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Your ship has crash landed on an unknown planet. Look around. Crystal clear water shimmers. Shadows shift. Alien architecture fades into the horizon. Darkness falls. Walkways glow. Godless temples beckon. You are afraid. You are in the real world... but it is like no world you have ever known. You are an uninvited guest in the fastest, sleekest, most beautiful 3D world ever created. Live it. Breathe it. Survive it.

Unreal. Alter your reality...forever.

~~=[ 20 years in service ~ 2003 - 2023 ]=~~

Welcome to Hyper.nl Unreal Services. One of the few resources dedicated exclusively to Unreal 1 and a long-time home for several Unreal game servers, including HyperCoop. Click here for questions about the in-game shop (gemdagger).

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April 6, 2024

Public Beta of Unreal 227k available

It looks like the good folks behind OldUnreal released a public beta test version of the upcoming Unreal 227k patch. This fixes a major issue with Unreal 227j where the RTNP expansion fails to load from the game menu and many general improvements to the game and rendering.

Also new is a test release of a modern MacOS version that Epic Games gave permission to make.

Marco888 wrote at the OldUnreal GitHub page:

Epic finally gave us permission to release Unreal on macOS. We already had a partial port up and running internally, but it wasn't really playable. SDLDrv was extremely broken, our PhysX code didn't work, the game crashed randomly, XOpenGLDrv had major performance issues, and OpenGLDrv downright didn't work. Obviously, we did what all sensible developers would do: we went on a good ol' debugging spree to fix all stability problems, backported a bunch of fixes from Unreal Tournament 469, and we improved the rendering performance by writing a new Apple Metal-based renderer from scratch. The result is a highly experimental, but feature-complete patch that should work on all Intel and Apple Silicon Macs running macOS 10.9 or later.

Since this is the first time native Mac build of Unreal in a long long time, you should expect lots of issues. Please use our GitHub issue tracker to report them and be patient while we fix your problems. We have a lot on our plate :)

macOS Update - 6 APR 2024

We have uploaded a new macOS build that fixes a couple of issues:

  • Screenshots should now work properly with the metal renderer
  • Save game preview images should now also show up properly
  • The game should no longer crash when loading a save game
  • The game should no longer crash when clicking the "Restart" button in the settings menu
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the game to crash mid-game randomly
  • The metal renderer should now work on slightly older mac systems

Download Unreal 227k11 beta test for Windows and MacOS

You can report bugs at their GitHub page.

Even though is is beta, I can recommend this version over the current 227j release.

January 26, 2024

An update from DieHard

This is going to be the most difficult news entry that I'm writing in the 21 year history of this website.

In August 2023 I got contacted by Smirftsch (The person behind OldUnreal.com) with an update from the long lost friend and valued Unreal community member Brecht van der Sande, better known as DieHard (DìèHárd»§ÇW§). Diehard went missing for many years. He is the person behind the original Unreal ReTexturing project, The original Unreal Tournament ReTexturing project and leader, web designer and webmaster of the CelticWarriors clan. A number of years ago his webhosting provider changed owner and in the process he got locked out of his websites and his sites got deleted. Meanwhile, DieHard, aged 58 now, has been fighting a losing battle with a serious health condition called Small Vessel Disease which is causing him brain injury, many brain infarcts and will ultimately cause dementia. These health problems were the reason he has not been active in the community for so many years. Because DieHard has decided he wants to stay in control of his health situation and prevent a total demise of his brain capacity, he is in the process of medical euthanasia with help and permission of his and independent medical doctors. As allowed in a carefully managed and verified procedure in my country The Netherlands. This means that this year, 2024 is the last year DieHard will be with us alive.

It has been quite difficult for me to handle this news. I'm more than a bit afraid of death myself and I'm still battling with the loss of my mom who died two years back while at the same time I face the daily challenge of keeping my own life on the rails with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) condition. Events like this remind me how incredibly vulnerable we all are as human beings. How valuable it is to be in good health and how thankful we have to be with the quality time we have as it does not last forever. But let's not make this too much about me as the wise men of the Internet advise.

Smirftsch has worked with DieHard and me to get back into contact. A slow process as DieHard condition usually prevents quick replies. My wish was to try to bring DieHard's public websites of CelticWarriors.net and UnrealTexture.com back online. These projects have been the life work of DieHard and have been constructed with the greatest care. The depth and broadness of the content he offered via these sites was staggering so it was a great miss to see these sites go offline. I'm proud to announce that I have been allowed to host a backup archive of DieHards project sites here at my webspace. DieHards sites with 160+ GB of content absolutely dwarf the size of my own web presence so I had to add quite a bit of SSD space to my web server but I'm happy to do so for the purpose. Only the static content has been preserved here. So no dynamic content like the forums and server query tools for the simple reason that my old web server does not support them and adding things like forums and databases would open the door to hackers.

CelticWarriors.net (Archived at Hyper.nl Unreal Services)
UnrealTexture.com (Archived at Hyper.nl Unreal Services)
UTTexture.com (Archived at Hyper.nl Unreal Services)

Please note that this archive is provided as-is. Because I don't have the same server as DieHard used, there will be dead links and invalid downloads and active content not working anymore. I've been working to fix hard links to his old domains with soft links to the right content but with the number of pages this work is not complete. All content has been scanned with Eset antivirus. By now this is old content. Don't bother others with support request for anything you find there. Want to know a bit more about DieHard's story? Why not read it at his own site?

If you want to write something for DieHard, you can do so at the OldUnreal forums.

For the ones who don't know: DieHard's UnrealTexture project has been continued, taken over and completed by AHaigh01. So if you're looking to upgrade the looks of your Unreal or Unreal Tournament (UT99) game, head over to

DieHard, Brecht, it was an honour te be a tester for your Unreal ReTexturing project during the height of my interest in the game. It was absolutely wonderful to receive a new texture pack every few months and replay the game to discover which surfaces received your magical touch of a HD makeover. Thank you for all your dedication to Unreal and the Unreal community. Thank you for being Awesome! Thanks for being you.

Update February 22, 2024: Brecht passed away this afternoon at a moment of his choosing. He will be missed.

May 12, 2023

HyperCoop CM small fixes

There have been a few issues with map loading/switching at the HyperCoop custom maps server. Missing files caused map loading to fail and the server returning to the previous map.
The missing files have been restored from backup.

