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Here is a list of links... I am beginning to collect the more important sites... FAQs and the like... Map Sites... I have put together a Modules and Modifications section you might like to check out.

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Unreal Links

Main Sites
U www.Unreal.com the Official Unreal site... along with the Technical Support at Unreal.epicgames.com (guess from where I borrowed the Unreal Gold Logo ;).
U Planet Unreal ... This should Rock like Planet Quake...
U Unreal Nation ... the Blue's News of Unreal ? :))
U UnrealEd.com all about the Unreal Level Editor...
U Final Rest ... Very interesting looking Resource Page.
U Unreal Resources ... Latest Maps, Mods, FAQ Updates, Recent Patches and lots more.
U Portal ... Has extensive level editing section.
U CHiMERiC ... If you are looking for Unreal Script tutorials, this is the place :)

Frequently Asked Questions
U Official Unreal FAQ - Unreal Win95 FAQ... Lots of information.
U Unofficial Unreal FAQ
U Unofficial Unreal Editing FAQ

Misc Links
U GameSpy... GameSpy 3D will be ready with Unreal support by the time many of you get the game. Check their site for downloads!

Map Site(s)
U Snarf's Unreal Map Emporium... *Loaded* with Map Reviews.. this archive is huge!! I will be checking it out soon :)... Just got the 20 best DM maps...
U Unreal Resources... Lots and lots of files, tutorials, etc...

Modules & Modifications   Hosted by Planet Unreal
There seem to be quite a few modules out there, new game play ideas are abundant, but alas practically non of these modules are finished, and if there is a downloadable mod available it's very beta :). All descriptions and logos have been taken from the appropriate sites, in some cases slightly edited. But check them out for yourself:

U Capture the Cow ...
       "Capture The Cow is a modification Unreal where the object of the game is to collect as many cows as possible, bring 'em back to base and push the base button to kill the poor little cows.
CTC Logo       At the beginning of the level, the players will be spawned in their respective team's bases where one cow will exist. If a player from the opposite team comes along and snags your team's cow, another one will be spawned 20 seconds later. This will continue to happen until the five cow, cow limit is reached.
      You then take the cows back to base and press the cow kill button which will destroy your cows in exciting ways. Depending on how many cows you have at base, each player in your team will receive more points. If you have 1 cow each player will procure 1 point, 2 cows: 3 points, 3 cows: 6 points, 4 cows: 10 points etc. The way the cows are killed varies from level to level."
       AEon: "Snief the poor cows..."

U Fear ... a CTF Mod
       "In the future a great war breaks out. During this war the Earth's countries are divided up into two new countries, Virtuous and Caliginous.  The war was so big that it caused almost all the worlds natural resources to be depleted, so the Virtuous funds a space expedition to look for new resources on other planets. One team of explorers finds a planet called Centurium 5, an unoccupied terran planet. On Centurium 5 there is a mineral that can replace coal, natural gas, and oil. This mineral called Crisilis seams only to be found on Centurium 5. The world's problems are solved, or so it seemed.
Fear Logo        Immediately the Virtuous built outposts on Centurium 5. The problem is that now the Virtuous has a monopoly on all Crisilis. Caliginous having no outposts on Centurium 5 must buy all their needed Crisilis from the Virtuous. The Virtuous raises prices and Caliginous decides to go to Centurium 5 and capture some of the Virtuous outposts. The Virtuous declares war on Caliginous.
       Now you must choose your side, Caliginous or Virtuous, and pick your position, SM Unit, Special Ops, Soldier, Pyro, Sorcerer, or Reaper. Your job, defend your Crisilis form enemy units or capture the enemy's Crisilis and bring it back to your base."
       AEon: "Very much looks like a Team Fortress version..."

U Manhunt ...
Man Hunt Logo        "What is 'Manhunt'? Manhunt is basicly just what the name suggests. We're using the Unreal Engine to create a realistic game of strategy vs. pure force. One team, usually one or two people, starts out with grenades, land mines, sniper rifles, and some other stuff which you can read about on the Gear page. Then, 45-60 seconds later, the other team, of about 6-8 people start out. Very unfair odds, you say? Why yes, that's why its survival. The Hunted must use his strategic, hiding, and tactical skills to outwit the pure violent force of the Hunters."
       AEon: "Sounds vicious, mean, rotten... ;)... just what we might like to try...!"

