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Name Hyper.nl
Forged in 1980
Gender Male
Location Middelburg, The Netherlands

I graduated intermediate vocational education in system administration and economics and got my bachelor's degree in computer science and business administration.

I'm working as sysadmin at a medium sized organisation, some tasks include: backup, hard/software installation, server management, troubleshooting and some end-user support.

A few keywords and pet peeves:
Simplicity. We live in a world where we are surrounded by complex processes, technologies and relationships. In this world, I like to have simplicity. Simplicity is the power to go back to the basics of a principle. Or to split complex matter into simple basics. To not talk bullshit but understandable language. NOT: "If you can't convince them with arguments, dazzle them with bullshit." Unfortunately, this still happens a lot, especially in ICT.

Usability / User-friendliness. Okay, this is a pet peeve of me. If you ever had a crash with Unreal you'll get an example how it should NOT be. What the hell were the folks at Epic thinking when designing this error handling? What does this error message say to the average end-user? Exactly. Nothing at all. What the error really should read, is that the game crashed, why it crashed and how to get support. Add a button called technical details which shows the crash log. Really, it is not that hard for a professional coder. Some companies (Microsoft) are slowly but surely learning it: to have the user in mind.

Technology. I love technology, especially computer technology. Technology is today's magic, and the performers are my heroes. It's fascinating to see how things like microprocessors, graphics accelerators, harddisks and soundcards are continuously getting better and better - at lower costs.

IT-projects. It is interesting to see how these develop. For some reason, these projects are so hard that almost each of them ends up with delays, cancellation or simply does not fit with the wishes of the customer / end user. This is usually true for hobby projects, professional game development and even corporate IT projects. This does not mean by any means that I disrespect the developers, they are really working hard. It's more something in the complex nature of these projects, which require both highly technical skills as social skills, and most people are only specialised in one of them.

Security/privacy. These are important issues, especially on the internet. While we're making some great advances in security, we are losing terrain massively on the matter of privacy. Our surfing is logged, our phones can be tapped and more and more our behavour ends up in large databases we don't even know about. For example, every piece of paper printed by a colour laser printer is marked with it's serial number. Nice against the copying of banknotes, but already being used in China to arrest people who oppose the government. In my country, both car traffic (rekeningrijden - pay-per-mile on the most freeways) as public transport (OV-chipkaart) are planned to be monitored. In a few years, every travel may end up in "the database". Internet and phone connection logs are being recorded and kept for several years. Everything is being done for the so-called security and convenience. At this moment, we can trust our government quite a bit, at least in my country. But these technologies aren't going away. With every step further we increase the risk that it once will be used for other purposes. Hitler would be delighted if he had access to the personal records and profiles we keep today. And still hardly anybody seems to care, most people are saying "I don't have anything to hide". Well, call me a bit paranoid, but I want to ask you: is this really what we want...? Something to think about.


Apart from Unreal I've got a long interest in gaming. Everything started with Doom and Doom II which gave my first virtual world to roam in. Quickly followed by Raven's Hexen and Heretic. Especially the mystical environments of Hexen bound me to the game for a long time. After some time I moved one to Quake 1 and Hexen II. These provided nice engine improvements over the Doom generation, but the first generation 3D technology often lacked detail in comparison to the old sprite technology of Doom.

Unreal was released. At the moment of the release I could not play it because my (my parents') computer was not able to run it, and I did not have money for my own system. But when I saw the Unreal flyby in a local computer shop (Demonstration of the Voodoo2 card) I was absolutely stunned. I really stood there for like 30 minutes, enchanted by the spell of the game. Fortunately, I soon got the opportunity to get a brand-new Pentium III rig. To conclude Unreal: It altered my reality...forever.

I also like to play Heroes of Might and Magic, a turn-based strategy game. I've been playing Heroes II a lot and now I'm at Heroes III. It really is a rich and balanced strategy game with a great gameplay. Heroes III is wonderful when playing multiplayer.

My current love is with a MMORPG (Online multiplayer role playing game), Guild Wars. I like to explore the huge continents, build a character and achieve titles of honour for extraordinary in-game targets. Guild Wars has a virtual economy which at itself is worth a study. Because I always played FPS games, this kind of environment gives many new degrees to my gaming experience. But a big disadvantage is that everything is closed. You can't host servers, make maps or mods. There is not such a community as I know from Unreal where almost everyone contributes in some way. Therefore, Unreal will always keep me interested.

A few screens:

My main character is an Elementalist (Mage) and has 30 titles at the maximum level, thus having achieved the most prestigious title in the game. ("God Walking Amongst Mere Mortals") My secondary character is a ranger. See my Guild Wars Wiki user page for more details.

Since the release of the game in 2012, I also play Guild Wars 2. I still play as a Human Elementalist named Aranimda. See below for some screens of my character. I love to explore the vast open world and as in the original game I like hunting titles and achievements. For details, consult my Guild Wars 2 Wiki user page.

I mostly watch news, documentaries and infotainment. From time to time I also enjoy some comedy or a good movie. Channels include: Dutch public broadcasters, RTL (Dutch RTL), National Geographic channel, Discovery Europe and sometimes BBC World. However, I don't spend too much time watching TV.

Mostly game and movie soundtracks is what I listen, but also a wide range of pop, rock, metal, rap sometimes dance/trance/euro and a small amount of classical etc. As you see I'm not limited to any style. Anything with a good melody and flow goes, no matter if it is loud, soft, happy, moody, aggressive etc. Music I do not like is Jazz and RMB. (Annoys me)
Stuff of legends: Within Temptation, Nirvana, Enya, some of Metallica's work, Dune and Snap's "Rythm is a Dancer". The Unreal soundtrack, Gladiator movie soundtrack, Guild Wars (Factions) soundtrack, Heroes II and III soundtracks. Tyrian's music. (Yep, sounds best on the oldskool OPL3 synth.) and of course Nobuo Uematsu's legendary work. (Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger etc.)