Thanks -=HELLFIRE=- for reporting the issues.

This year it has been 20 years since I started my first Unreal server. This project started as an Unreal Gold listening server where players were allowed to summon items. We mostly were decorating the Nali homes in Harobed Spire and Spire Village. Ofc, it quickly became a mess when players summoned "TriggeredDeath" (death trap) items and thousands of projectiles crashing the server. But it was a nice starting experience learning to manage a server and trying to get things stable as well as managing players where needed. I especially want to thank the devs and admins of the early days that helped me to set things up and learn. (Names at the bottom of the page) And of course to our small but great community that still keeps the game active after all these years.

July 1, 2022

HyperDM server updates

The HyperDM (Hyper DeathMatch) server has had an update for better gameplay:

  • Some of the smaller maps have been removed and replaced by larger city maps for better gameplay with the monster spawner, including DmBuD-IPCity (Clone of the Legendary DMZahltag map) and DMDarkCity
  • The drop chance of goodies has been doubled from monsters to allow for a faster build-up of your weapons and special items.
  • The chance of an exorcist monster to be spawned has been significantly lowered. While the monster provides a good challenge it was considered to be too punishing as it fires gravity rockets which launches players around. This still happens but far less often.
Happy monster and/or player hunting!

June 23, 2022

Unreal patch 227j released!

The team of OldUnreal released their long-awaited Unreal patch 227j. Unreal 227j has been in development for 9+ years and comes with a landslide of improvements of nearly all aspects of the game. Including:

  • Windows 64-bit version (x86-64)
  • Linux ARM version
  • Improved Linux support
  • High DPI UI support for fonts, game menu as well as the HUD.
  • Graphics rendering improvements, including improvements to the Direct3D9 renderer and a new, modern OpenGL renderer with OpenGL 3/4 support.
  • Many fixes to OpenAL 3D audio and SwFMODEx audio support.
  • Tons of game engine improvements and bug fixes
  • Security fixes
  • Improved server features and server stability
  • New compiler used for improved support for modern CPUs
  • New and improved UnrealScript programming functions
  • Many improvements to the included UnrealEd 2 (Unreal level editor)
  • Additional languages supported
  • And still compatible with existing maps, mods and game types.

Read the full release notes here.


Smirftsch wrote at the OldUnreal forums:
This is the (yet semi) official release of Unreal 227j. The patch can be applied on any existing Unreal version, including base Unreal, Unreal Gold and Unreal Anthology. Note that the installer may not always find the correct path to your Unreal installation, so make sure to correct it manually.

Due to its massive scope, the 227j patch may contain errors. We invite everybody to try it out and give us feedback.

The release notes are very long, but give you a short overview: Windows 10/11 support (32-bit and 64-bit), Linux support (32-bit and 64-bit), Linux ARM (Cortex-A72) support, a completely new future-proof renderer (XOpenGL) with new features, as well as many new functions and improvements in UnrealEd 2.2.

I'm very happy to see this patch is finally getting released. It has been running at my servers for many months and even with the demanding Aura mods it runs very well. Big thanks goes to Smirftsch and the entire OldUnreal development team that worked on bringing this to reality. Enjoy!

Download Unreal patch 227j

Discuss about the new release in the OldUnreal forums.

June 19, 2022

Update on the release of Unreal patch 227j (2)

Well, you're probably wondering why you can't download Unreal Patch 227j yet. You're right asking that because it should have been released by now according to previous messages. And you probably wonder what is happening and who is to blame for the delay:

What is happening: Beta testers have taken the time to double-check on the patch and found some additional issues and optimizations to include with 227j.
Who is to blame: I am, and a few other beta testers are.

Q: You have had 9 years to test. Why are you finding issues now? Shouldn't you have tested and reported them earlier?
A: You're right there. While I have been tester for 9 years I mostly focussed on getting 227j to run great at my servers. Now 227j is nearly done I've taken the opportunity to set many other activities aside and do a lot of play/client testing as well. These have led to a few more bug reports from my side which are handled now by Team OldUnreal. Progress there is excellent and I still have the feeling that a release is nearby. But I can't give a date. Mostly because it is not my responsibility as I'm just a beta tester but also because I don't know if any critical things will be found. We are all well aware that not all bugs can be fixed and that things that are not critical can be moved to a 227k or 228 release. So not every bug report will lead to delay.

June 5, 2022

Update on the release of Unreal patch 227j

It's two weeks since Smirftsch (OldUnreal) announced a public release of the Unreal patch 227j in two weeks so, it's time for an update. Unfortunately not yet with the patch as he ran into an issue with the installer. Keep an eye on OldUnreal for any updates!

Smirftsch wrote at the OldUnreal forums:
To everyone wondering where the patch is- yes, I know the 2 weeks...
Unfortunately there is some unexpected trouble with the installer and I am working on it. Release ASAP!

June 5, 2022

Command & Skaarj server taken down

I stopped hosting my Unreal Command & Skaarj server, a beta game type inspired on Command & Conquer: Red Alert by Dots. The project never left the beta stage and with the changes of the Unreal 227 patches there were more and more issues with it, of which the most important one was that a non-standard FoV setting ("widescreen support") caused misalignment of the target selection. The mod hardly had any use so it it time to shut it down now.

May 24, 2022

Still alive, Unreal 227j to be released soon

It has been too long since I wrote an update here. In case you're wondering: I'm still alive but my attention mostly shifted away from Unreal. Real life required a lot of my energy because I had to go through major changes in my Autism care which caused quite a bit of stress to me while at the same time my mom died from cancer. But other than that and to no surprise to anyone following my YouTube channel for a bit: my gaming interests shifted away from Unreal and towards Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2 nowadays. But I haven't forgotten about my legacy with Unreal yet. My servers aren't going anywhere and I'm still beta tester for Unreal 227j and this project has been progressing slowly but nicely. If you ask me, Unreal 227j should have been released years ago because it was very stable around (private) beta version 227j_42. However, the developers decided not to do so because they did not feel confident to release then. After this big changes were made to the project causing new bugs and new delays. But by now Unreal 227j runs very stable again at my servers so I'm confident the quality will be great. Smirftsch announced it will be released within two weeks! So be sure to keep an eye on OldUnreal.