U Minions of Evil ...
Minions of Evil Logo        "Minions of Evil is a mod in development for Unreal.  The basic premise is that the Minions of Evil (Warlocks, Orcs, Trolls, and the like) have besieged a castle and survivors are trying to escape that castle. One player is a survivor, while the other players play the as the Minions. The survivor has to escape the castle before the “Black Wizard”, who is in control of evil, can cast his spell of finding (thus there is a time limit). If he does escape within that time limit then he goes to the next scenario (possibly determined by his escape point.) If he doesn’t escape within the time allotted then the person with the most kills then becomes the survivor and the whole game starts a new."

U Nali Forts ...
Nali Forts Logo        "This Mod is NOT CTF! Capture the base maybe :) In it's basic form it's a mini resources strategy game. With team cooperation being a high priority. We're making it fun even with only 2 players though. There can be up to 4 clans playing and all teams bases can be taken over to be yours. The tricky bit is that to win you have to 'recruit' Nali's which will then harvest various resources on the level. These Nali's will 'merge' with other Nali's on your team, thus automatically upgrading their speed and strength. This of course makes them a prime target for stealing or killing from the enemy. Now this on it's own wouldn't be to interesting, so each team is 'ruled' by a Skaarjking. He is ruler and gives out orders and warnings to his SLAVES (you!). By driving another teams king out of his fort, all their income they were receiving now flows to your team. Hence the strategy/chaos ensues :)"

U No-name CTF ... (Download files available)...
No-name CTF        Alas no short info available...

U Skaarj Corps ... a CTF Mod
       "Skaarj Corps has a lot of features...this isn't some lame old Capture the Flag. Quality is a significant goal for Skaarj Corps. I am taking all of the elements I like about Team Fortress for Quake and Loki's Minions CTF for Quake2 (two of my favorite teamplay modifications) and adding my own ideas. Every part of Skaarj Corps must be perfect. The levels must capture the feel of Unreal's alien landscapes and invading starships. The skins and art must offer a sense of power in the characters and each class must be unique. The code must be quick, intelligent, and clear.
Skaarjcorps Logo        The Skaarj Corps team has met this level of quality and more.
       Gameplay is fundamental. Each class must offset each other class with advantages and disadvantages. No class must dominate the battlefield and there must always be a solution to a tactical approach. A team should be able to form a strong combination of units but be met by an equally strong yet different combination from the opposition. The game should be easily learned by newbies while offering veteran players new experiences. The TEAMPLAY experience should be fundamental to the gameplay.
       Teamplay really drives the game system and ideas behind Skaarj Corps. Each team has a triple task. They must protect their base. They must assault the enemy Titan. They must successfully return the Titan's heart. These tasks must be completed through teamwork and intelligent deployment of the various classes. Gameplay will be fast based as deathmatch always is, but it will also require thought and strategy. Both Loki's Minions and Team Fortress allow for some level of tactical operation. Unfortunately, small level sizes often lead to an inability to execute successful operations. Skaarj Corps will increase the size of the playing field while insuring that no more than a voodoo card is required to play (if even that). Players will be able to express a more intuitive approach to CTF/TF style play if they wish while constant action ensures the hardcore deathmatcher gets his share.
       I'm really excited about Skaarj Corps. This is a mod that I'm having a lot of fun developing...more so than anything I've worked on before. Why? Because I really want to play it! I want to make a solid, beautiful, FUN game that I can play with my friends...and I want to do it under Unreal. I really think that you will enjoy Skaarj Corps too. I think that it is going to be the best mod available for Unreal, because I'll always be working to improve it. If you, the player, ever have any suggestions or complaints, please email me at greenmarine@planetunreal.com. I'd be more than happy to listen to your ideas or address your complaints. Thanks for reading, and enjoy the mod!"
       AEon: "Looks very very interesting...!"

U Unrealistic ... (Download files available)...
Unrealistic        Alas no short info available...

U UWar ... another CTF... (Download files available)...
UWar        Alas no short info available...