Submit news

Do you have some interesting Unreal 1 related news you think should be added to the news page? Feel free to tell me about it! A few examples of interesting news are:

  • A release of a *tested* version of a new Unreal 1 mod or game type.
  • Important updates/fixes to existing Unreal 1 mods.
  • New Unreal 1 related projects.
  • Interesting Unreal community happenings.
  • *Important* Unreal clan news or a new clan.
  • New Unreal related patches or drivers.
  • Unreal related security news / developments / warnings.
  • New map packs or updates to existing ones.
  • S3TC or Unreal Retexturing project related news.
  • ...

Of course, the possible news is not limited to this list. When you think it could be interesting, feel free to send it. I don't promise that I will add it, but every submit will be taken seriously.

Please don't post news that's only related to other Unreal versions like Unreal Tournament (UT99) (UT200x) or Unreal 2. Unreal Services only focuses on Unreal 1 (+Gold, RTNP etc.)

Mail your news to Send your news to this e-mail address.. with the subject: "News submit <Title>". If you like to be mentioned as submitter of the message, please include the "Submitted by ..." text in your mail. (Example: Submitted by Otherwise the news will be posted anonymously.