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Note: All files are in 7-zip (.7z) format. You need a 7-zip compatible archiver like IZArc (freeware) or WinRAR (shareware) to extract the files.

Single player and coop maps

Dead City
Removed on request of author. This map may give problems. Use DeadCity 2 or 3 instead.

Dead City II
Yet another of these weird maps, map can be used for dm/teamgame/coopgame or whatever.
Apart of old DeadCity map, you can configure zombies (amount of zombies, their speed, damage etc...)
and level is new (of course) and little bit bigger than old one!

Dead City III
Yet another of these weird maps, map can be used for dm/teamgame/coopgame/rpg or whatever.
Apart of old DeadCity map, you can configure zombies again (amount of zombies, their speed, damage etc...)
and level is new (of course) and much larger than Deadcity's 1 and 2!

Death Star map pack
Map pack for Unreal 227 by Predator.
This is my first ever release of a map-pack or a level in general. Hope you guys and gals enjoy it, please let me know
if there are any bugs or serious gameplay issues at michaeluhl<at>live<dot>com.
Thanks for all the support!

Dellkat Memorial Map
Memorial to Dellkat, made by Hybrid

The Descent v1.0.1
SP/Coop map pack featuring 12 playable levels set in a variety of locations.
Varied gameplay, from puzzles to parkour to straight-up-FPS.
Custom content including new weapons and music.
A checkpoint system a la TWHL Tower where health and inventory is reset between levels.
227 "spice" such as particle emitters and distance fog.

You were approached by the Do'gradji family with the pleaded request that you rescue their child from a mysterious location known as "The Forbidden Caves". As a highly esteemed mercenary you wouldn't normally accept such a petty job, but one look in their heartbroken eyes told you this was no place for a child - plus the advance deposit is nothing to sniff at!
Information surrounding these enigmatic "Forbidden Caves" is little-to-none, but the Nali are notoriously secretive; what strange and dark secrets could possibly be hiding down there?

Hard Crash (2018 release)
Release version of lvrrpnt's 8 level Hard Crash coop/SP map pack. This replaces the old beta version.
Update: lvrrpnt/Xer06siX made a fix to the first level HCLF1. This has been included in the archive.

Klingon / Wooper pack
Surrealistic map pack with maps of (Klingon)PackLeader and Wooper.

RTNP 225 conversion for COOP
Tentacle-Hunter & SrBassalot's RTNP conversion. Designed for coop play on Unreal 225 (and up) servers.
- Basic RTNP gameplay & theme was preserved.
- 225 Engine compatibility & All known Client/Server bugs were fixed.
- Upak actors/pawns were fixed/improved where appropriate.
- Special attention was paid to ensure all maps were Co-op friendly (Player Blocks removed, pickups, pawns, etc.)
- The first part of "Eldora's Well" map has been included as a separate map restoring original continuity.
- It can also be played in single-player mode, if desired (including on a 225 install).

RTNP:Search: Prelude (RTNP2U) v1.2
Dinwitty's RTNP to Unreal conversion with new content also.
Your Comrad, known to you as Prisoner 849 is missing. You agreed to the mission to return to the Planet Na Pali in hopes of tracking down 849. However, Inuit is also on the trail of the missing prisoner ship Vortex Rikers. You must encounter the dangers of the planet as the Skaarj have also found the resident Queen killed and are out for revenge and have re-established themselves on the planet and mining for the rare Tarydium crystals vital to their systems. Na Pali is more dangerous with Space Pirates lurking and Inuit Recovery crews.

compatible with Unreal 224v and up (including 227)
RTNP NOT needed, if you own RTNP, it WILL run.

Prelude is a celebration of all things Unreal with old and new and unseen before content.

Steele Dawn v1b
47 years before the events of Unreal, a civilian Terran colonist Brandon Steele finds himself in the wrong place at the wrong time, when the city of Vegra, part of the Seriate IV colony on the moon Io falls the victim of a brutal assault by the terrorists of the Vesspine Confederation. Having realized he's in the middle of a warzone, he has to fight for his life as he is pursued not only by the terrorist forces but also the terrifying Skaarj Empire.

- 8 all-original missions
- 4 new weapons and 3 significantly modified classics
- New deadly enemies: human terrorists from the Vesspine Confederation, terrifying new Skaarj leader units and more

A full .pdf manual is included in the archive.

Latest News: Released on May 22nd, 2022. The 24th anniversary of Unreal.
Updated version v1b.

Unreal PSX Prequel Episode 0
Leo(T.C.K.)'s prequel to his Unreal PSX conversion project. Playable in Single player or coop.
"You and your bounty hunter partner Fay have been sent for training at the newest virtual reality simulation with Hari overseeing your training.

If you fail, you won't have a chance getting the sweet deal... Which involves going into where the Vortex Rikers prison ship  crashed.

Your mission: take down all the escaped convicts you can find, recapture the three rogue AIs that were also on board, and find the only way off the planet: a heavily guarded gravity lift up to one of the planet's moons, where a drop-ship will take you home. "

Unreal PSX Rework: Rise of Jrath Episode 1 Part 1
First release of a conversion and rework of the cancelled Unreal game for the PlayStation 1 / (PSX) by Leo(T.C.K.). Four level "sets" consists of Episode 1 part 1, since part 2 should end with e1l8 levels.
Part 2 will be hard to complete too, due to the fact most levels are missing from part2 as they were not recovered fully, while the other two episodes are mostly complete. I will surely need some help still regarding mesh work etc.
Multiple new items/enemies are present, but new enemies mostly make up the "dream-in-your-mind-like" levels. That is also because e1l3 concepts were heavily unfinished.

New creatures should be good news for certain people, especially the minotaur rework. There is a special secret level featuring big variant of the minotaur also.

Gameplay in the usual levels was kept as intact from original as possible. For those not familiar with the original levels using the low res psx textures, this pack should really feel fresh and new and should be at least of quality of good expansion pack.

New textures, loads of new textures and player skins, some coming from the graves of Unreal development, some are completely new and fresh.
You are free to use the textures in your projects for example because they are imo worth it. One particular texture set: UPB-Crypt2 was extremely difficult to get hold of the unresized originals, being it old and forgotten texture set from the beta days, a nice "Egyptian/Persian" alternative to the later Sumerian-like Crypt set. This set is not used in the rework but is included here but it plays a large part in part 2 of episode 1.

Unreal PSX Rework: Rise of Jrath Episode 1 Part 2 (v1.1)
The Full version of Episode 1 Part 2, all you need now is Episode 1 Part 1 before playing this. All the fixes/releases since Episode 1 Part LITE are included in this and more... I'd like to also dedicate the full release to John W. Anderson and David M. Carter, who both passed away during 2018, they will be dearly missed and I realize this is also the first release since their death that features some of their previously "unseen" work.

The Full version of Episode 1 Part 2, all you need now is Episode 1 Part 1 before playing this. Updated version 1.1. (Jan 2020)

Unreal PSX Episode 2 Release A (Patches included)
This is Release A of Episode 2 of Rise of Jrath the Unreal PSX Rework project. Contains maps E2L1 to E2L3... See E2Credits file for all credit lists for Episode 2.

To run this mod you need to have both parts of UPSX: Episode 1 installed first.

Note by Hyper: This repackaged release include the patches from UPSXE2APatch, UPSXQuadShot UT Patch, BANScripts PUSHFIELD Patch and DM CampersParadisePSX fixed.

Deathmatch maps

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Crystal Castles maps

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RealCTF maps

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U4E maps

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Serpentine maps

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Art maps

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