detail on shots rocks (default value is 90).
FeigndeathOr hit "f"-key... This removes the weapon from view.
HUDThe "Head Up Display" yields a plithora of information, but you might like to take shots without it... Keep hitting the "F5"-key until it completely disappears.
CrosshairRemember to remove the Crosshair. I did this in the Options Menu.
Playersonly*Very* useful... it stops all Bots, Monsters, Bullets, Explosions etc. and lets you make very interesting screen shots. Bind this to a key in \System\Unreal.ini... e.g. F8=Playersonly (see the config page on key binding).
ShotOr the "F9"-key... takes the screen shot... a file e.g. Shot0000.bmp will be generated in your \System\ folder.


on's Bot Shots
Here are some shots of Bot matches I played on my P200 today (August 3rd 1998)... I discovered, only just today the console command: Playersonly... also see the Tips on Making Better Screen Shots paragraph on this. Using this command you can freeze about everything that moves in the map, but *you* as a player can still move. This lets you see what work went to Unreal, in slowmotion if you will :). Explosions, fragging, weapons, monsters in action... check out these stills for inspiration:

Bot01 Bot02 Bot03 Bot04 Bot05 Bot06 Bot07
Bot08 Bot09 Bot10 Bot11


on's Unreal Single Player Shots
00 01 02 04 05 06 07
12 14 19 20 21 23 24
27 31 33 34 36 37 38
39 41 42 44 45 47 49
50 51 52 53 55 56 58
65 66 67 71 72 74 75
76 77 79 80 81 83 85
86 87 88 89 90 91 92


Planet Unreal:   Shots of the Day
Here are some screen shots that where sent in to Planet Unreal... some DM map shots, Comix, Logos and other interesting stuff 8-)
PotD-1 PotD-2 PotD-3 PotD-4 PotD-5 PotD-6 PotD-7
PotD-8 PotD-9 PotD-10 PotD-11 PotD-12 PotD-13 PotD-14
PotD-15 PotD-16 PotD-17 PotD-18 PotD-19    

Unreal Net Shots
Some shots I found on the internet at: www.unreal.com

Most Resent Shots
ATheatre Castle LeapingSkaarj Pool
IVS Kran Shots
isv-01 isv-02 isv-03 isv-04 isv-05 isv-06
Skycity Shots
sky-01 sky-02 sky-03 sky-04 sky-05 sky-06 sky-07
January '98 Shots
jan98-unreal1 jan98-unreal2 jan98-unreal3 jan98-unreal4
October '97 Shots
oct97-1 oct97-2 oct97-3 oct97-4 oct97-5 oct97-6

Epic's Backdrops
At www.Unreal.com there are 3 very nicely done backdrop .bmp files for download. For a local copy grab:

DM dm (62.8 KB), Merc merc (71.2 KB), Nali nali (77.8 KB).