Today I cleaned up my server and client in preparation of the release (Years of testing left a lot of unused files in my Unreal installations) Both for the servers as my client.

May 24, 2022

Unreal map pack releases

A short mention of two map packs that have been released by the Unreal community:

Victor Delacroix notified me of the release of Steele Dawn; a collaborative effort to resurrect an old map pack by Level infinity  LLC, build and improve on it and make it compatible with modern Unreal and UT99 versions.
It was released yesterday and got a last patch today. I took the freedom to include the patch into the main download so you're directly updated.  A full PDF manual with credits is included in the archive.

Edit: Updated version v1b

Project thread at UnrealSP | Download v2.0

In December of last year the community mapping project The Descent was released. Featuring:

  • 12 playable single player / coop levels set in a variety of locations.
  • Varied gameplay, from puzzles to parkour to straight-up-FPS.
  • Custom content including new weapons and music.
  • A checkpoint system a la TWHL Tower where health and inventory is reset between levels.
  • 227 "spice" such as particle emitters and distance fog.

Project page | Download v1.0.1

February 20, 2021

UnrealPSX Episode 2 release A released

Leo(T.C.K.) dropped me an e-mail with the release of UnrealPSX Episode 2 release A. This builds forth on his conversion of the Unreal PSX map pack. The pack was released last year and several patches followed. For ease of use, I took the freedom to include the patches into the main release.

Leo(T.C.K.) wrote at modddb.com:
This is Release A of Episode 2 of Rise of Jrath the Unreal PSX Rework project. Contains maps E2L1 to E2L3... See E2Credits file for all credit lists for Episode 2.

To run this mod you need to have both parts of UPSX: Episode 1 installed first.

Extract all the files to your Unreal/UT folder.

ModDB project page | Download UnrealPSX Episode 2 release A


January 7, 2020

YouTube comments disabled

Due to the YouTube/Coppa debacle, comments and likes/dislikes have been disabled channel-wide on my YouTube channel.

Q: Why can't I comment or like/dislike on your videos?
A: I'm all for free speech, but YouTube failed to give me clear instructions on the YouTube/COPPA debacle. Because this channel is a hobby project, I have no budget, time and interest to hire a lawyer so to be safe, all content has been marked as "for kids" because it could appeal to them.

Q: Did you do this, or did YouTube?
A: I set the target audience as "for kids". YouTube removed the comments and like/dislike buttons.

Q: You suck.
A: I know. But blame YouTube for this. I don't take the risk and I won't gamble. It's not worth it.

Q: Will these features come back?
A: These features may come back once YouTube re-enables them for kids content again or comes with clear guidance about content that may appeal to anyone, including kids.

Q: How do I complain?
A: Write a letter to YouTube:

You can contact YouTube at the address below.
Google LLC, D/B/A YouTube
901 Cherry Ave.
San Bruno, CA 94066
Fax: +1 650-253-0001

Contact FTC (Coppa)

January 5, 2020

Website mirrors added

When checking my links page for dead links, I noticed that a few valuable Unreal websites have gone temporarily or permanently offline. Because I don't like them to go under altogether, I added a few mirrors to my archive here:

BeyondUnreal's Liandry Archives
BeyondUnreal's UnrealWiki
DieHard's CelticWarriors
Micro's Unreal Service

October 31, 2019

Unreal PSX Episode 1 - Part 2 released

 Leo(T.C.K.) released a new part of his Unreal PSX conversion map pack. It has been included to the download page. This is a rework of a cancelled Playstation port of Unreal by Pterodactyl Software Ltd, which had all exclusive content. About 75 percent of content was recovered. This project wants to achieve finishing up of the content, retexturing the maps, making them 100 percent coop playable, fixing scripts, finishing them up and filling up holes of not salvaged content.

Leo(T.C.K.) wrote at modddb.com:
The Full version of Episode 1 Part 2, all you need now is Episode 1 Part 1 before playing this. All the fixes/releases since Episode 1 Part LITE are included in this and more... I'd like to also dedicate the full release to John W. Anderson and David M. Carter, who both passed away during 2018, they will be dearly missed and I realize this is also the first release since their death that features some of their previously "unseen" work.

The Full version of Episode 1 Part 2, all you need now is Episode 1 Part 1
before playing this.

All the fixes/releases since Episode 1 Part LITE are included in this and more...

Updated version: 1.1.: Download Unreal PSX Episode 1 - Part 2  | ModDB release page

September 26, 2019

Unreal ReTexturing project completed!

Many years ago, Brecht van der Sande a.k.a. DieHard $CW$ started a project to recreate the remaining low-resolution textures of Unreal in high- or ultra high-resolutions at UnrealTexture.com. He has made great progress in the first few years but due to real-life and health problems he has not been able to finish it. But AHaigh01 picked up the task and now offers a fully completed pack now! This allows players to experience the game in a detail level never seen before! AHaigh01's texture pack includes work of DieHard. In may 2019 the high-resolution pack was completed, and in august 2019 the extreme resolution pack has been released as well with resolutions up to 4096x4096!

This project is dedicated to DieHard SCWS who began it in 2004 and worked on it until 2014. He got the project of retexturing all of the Unreal textures in high resolution about half way complete, before having to give up due to bad health. DieHards work is included in my release, and I am attempting to bring the Unreal Retexturing Project (URP) to its conclusion with my efforts.

In 2006 I was frequenting www.oldunreal.com and ran across the Unreal Retexturing Project by DieHard SCWS, who was recreating the Unreal textures in high resolution. I decided to try my hand at making a few HD textures, but I was interested in upgrading the plants and trees skins. The only problem with this was that there was no way to use these HD textures in the game at the time, because they were model skins and not world geometry textures. That was a separate componant of Unreal and required a different solution - one that didn't exist yet. I finished the plant and tree skins anyways, and luckily 10 years later they did get used in the High Resolution Unreal Skins mod released by Lightning_Hunter!

In 2011 I got back into making some HD textures, and this time I did the masked textures for the GenFX package. These were the graphics for things like the hanging moss, vines, spider webs, roots, leaves, straw, seaweed, etc. DieHard added them to the Unreal Retexturing Project. I also continued on with making some HD model skins, although the mutator did not yet exist to use them in-game. In addition to the plants and trees skins, these were many of the commonly seen items and pickups in the game - around 40 or so of them.

