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Alchemist's Lab


What's this?

The Alchemist's Lab is a place where my idea's, research, projects and plans related to Unreal and HyperCoop take shape. This allows everyone interested to take a look in the kitchen.

Unreal Client related

Project: Status:
Enhanced Unreal Server Browser

Enhanced Unreal Server Browser is a new tab-layout for the original Unreal Server Browser. The problem with the default Unreal Server Browser is that it only has tabs for DeathMatch, Team DM, Dark Match and Coop games.
The enhanced server browser supports all current game types at the time of release, 66(!) in total. Version 1.23 also supports new master servers.
Works with Unreal 224v, 225f, 226f and Unreal Gold. (Unreal 227 includes an improved version of this mod by default)
Updated: Version 1.23 (April 21, 2014)

Released and supported
Enhanced Unreal Server browser mutator (Only for Unreal Gold)

Mutator that changes the tab-layout of the Unreal Gold server browser to UT-style with multiple lines of tabs. In cooperation with Zombie. Never fully finished because of technical problems / limitations. This version still requires user interaction.

Working beta, development stopped because restrictions.
UCrashGuard 1.0

Some Unreal servers seem to use small utilities that can remotely crash your Unreal client. As client, you are unaware of which modifications you download from servers and what they do exactly. Unreal does not allow users to choose which mods to execute. It just downloads any mods that are installed on the server and executes them without security check. Almost all modifications are completely harmless, and bring new content and features to the game.
But a few of them can execute console commands to remotely crash the client. UCrashGuard contains a number of fixed cache files that no longer can execute the 'crash' commands, so they can not harm your Unreal client anymore.

End of life, may give problems with Unreal 227.
Ever wanted to join any server with any gametype or any mod without downloading? Do you get bugged by version conflicts? Are you tired of installing maps and mods over and over again?

Then GigaCache might be the solution for you.

What is GigaCache?
Unreal Cache files (*.uxx) are downloaded expansion files in a special format for online play, which do not make version conflicts. Over the years I built up a huge collection of more than 30 GB Unreal cache files. It contains all kinds of maps, mods, skins, sounds textures and music from all kinds of Unreal servers. Having a cache like this allows you to connect to almost any server without downloading a single file. No downloads, no lag, no version conflicts. Many maps have been converted to be compatible with Unreal 224/225. This means you can even join a Unreal 226 server with incompatible 226 only maps, because the cache has been made compatible. The cache also includes the fixes of UCrashGuard.

GigaCache is only meant for a small group of heavy users or people who like to dig into the archive for retrieving historical content.

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of GigaCache:


  • Instantly join most servers
  • No version conflicts
  • You don't cause lag
  • Join servers with non-public files without downloading
  • UCrashGuard included
  • Downloads MUCH faster than downloading it all from Unreal servers, because the files are compressed and many unreal servers are slow.
  • Much disk space required
  • HUGE download
  • Only for online play
  • Contains outdated files and files that might never be used again, which are just wasting your disk space.
  • Contains cache of ALL gametypes, so it's a waste of disk space for players who only play one game type
  • It will never be complete
  • More than 99% is NOT covered by cache.ini. This means that it cannot be automatically converted back to their original file names.
  • Possible u227 compatibility issues when servers use CRC checks or hash functions to verify files.
    (GigaCache contains some hex-edited files, with fixes by Hyper or others, even the original server owners)

Background information
I've started collecting cache in the year 2000 when I had enough of all those version conflicts on manually installed expansion files. Back then I did not collect actively, I just made sure that the files I downloaded did not get deleted and made regular backups of it. In 2003 I started to actively collecting cache by visiting empty servers to just let the cache flow into the folder. Because I play all game types, this saved me downloading time since empty servers have all capacity available to send the files. In 2004 I accelerated the collection process massively by creating a local server with all my downloaded mods in the server packages. This allowed me to convert thousands of maps to cache. It even includes for example all maps from Newbie's Playground, infiltration, serpentine, Real CTF and Zora's maps. I still download new files regularly. Another huge boost to GigaCache come to credit of NewbiesPlayground's Ultimate Cache releases, which all have been included in this archive. (At time of the release)

Never complete
The Unreal community is extremely productive, and new files are introduced to servers on almost a daily base. This means a cache package is never finished, and there will always be servers that run updated files that are not in cache yet. But this GigaCache package will have a coverage of more than 99% at release.