Apart from all the gaming sites and Unreal forums where you can find me, here I have some interesting links:
Tweakers.net, a Dutch ICT news page, aimed at tech enthousiasts. This has been my startpage since 1999.
YouTube (Who doesn't know YouTube?) Nice to find many surprising video's, funstuff and more.
   See here for a my channel on YouTube.

My 'idols'
Steve Gibson; Internet security guru. He has a very accessible site and a podcast (Part of the TWiT network) about information security. Steve has the gift to explain seemingly complex topics like encryption and network vulnerabilities, and how to deal with them. I listen to his SecurityNow! podcast to keep myself updated on any security-related matter.
Rop Gonggrijp; The best known 'hacker' (white hat) of the Netherlands. Founder of XS4ALL internet. Watcher of privacy and security matters in the ongoing computerisation of our civilisation. Founder of 'WijVertrouwenStemComputersNiet", an organisation which successfully demonstrated many weaknesses in the Dutch e-voting systems.

Unreal Profile
I started playing Unreal in 1999. I started with the nick HyperSniper, but because everyone called me Hyper, I renamed to Hyper.nl. (.nl is the country code of the Netherlands).
For years, I only played Deathmatch online, until I started to play some coop too. Now, I play almost any Unreal game type, like DM, Coop, Crystal Castles, Monstermash, King of the Hill, Serpentine, Inf DM and U4E. I still like to start playing some RealCTF, but there are no servers and/or players usually.
Some of my favourite maps are: DM: DMRadikus, DMAriza, DMZeitkind Pro (and many variations), DMRushCity, DMObserveatory COOP/SP: Chizra/Ceremony, SpireVillage, The Sunspire, Skytown, the 'Extreme-' level, ShamuQuest, Strange World and Tentacle Hunter's map pack.
Update: Too many good maps to mention them all here :)

In January 2003 I started my coop server, with some help of Joss Liu and others. Later Winged Unicorn allowed me to be beta tester of his new MonsterCoop game type. This allowed me to run one of the first MCoop servers, and allowed Winged to have some more development time. Around that time, Boodaflow showed me his impressive Aura mod, which was added to the server a few weeks later. In 2004, an experiment with custom maps was not a success, because many players were not willing to download them. The server was also upgraded to MCoop2 with AKMCoop2, together with Aura and some server tools. In January 2005 an internet upgrade allowed me to run two additional servers: HyperDM (Deathmatch in Hyper's style) and Crystal Castles. The additional bandwidth also allowed me to set up a server with custom maps again, this time in parallel with the normal coop server. Now there are two HyperCoop servers, both running Zombie's JCoopZ and the other mods like Aura.

My goal with this website is to:

  • Provide a great gaming experience at my servers.
  • Be a helpful factor for the Unreal community.
  • Collect information and software which are useful.
  • Help interested community members to find it's way in the Unreal community, order information from many sources.
  • Provide relevant news from the development community.
  • Be a stable factor.
My computers

HP ProDesk 600 G2 Desktop Mini
  • Intel Core i5-6500T 2.5GHz
  • 8GB DDR4 2400 SODIMM
  • Samsung 860 Pro SSD SATA SSD 2.5"
  • Desktop Mini Serial Port
  • HP 65W DM External power Adapter
  • Windows 11 Professional x64
  • APC Smart-UPS 1500VA USB & Serial 230V

Click here to see the full specs of my server.


My main PC:
Dell Precision T5820 Workstation:
  • Intel Xeon W-2145 v4 3.7 GHz, 8 core, 16 thread (SkyLake W)
  • Dell 0X8DXD motherboard with Intel C422 series chipset
  • 32GB DDR4 2666 ECC Registered, Quad channel
  • NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 Founders Edition
  • Samsung 860 pro 2,5" 512GB, SATA first SSD
  • Samsung 860 pro 2,5" 4TB, SATA second SSD
  • Creative X-Fi Titanium Fatal1ty Professional PCI-express
  • Pioneer 6x BluRay ReWriter DL Slimline
  • Windows 11 Professional x64
  • Dell 950 watt PSU

Click here to see the full specs of my workstation.

Benchmark results @ Futuremark

3DMark FireStrike Ultra: 8359
3DMark FireStrike Extreme: 15068
3DMark FireStrike: 24019
3DMark SkyDiver: 55986

3DMark 11 Extreme: X16172
3DMark 11 Performance (standard): P31606

3DMark Vantage Extreme: X61903
3DMark Vantage Performance (standard): P79394

3DMark06: 43001
3DMark05: 49022
3DMark03: 188268

PCMark 10: 5197
PCMark 10 Express: 4679
PCMark 10 Extended: 7608

My town

The medieval town of Middelburg is the capital of the Dutch province of Zeeland (Sealand).

In Middelburg the world's first multinational (V.O.C.) had several offices and warehouses. The ships for the V.O.C. (United Dutch East Indies Company were made in Middelburg (and Amsterdam). The V.O.C. was mighty for almost 200 years. When the V.O.C. stopped functioning, time stopped in Middelburg.

Middelburg has been destroyed in 1940 by German bombs, because the Dutch refused to surrender in Zeeland after the capitulation. English, French and Dutch soldiers fought for three long weeks and than Middelburg was destroyed. After the war the Dutch were able to rebuild it.

More info about Middelburg can be found


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    In-game chat will be logged. Don't chat about private or classified subjects in any Unreal server. You may want to use pgp/gpg encrypted e-mail for that. Chat is shared between all my active Unreal servers. This means that players at my other servers see your in-game chat.


Alter your reality...forever.