In 2016 Lightning_Hunter contacted me and asked if he could include my model skins in a project he was working on. He was creating the Unreal monster skins in HD, and would eventually release a project that used a mutator to upgrade the monster skins, but also every other model skin that shipped with Unreal single player. This is the High-Resolution Skins for Unreal mod released by Lightning_Hunter, and should be considered a must-have companion to my HD texture pack release. Unfortunately at the time, I was busy with work and other things and was not playing Unreal, so I didn't check out this great Mod when it was first released.

By January of 2019 I had gotten back into Unreal and was thrilled to see a bunch of my model skins included in Lightning_Hunters awesome Mod. I started thinking to myself that it was a shame that the "other side of the coin" that would make all aspects of Unreal in HD, was still half completed - The Unreal Retexturing Project by DieHard. I figured if this was ever going to get completed it was probably up to me to do it!

HD Textures for Unreal, website and downloads

September 26, 2019

Small website updates

I did a bit of small maintenance on my website here. The in-site search function has been broken for years now because Google broke it by disallowing it to run in a frame and over a HTTP connection so I removed it. I also removed a few visitor counters from the bottom of the page because they placed more cookies than they should.

Final stats can be viewed here or here.

September 21, 2018

Recovering from broken server

Unfortunately, the motherboard of my server computer died a couple of days ago, causing everything to go offline. I was able to quickly redirect my domain name to a backup of the website at the Internet Archive but the Unreal servers and master server have been offline for the time.

I ordered a new system to use as server which arrived today. I worked very hard to re-install everything and it looks like everything is more or less working again. I may have to do some tweaking here and there so there can be some additional downtime, but generally I'm doing okay. Sorry for the downtime.

The new server system uses just 10 watts of electricity and as always, you can view the specs at the about page.

May 22, 2018

Unreal turns 20!

Just a small reminder that today it is 20 years ago that Unreal was released in North America. Happy Birthday, Unreal!

Edit: LGR posted a retrospective to Unreal in honor to the anniversary:
Watch on YouTube

May 12, 2018

Server/website downtime

After the last scheduled network outage of my ISP ZeelandNet I ended up with an unreliable internet connection causing random dropouts. Therefore I am unable to provide you with a reliable online presence. I am sorry, but this is currently beyond what I can fix myself. I made a support request which is currently outstanding with my ISP. I hope it will be fixed next week.

Update: A network technician of my ISP did maintenance on my connection and no outages have occurred since.

February 28, 2018

UnrealPSX Prequel released

Leo (T.C.K.) released a prequel to his Unreal PSX conversion / rework map pack. The map pack is called Episode 0 and is intended to be played before the earlier released Episode 1 part 1. The maps can be played in single player and in coop mode. Visit the forum link below for screenshots.

Leo (T.C.K.) at the NewbiesPlayground forums:
Episode 0 was planned maybe just as a coverdisc demo for the game, so this is yet another demo and I'm working towards 2018 release of Episode 1 Part 2 and then the rest should come faster. (episode 1 part 2 required the most work - most maps are missing etc)

So this is kind of an interlude and taste of things to come, in fact I planned to release upb-misc2 just as part of that, but it took so long that episode 0 got released earlier than part 2 of episode 1.


You and your bounty hunter partner Fay have been sent for training at the newest virtual reality simulation with Hari overseeing your training.

If you fail, you won't have a chance getting the sweet deal... Which involves going into where the Vortex Rikers prison ship  crashed.

Your mission: take down all the escaped convicts you can find, recapture the three rogue AIs that were also on board, and find the only way off the planet: a heavily guarded gravity lift up to one of the planet's moons, where a drop-ship will take you home.

Download | Forum thread at NewbiesPlayground.com

February 9, 2018

Hard Crash map pack released

After more than ten years of development, §ìlvèr§èrpënt/Xer06siX released the final version of his coop / single player map pack Hard Crash. The beta version has been successfully running for many years at my custom map server and I'm glad the release version finally has seen the light of day.

Xer06siX at the OldUnreal forums:
Hard Crash is done. Dropped, finally. Get some below!


==============SERVER OPERATORS==============

Please post files to server rotations! (Delete ANY HCL1 or HCL11...etc from your root files, as these are the old nasty files, boooo, and nobody wants to see them anymore!)

Thanks a lot guys, enjoy!

Update: §ìlvèr§èrpënt/Xer06siX made a fix to the first level HCLF1. This has been included in the archive.

Download from HyperCoop.tk

I updated my server with the official release.

OldUnreal Forum Thread

July 8, 2017

Upgrade finished

Well, I've had as much downtime as uptime last week. First with the broken SSD, then a lightning strike zapped my cable internet outlet, and last day I received my replacement SSD which allowed me to continue the reinstallation of the server. By now, everything runs fine and I also took the opportunity to make image backups of the new server installation. This was my last system still running under a Windows NT 5.x class OS. I hope Windows 7 x64 will run as reliable as XP x64 has been.

I hope this will end the downtime for the foreseeable future.

June 28, 2017

Extended downtime due to OS Upgrade and broken SSD

Because I finally wanted to upgrade my server's OS from Strong and Stable to Windows 7, I ordered a new SSD (Mushkin Reactor 480GB) and a Windows 7 license. (Windows 7 is too big for my old 120 GB SSD + server data)

Yesterday I received both but after a day of struggling I must conclude that the SSD is completely broken. The drive continues to corrupt data and show bad blocks/sectors.

It should be clear that I'll never be able to host a reliable server from this drive, so I removed it from the system, popped in my trusty old Kinston SSD and booted fine again on the old OS. For now, everything runs fine again.

By the time the disk has been replaced, I will need to re-install everything again. Sorry for the extended interruptions.

October 28, 2016

Back from the dead: Unreal Secret Area Guide

Thanks to the help of OldUnreal forum member Mahem I was able to add Røb_KC - A.K.A SnakeBite's Unreal Secret Area guide to the archive. The original site went down some time ago so it is nice we have a working copy now.

Unreal Secrets

September 28, 2016

Old forum saved

To my surprise I saw that my old forum has come back online. I do not know for how long. It could be days or years, I was not able to get a reply back from BrakeDanceJ.  The unexpected uptime gave me the opportunity to save archive the entire forum to a static HTML site which I can host here. I also took the effort to manually(!) save all pages of 1000+ forum threads to the Internet Archive as second backup.