Download GigaCache

  • GigaCache is heavily compressed using the new RAR5 format. In order to decompress GigaCache, you will need an archiver which supports this. For example, WinRAR 5.0 or newer IZArc 4.1.8 or newer.
  • In order to extract the archive, you will need to obtain ALL 12 parts.
  • The download is 11.7 GB compressed and will take 31 GB when decompressed.

GigaCache_2016-03-27.part01.rar (1.0 GB)
GigaCache_2016-03-27.part02.rar (1.0 GB)
GigaCache_2016-03-27.part03.rar (1.0 GB)
GigaCache_2016-03-27.part04.rar (1.0 GB)
GigaCache_2016-03-27.part05.rar (1.0 GB)
GigaCache_2016-03-27.part06.rar (1.0 GB)
GigaCache_2016-03-27.part07.rar (1.0 GB)
GigaCache_2016-03-27.part08.rar (1.0 GB)
GigaCache_2016-03-27.part09.rar (1.0 GB)
GigaCache_2016-03-27.part10.rar (1.0 GB)
GigaCache_2016-03-27.part11.rar (1.0 GB)
GigaCache_2016-03-27.part12.rar (0.7 GB)

GigaCache File verification hashes

Hosting for GigaCache is kindly provided by Strategy-(Dog)- of NewbiesPlayground. Thank you for your support to realize a public release.

Because of the size of the cache you may want to enable NTFS compression on your Unreal cache folder after you copied GigaCache into it.


  • Special thanks goes to NewbiesPlayground for providing hosting space for GigaCache and for making the Ultimate Cache package which has been fully included in GigaCache (at the moment of release, updates may be available at NewbiesPlayground)
  • Thanks also goes to the entire Unreal community. The sheer size of the GigaCache pack pays homage to the productivity of the community over the years.
  • Some Unreal community websites have published small cache packs in the past, these have years ago been collected and included in GigaCache. I can't mention them because I do not remember and because most of them are no longer being offered anywhere on the web.

Talk about GigaCache in the forum

Released and supported.
Finally. :-)
Logo pack

Small package with a few new splash screens for the game. Contains both new logo's as the existing Unreal, Gold and OldUnreal logo's. Read the included text file for more info.
Download logo pack

Released and supported
Unreal cache recovery

It sucks but it happens: You have been working on a particularly file / mod / map / texture etc. and you lose it. Maybe your harddisk crashed, maybe your dog ate it or you just deleted it by accident.

If you want to have the file back I can maybe help you out of trouble. For many years I have been collecting any file that I downloaded from any Unreal server in a huge cache archive. (GigaCache). If your missing file has been downloadable from any Unreal server the chance is big that I harvested it into my GigaCache. Note that I cannot recover server-side-only files since they are not being downloaded to my cache.

But there is still a difficulty, cache files are saved with file names like "0205373C413BC8E8990C36AE8CEADCF1.uxx" which does not tell anything about the contents of the file. Therefore, I can only find your file with a lengthy search for a string inside it. This is a search for a certain text string through all cache files.

If you want a file to be recovered from cache, you have to know a text string that is unique to your file. For example, when you made a mod called "MyAuraStinger", this can be a good identifier, but a search for "Dynamite" will probably give plenty of unrelated results. It's up to you to find a good text to search for, it does not need to be a class name, it can be any text that's likely to exist only in your file.

If you want to use this service, you can make a request at the forum, but you can also drop me an e-mail. my mail address can be found at my main page.

Warning: Maybe needless to say: This service comes without any warranty and is in no way a good alternative for making backups regularly.

Service available for everyone

Unreal Server related

Project: Status:

UServer is a simple Unreal server and server log manager. It's made in standard Windows NT command script, and uses two external programs which are called by the command file. UServer can restart your server when it crashed and it saves the log file to an unique name. UServer can not help in case of a frozen server. This script is meant for intermediate and expert users. Basic knowledge about the command line and batch (.bat / .cmd) files is recommended.

Released and supported
EndMutator (MCoop2 ONLY!)