HTML archive of the forum hosted here
Archived forum at Archive.org

September 15, 2016

Scheduled network outage

At Tuesday September 20, 00.00 to 07.00 (CEST, +2 GMT) my network connection can be cut off due to planned network maintenance by my ISP ZeelandNet. In GMT this is from 22.00 on September 19 to 05.00 on September 20. This will cause the game servers, this website and the master server to be inaccessible.

August 14, 2016

New forum

As you probably noticed by now, my old forum is gone. This originally began as Winged Unicorn's forum for his MCoop2 projects and when Winged left I took over the contents for my own forum. BrakeDanceJ of UnrealDestination.com provided me with reliable forum hosting for years but recently it went down.

Instead of bothering BrakeDanceJ with another support request I decided to restart the forum at OldUnreal. Most people of the community already have accounts here and my forum became too quiet already to require everyone to re-register. None of the old content will be ported over, but you are free to continue here about anything regarding Hyper.nl Unreal Services. I'm already at least as active at the OldUnreal forums as I was at my own forums, so there will be no decrease in my contributions. I'll start with just one board. The old forum was very quiet already and OldUnreal already has a large section of boards about anything Unreal.

Thanks Smirftsch for the new forum hosting!

Go to my new board at OldUnreal

August 11, 2016

Forum down

It looks like my small forum is down, which has been graciously and very reliably been hosted by BrakekDanceJ / UnrealDestination. I don't know if it will come back at it is quite some time ago that I had contact with him. I'll look into my options.

March 29, 2016

GigaCache released

GigaCache is the largest Unreal cache collection ever released. It has been carefully assembled over the years 2000 to 2016. Unreal Cache files (*.uxx) are downloaded expansion files in a special format for online play, which do not make version conflicts. Over the years I built up a huge collection of more than 30 GB Unreal cache files. It contains all kinds of maps, mods, skins, sounds textures and music from all kinds of Unreal servers. Having a cache like this allows you to connect to almost any server without downloading a single file. No downloads, no lag, no version conflicts.

*** GigaCache has some serious advantages and disadvantages and is intended for heavy users only. Please consider them before you download ***

Download an info at the Alchemist's Lab page.

Thanks again to Strategy-(Dog)- of NewbiesPlayground for providing me with hosting space for this huge download.

March 28, 2016

GigaCache is being prepared for release

Well, the (in)famous GigaCache project. It has been listed as 'end of experiment' for years now. Still players keep requesting a release of it from time to time which I always denied because I simply do not have the resources to host it reliably. But after a discussion at the OldUnreal forums I received a hosting offer by Strategy-(Dog)- of NewbiesPlayground which finally allows me to free the beast. At the moment of writing a large data transfer is slowly on the way from this server to NewbiesPlayground. When everything is set up I'll post an update right here.

Believe it or not, GigaCache will fly.

You may want to prepare yourself by updating your WinRAR or IZArc archivers to the latest versions because GigaCache will be shipped in the new highly efficient RAR5 format.

March 13, 2016

Links page updated

The links page received a long overdue update. Unfortunately many FreeWebs.com / Webs.com hosted sites have been removed because this hosting provider removed many inactive Unreal-related websites hosted there. When you have or know an Unreal (1) related website that is not mentioned yet, feel free to send me a notice so I can add it.

A few dead websites have been resurrected at the Unreal archive.

December 20, 2015

Unreliable connection (update)

My internet connection is currently unreliable causing my servers being inaccessible repeatedly. Everything in my local network works nicely so this is not something I can fix by myself. A notice has been sent to my ISP.

Update: Everything is online again.

November 10, 2015

Network outage

My ISP ZeelandNet.nl has had a network outage knocking my services offline. I'm sorry for the downtime.

Update: Connectivity has been restored after an outage of about 7 hours.

October 10, 2015

Note on inventory and score saving at the HyperCoop servers

Last months I received several e-mail messages from players whose inventories and scores got lost at the HyperCoop servers. I have not been able to help these players. I very well know that it sucks to lose everything because it contributes many hours of playing to build that impressive score and inventory. It is not unwillingness from my side that I am unable to help but these are inherent limitations of the Old Unreal game. Many other Unreal coop servers don't even *try* save your inventory to disk and the ones who do likely have similar limitations. If you cannot stand the risk of losing everything, you may want to look for another game with true user accounts like Guild Wars and many others.

For years, Unreal and my servers saved scores and inventories to the server's memory (RAM) only and players could easily steal each others work by logging on to their names. With the GemDagger, JCoopZ and Unreal 227's features my server attempts to at the same time save your inventory to disk at every map change and as well prevent other players from stealing it. Technically, this is quite a difficult job to achieve in a game that never supported this. The current situation is that it works, but only most of the time. This means that your inventory and score can get lost. For example when:

  1. Playing from different computer from before with the same player name. (Or changing things on the computer like operating system and computer name)
  2. Playing with another player name
  3. If the server crashed/restarted before map change, all progress is only saved to last map change.
  4. When your Unreal.ini and User.ini files are read-only or deleted at all.

Thank you for your understanding.

July 6, 2015

Get Unreal / Quake style console in Windows

I found a cool program that allows you to use a Quake / Unreal style ~ console in Windows. It is fully configurable with a custom background picture and fonts. Because it uses cmd.exe it has all the functionality of the DOS / Windows command prompt.

Download Windows Quake Style Console (WinQConsole)

Unreal console background image

You can configure it to bind to a key (combination) of your choice. Default is <WinKey> + <~>
It is not recommended to bind it to <~> alone because that will break Unreal's and Quakes console.


Q: How do I set a background image on the console?
A: Go to Start > (All) Programs > Windows Quake Console > Configure Console > Appearance

Q: How do I change the text colour?
A: You will need to set the text colour for the console in the shortcut properties you use to open the program. For example: Go to Start > (All) Programs > Windows Quake Console > Windows Quake Console. Right click on the shortcut, select properties. Click tab colors.

January 1, 2015

URPG released

Happy New Year everyone! May 2015 give you happiness, friendship and a good health.

Unpunisned dropped me a mail with the release version of his mod URPG, or Unreal RPG (Role Playing Game)

URPG transforms Unreal into a pseudo class-based RPG. Placing the class selection item in your inventory will allow you to choose between three classes of characters - each with a class-specific active effect and three skills usable at any point during gameplay.

The three types of classes are:
-Guard, assault class. Equivalent to a warrior.
-Survivor, recon class. Equivalent to a thief.
-Engineer, support class. Equivalent to a mage.

You can download it here. See the included readme file for more information on the mod.

December 21, 2014

Updated Klingon / Wooper map pack

I received an update to Klingon's and Wooper's surreal Unreal map pack. These are the weirdest maps you've ever seen! If you don't take Unreal too seriously, you can give them a try here.

November 2, 2014

Unreal Archives

A new website was launched that is definitely worth a mention: Unreal Archives. The primary goal of the site is to keep all user-built single player maps and map packs for Unreal, RTNP and Unreal Tournament consistently accessible and downloadable to everyone. All maps and map packs are downloadable and presented with screenshots and a good description.


July 29, 2014

Gamespy down. Probably forever.

It looks like the Gamespy master server is finally down, almost two months later than originally announced. If you have not done it already you should add the Unreal community master servers to your Unreal.ini settings. Read this article for details. Future releases of Unreal 227 will include the new master servers as well as an automatic updating system for the master server list.

June 26, 2014

Goodbye to a friend

Today I received the sad news that a very well respected member of the community, OldSparky of the -(Dog)- clan has passed away. I'll remember him as a very kind and friendly person and I'll certainly miss the great times I had withy him at the NewbiesPlayground servers and forums. Be in peace, friend!

You can leave a comment at the NewbiesPlayground or OldUnreal thread regarding his passing.

June 25, 2014

Unreal patch 225e dug up

Leo(T.C.K.) dug up an old Unreal patch version 225e which I didn't even know it existed. It was a beta patch which was released to server owners shortly before patch 225f was released. General usage is not recommended anymore but I know that some of you are interested in historical items regarding to Unreal so if you want it you can now download it from the patch archive.

Unreal 225e description:
[May 29, 1999, 10:08 pm ET]
An update by Epic's Tim Sweeney to the Unreal Technology page announces the release of a test Unreal 225e server patch, for server administrators only (a 225 general release is promised "in a few days"). Here's the deal:

This is a test version incorporating all of the latest server-side stability and performance improvements. It's backwards compatible with Unreal 224 clients. If you're running a 224 server and are experiencing performance or stability problems, please upgrade. If you experience any server problems or server crashes with 225, please email your Unreal.log file to unreal225@epicgames.com so we can investigate the problems. The results on our test server here at Epic indicate that this version is significantly faster (i.e. supports more players) than 224, and is more stable but I don't expect it to be perfect, because I rewrote about a thousand lines of server code to improve performance, and there will probably be some bugs to shake out.

Only download this if you are running an Unreal server: UnrealPatch225e.exe.

The general Unreal 225 patch for everybody including users will be available in a few days.

May 5, 2014

Important master server information

A master server is used to display the list of online game servers in the Unreal server browser. The GameSpy master server will go down at may 31st. To continue playing Unreal online after this date  you may need to add one or more of the Unreal community master servers to your Unreal.ini file. Unreal 227 already has a few of them by default but there have been some additions and changes. If you use an older version of Unreal you only have the GameSpy master server by default.

Please consult this article to add the Unreal community master servers to your Unreal installation. Future Unreal 227 releases will also have an updated master server list.

Update 2014/06/04: May 31st came and went and the Gamespy master server is still online. I would not count on it staying up for very long, but we'll have to wait and see.

May 5, 2014

HyperCoop updates

  • I added the beautiful The Fifth Vortex map pack to the HyperCoop Custom Map server.
  • The HyperCoop and HyperDM servers their bandwidth limits increased. The NetSpeed has been doubled to 40000. Because this is higher than the maximum that the NetSpeed command supports you only can add it manually to your User.ini file:


    A higher NetSpeed allows you to see more of the action in intense gameplay situations, with smoother projectile visuals and more fluid monster movements. You need a broadband (DSL/Calbe/Fibre) connection to use the additional bandwidth, otherwise it will cause nasty lag and packet loss. So only change this when you know what you're doing.

April 29, 2014

Downtime today

My ISP ZeelandNet had a big and long network outage today which brought my server down. As a side effect this resulted in Dot TK to remove my domain because they thought there was not an active website behind it and redirected my domain to a website with ads. Quite a mess. I contacted Dot TK support with the explanation and they gave me my domain back. I changed my domain to a paid domain in order to keep it for another 10 years. I hope that both a network outage this long as well as the Dot TK domain problem will not happen again. I'm sorry for the inconvenience. It gave me a lot of stress as well.

April 25, 2014

Random updates

  • The domain transition is progressing quite well. Google is updating it's search index to find the pages at www.hypercoop.tk
  • The HyperCoop servers have been updated with some new Aura items and monsters because Unreal 227j allows me to. There are also some interesting new additions to the in-game shop (gemdagger). For a price of course ;-).
  • I added episode 1 of the beautiful Redeem your Space map pack to my custom map server. With Leo's translation it should be readable in English. (The Universal Translator fails horribly in handling Czech)
  • The HyperDM server has had an much needed update.
  • The high score list of the Crystal Castles server has been put online. (Manually, this means that new scores won't be automatically visible here)
  • The master server page has been updated with the new Unreal community master servers.
  • The Master Server Installer has been updated to use Unreal 227 technology
  • The Enhanced Unreal server browser (EUSB) has been updated to use the new Unreal community master servers. Please note that that the EUSB is already included in Unreal 227 and the next release will also have the updated master server settings.
  • A few errors on the website have been fixed, like the in-site search.
  • A few dead Unreal sites have been dug up from their graves and put back online, right here in the archive.
  • The links page has had a repaint to treat the ever present link rot. Quite a bit of new sites have been added as well. I also fixed some dead links elsewhere on the site.

April 9, 2014

Moving to a new domain (Updated)

Because DynDNS unfortunately ends their free dynamic DNS service I decided to move to FreeDNS. This unfortunately means that I cannot keep my current domain name (hyper.dnsalias.net)

Therefore I will move to the domain: hypercoop.tk. (This is a domain I already used)


For about a month you will be redirected. After that you will get an error.
Would you be so kind to update your links?

When you use my master server you will also need to adjust your Unreal.ini using these settings.


*** Update: Because of problems with Google which is blocked to index anything on anydns.com I changed domain names again. The above post has been updated with the latest information. ***


April 7, 2014

GameSpy's master servers are going down. No need to panic.

On the OldUnreal forums I read a message that the Gamespy master server will be shutdown in May. While this will be a problem for many Gamespy-powered online games, Unreal is quite safe. To mitigate the risk of a single master server going down the Unreal community has several backup master servers running. When you have the latest Unreal patch 227 installed, you are already equipped to use them! So you won't be in the dark when Gamespy stops. If you don't already have Unreal 227 installed, be sure to head over to OldUnreal.com to get it!

April 7, 2014

Knocked off the internet

Today I was offline because my ISP blocked my connection on suspicion of a malware infection. No malware was found but to be sure I restored an image backup of my main system. My server also appears to be clean, according to MalwareBytes. I called up my ISP but they were unable to tell me for what exactly they blocked me(!) As you read this I'm back again, but I hope I can stay online now.

April 6, 2014

CMapFixM 0.12 released

Zombie released an updated version of his serverside mutator "CMapFixM". This mutator applies a number of fixes to custom maps on any Unreal coop server, of which the most important ones are Drews SkaarjCastle and SkaarjTower maps. The updated version fixes more maps and works better with Unreal 227. For more details and a list of applying maps, see Zombie's forum post.


July 19, 2013

Connectivity problems

I'm experiencing problems with my internet connectivity last weeks, which is causing downtime of my services from time to time. Today my ISP ZeelandNet replaced my cable modem and I hope this will fix the issues. If not they will have to do some additional investigation. I'm sorry for the inconvenience.

Update 2013-08-28: In August my connection has been stable again. I hope it stays this way.

May 23, 2013

Happy birthday, Unreal!

Yesterday it was Unreal's 15 year anniversary! For me it is hard to believe that Unreal is 15 already. It's 10 year anniversary seemed only a short time ago. I guess I'm getting old. Anyways, it has been a great adventure! Thanks for being with us Unreal! I wish you many prosperous years to come.

May 2, 2013

Unreal PSX first release

Leo(T.C.K.) released the first part of his port of the Unreal PlayStation project. Unreal PSX should have been a version of Unreal 1 with all-new maps for Sony's first PS console, but the project was cancelled before it could be released. Leo however was able to contact the original authors and get the project from them to convert the maps with help of a small team. I'm currently testing the maps at my custom map server so they may become part of the map cycle there. For more information and the full credits, see the included readme file.

Leo(T.C.K.) wrote at the BeyondUnreal forums:
Unreal PSX Rework: Rise of Jrath Episode 1 Part 1 Release

After such a long time, the "demo" is finally done and finished. The most troublematic was creating the additional content/coding, there were multiple issues too that I in the end got help with or had to somehow solve on my own and of course the fact that important person left the project didn't make it easy.

Whatever the case this is no longer issue because the pack is out.

Four level "sets" consists of Episode 1 part 1, since part 2 should end with e1l8 levels.
Part 2 will be hard to complete too, due to the fact most levels are missing from part2 as they were not recovered fully, while the other two episodes are mostly complete. I will surely need some help still regarding mesh work etc.
Multiple new items/enemies are present, but new enemies mostly make up the "dream-in-your-mind-like" levels. That is also because e1l3 concepts were heavily unfinished.

New creatures should be good news for certain people, especially the minotaur rework. There is a special secret level featuring big variant of the minotaur also.

Gameplay in the usual levels was kept as intact from original as possible. For those not familiar with the original levels using the low res psx textures, this pack should really feel fresh and new and should be at least of quality of good expansion pack.

New textures, loads of new textures and player skins, some coming from the graves of Unreal development, some are completely new and fresh.
You are free to use the textures in your projects for example because they are imo worth it. One particular texture set: UPB-Crypt2 was extremely difficult to get hold of the unresized originals, being it old and forgotten texture set from the beta days, a nice "Egyptian/Persian" alternative to the later Sumerian-like Crypt set. This set is not used in the rework but is included here but it plays a large part in part 2 of episode 1.

Download UnrealPSX Episode 1 part 1 from Hyper.nl Unreal Services

April 21, 2013

New server system

You may have experienced some downtime as I migrated my game servers and this website to a new machine. The new server (specs) is slightly faster and a lot more energy efficient than my old AMD machine (specs). Because it consumes significantly less electricity it will cost me less money to keep my services available.

  • Intel Celeron G1610 Boxed
  • ASRock B75 Pro3-M
  • Cooler Master Elite 342
  • Kingston 8GB DDR3
  • TEAC DVD-ROM 16x48x DV-518GS (black)
  • Seasonic G-Serie 360Watt
  • Kingston SSDNow V Series V300 120GB
  • APC Smart-UPS 1000VA USB & Serial 230V

February 20, 2013

Maps and cache downloads removed

I removed the map and cache downloads for my servers from the website because they are no longer needed and were outdated in some cases. With Unreal 227 (fast) download redirection, which is enabled for my servers, you no longer need to manually download and install map packs or cache files. Another advantage is that you won't have to worry about version conflicts.

December 2, 2012

JCoopZ updated

Zombie's enhanced cooperative gametype for Unreal has been updated to build 137. This release includes a few fixes and a better compatibility with Unreal patch 227(i).

Change list:
This is the sixth update to JCoopZ1 since initial release. Only the server side files jCoopZ1SSF.u, and jCoopZ1GRP.u files were updated. The main intent of this release was to fix GameRules support of the ModifyDamage function with jzPlayerPawn. The PackageScan feature has been fixed again to be compatible from a 227 server for clients 224/225/226f-b/227i. For 224/225/226 servers, the PackageScan feature is compatible with 227 subversion "i" clients as well. PackageScan compatibility for previous 227 subversion "h" must be added manually using the PackageException list.

The Update List (Build 137; 11/30/12):

-Fixed GameRules/jczGameRules support bug to ModifyDamage function not being able to actually modify the damage to jzPlayerPawn.
-Fixed PackageScan incompatibility with 'IPDrv' package from Nephthys clients.
-Fixed PackageScan incompatibility for 227 patch clients and servers (again) as of the released "i" sub-version.
-Changed PrimaryAdmin and SecondaryAdmin array list size to support up to 8 configuration entries each (totaling 16).
-Improved PackageScan handling of the PackageException feature so that the main unreal packages are supported. Now PackageExeptions can be added and work for all packages.

Download JCoopZ build 137

November 11, 2012

Unreal patch 227i released! (Update)

Smirftsch (OldUnreal) released the long-awaited update for Unreal 227. Version 227i comes with many bug fixes and some new features. For a full list of the changes, please read the release notes.

Download Unreal patch 227i for Unreal Gold
Download Unreal patch 227i for Unreal (Classic)

For help, please consult the OldUnreal Wiki or the OldUnreal forums.

Update: As promised I updated the UnrealScript documentation with this release.

November 2, 2012

Download speed issue fixed

I was notified of an issue with the downloading of game files from my Unreal servers. It was caused by a misconfiguration of one of the new settings and has been fixed by now. Thanks "Tick" for the report.

February 13, 2012

JCoopZ has been updated to build 135

Zombie released a new version of his coop server game type JCoopZ. JCoopZ brings many improvements over the standard cooperative game and I can recommend it to anyone. This gametype brings improvements in security and playability and brings many new options and features for server owners to play with. This update has a few fixes for Unreal 227 and more:

Zombie wrote in the forum:
This is the fourth update to JCoopZ1 since initial release. Only the server side files jCoopZ1SSF.u, jCoopZ1NPTP.u were updated, but there is a new jCoopZ1GRP.u file. Since 227 seems to be in perpetual development in RC phase I thought it was finally time to have an interim release. This update fixes the notable client anomaly problem for some 227 users. Also, as expected there has been a number of general improvements and additions listed below. Build 130 will have the most compatibility and support of the 227 patch so I recommend all users, not just 227 server administrators to update. For 224/225/226 users they are required to update to Nephthys v1.4 or greater.


Changelog for this version:
2/11/12 jCoopZ1SSF Build 135
-Fixed GiveItem bug from incrementing weapon ammo when the user specified custom "ammo#"
number is below the default MaxAmmo.
-Fixed PreLogin/Login bug from rejecting spectators when the server reaches MaxPlayer
capacity while NumSpectators is still less than MaxSpectators.
-Fixed rare IP address storing bug that prevented a player from being logged by
-Fixed PackageScan incompatibility for 227 patch clients and servers.
-Added Web Admin JSay support from admin players.
-Added more 'Admin' command restrictions that an admin player should never need to
-Added support for PlayerStart 'bEnabled' handling from the 227 patch CoopGame.
-Added preliminary support for compatibility with IPv6 clients and servers
(if there ever will be). Permanent IP range bans now require a dash "-" separator
instead of a colon to avoid conflicts with IPv6 address hexadecimal notation.
-Added a feature for 3rd party development from 'jCoopZ1SSF' package. ;-)
-Changed a specific "clientside anomaly" detection to be less sensitive on under powered
or network congested servers.
-Improved AI hang prevention to reduce late level start load on server setups with pawn
mutations. May prevent rare crashes around server level startup on custom maps that are
unstable to extensive pawn mutations.
-Improved JCZLogger pruning routines which should produce more relevant 'getalias'
command results and keep JCZLogger.ini file size smaller.
-Replaced the Nephthys v1.4 distribution with the Nephthys v1.5a018 distribution in archive.

Download JCoopZ build 135
Discuss about JCoopZ in the forums

My coop servers (which also run JCoopZ) have been updated with this release.



Archived news


Hyper.nl Unreal Game Features:
  • Play the single player missions online with other players
  • Improved security and lamer defence
  • New weapons from the Aura pack
  • New monsters from Asgard (AKCoop2, Spinner, Predator, SpaceMarines) and Aura (AuraArmy)
  • See your score grow as you play through the game, and use it to buy special items only obtainable through the in-game shop.
  • Keep your inventory and score, even after a server restart
  • Find new never seen before items and experience some nice special effects
  • Fast web download redirection

DO: Be nice. When you can, help new players or newbies a bit. At least don't piss them off. Everyone has to start once and they should feel welcome.
DO NOT: Block anything, Shoot other players (it's coop, not DM remember), Beg for admin, Spawnkill, Spam messages, Use Foul language, attack the server, use client side mods for unfair advantage. This list is probably not complete, so I also want you to use your common sense. The general rule "Don't do to others what you don't like to be done to yourself" also applies in online games like this one.

When you cause trouble, you can be banned with your IP address. (Or IP range if you have more than one IP address) When you are banned, you will be unable to play on the server again.


First, I want to thank Joss for her support to make the HyperCoop possible. She had her own server at that time and is the creator of JCoop, an add-on for Unreal Coop games with many features. Joss helped me to set up this server in the very beginning.
Winged Unicorn for MonsterCoop, MonsterCoop2 and allowing me to be the first one to use / try / test it.
I also want to thank Winged for the great tech support during the beta testing of several of his mods, and his help to reduce the number of freezes / crashes of the server, and the use of his forum.
Zombie for the JCoopZ and especially the many hours he spent on the issues with my server, for DZMapMutator and TranslatorMessenger mods, and his tech support.
Special thanks go to AcidRain (TheNerdNetwork) for hosting this site for many years.
Winged Unicorn and Zora for the Kerberos / Nepthys security tools.
The Clan Punishers for the anti-download utility and the server status script.
}TCP{Wolf for UTeamFix, SUSongPlayer, WMutate, Generic Client Spawner and the small client corrections.
Boodaflow for the beautiful Aura mod, the Gemdagger and his support.
OldUnreal/Smirftsch for the For Unreal patch 227, his support and his patience with all my bug reports :-)
Asgard for the AKCoop2 mod and the monster spawner.
Micro / Unreal Service for the server status script.
BrakeDanceJ / UnrealDestination for hosting the forum and assisting.
Unleaded, }TCP{Wolf, <NDP>Bozo and Pitbull for the Crystal Castles game type
Srbassalot for his great admin help.
.:..: for his innovative mods, mutators and gametypes
And of course Epic (Mega)games, Digital Extremes, Legend Entertainment and Infogrames for making this awesome game.
If you have any questions related to this site or the servers, you can contact me by e-mail:


Please note that I'm not your general Unreal help desk. If you need help, your best option to post a detailed question at the OldUnreal forums. Be sure to include details like your Unreal.log file or error messages. I'm also regularly active there.



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