A problem with many coop servers are players that keep rushing through the levels and end without asking. In the past I tried to avoid this problem by instructing players and take corrective measures where needed. This did not work too well because the server is not permanently moderated. Also, moderators have other things to do than monitoring the end all time.
This mutator helps a little by blocking the end (using MCoop2's blockend function) and releasing it after a certain amount of time. This time depends on the level being played.

Released and supported

Master Server related

Project: Status:
Master Server installer package

Do you like to run a master server for the Unreal community? It's possible now!
This master server installer includes a standalone master server based on updated Nephthys technology by Winged Unicorn and Zora. Unlike the beta (0.x) versions this one no longer crashes and the 100% CPU usage bug is solved. This means that the with the beta included process manager is no longer needed which makes the installation much easier.

Read more at the Master Server page.

Finally an easy and stable version thanks to Nephthys. Released and supported.

HyperCoop web services


Project: Status:
HyperCoop server

Where it all begun with. My Unreal Coop server. Launched in December 2002 as Unreal Gold server where all players were allowed to summon. It was fun while it lasted, the server became a target for lamers and hackers. Now many things are changed. The server uses unreal 225 and has many tools and features to deal with lamers. At the end of 2005 I switched to Zombie's new JCoopZ gametype, allowing the server to run much more stable and deal with many lamer problems. Also, the gameplay received some big tweaks, with a higher difficulty and more monsters. This server is now known as the 4th generation or G4 HyperCoop server. In the summer of 2006 the G4 server was renamed to G4.5 to reflect the changes and improvements that were made after the G4 launch. Improvements were made to the security and stability, and a number of features were added like the UMSSpaceMarine mod and map/end voting.

Here are some of the key features of this server:

  • New weapons from the Aura pack.
  • New monsters from Asgard (AKCoop2) and Aura (AuraArmy).
  • Solid lamer and hack prevention features.
  • JCoopZ with many stability improvements.
  • See your score grow as you play through the game, and use it to buy special items.
  • Find new never seen before items and experience some nice special effects.
  • Admin-free server: No admin is required to play, the server administers itself.
  • Map voting and end voting.

More info at the main page.

Generally available.
Click here for the actual server status.
HyperCoop custom map server

Same as the normal HyperCoop server, but with many custom maps. All maps are linked together in one huge map cycle for endless coop gaming fun.

More info at the main page.

Generally available.
Click here for the actual server status.
HyperDM server

HyperCoop's Evil Twin. Launched as part of Project Behemoth, HyperDM is an unique mix of DM and some coop elements. You'll find some of the best DM levels with the monsters of AuraArmy and AKCoop2, many special weapons and items from the Aura, AKCoop2 and JTool3 mods. Second generation (G2) was launched in the summer of 2006. It includes many of the new features of the generation 4.5 of HyperCoop and it now finally uses Zombie's pawn stabilizer. (Prevents many server freezes)

Here are some of the key features of this server:

  • Fight monsters, and players.
  • Collect everything you can. Monsters drop additional items which can give you the advantage.
  • New weapons from the Aura and AKCoop2 packs.
  • New monsters from Asgard (AKCoop2) and Aura (AuraArmy).
  • Secured server: Nepthys and UProtect.
Generally available.
Click here for the actual server status.
Hyper.nl Crystal Castles server

The story of Crystal Castles:

"Once upon a time there was a kingdom ruled by King Arthur, who was the best king of any kingdom. But King Arthur's kingdom was taken over by Berthilda the Witch, and the land terrorized by her minions [your opponents]. So one day while King Arthur was looking for recruits to take back his kingdom, he found Bentley [you], napping under his favourite hollow tree trunk. The king turned to his knights beside him and asked," How will this "bear" help us in our quests?" One of the knights answered, "Not sure how he may be with the sword sire, but he seems to be strong in stature and mighty in strength." So you were awakened and knighted Sir Bentley. The knights also give you shields [knight shield, health shield {with spell by the Wizard}] and food [fruit and honey] to help you in battle. With minimal training (but lots of courage) you make your way to King Arthur's Kingdom and are instructed to collect all the gems that you find to bring back to the King. You are told that if you find any gold along the way, that it is yours to keep. You are also warned of Berthilda's special powers that allow her to displace you in different locations, some of which may be in different times and space. The King also tells you of a Wizard that was with him, but was unable to defeat Berthilda, but that finding him may assist you in your quest, as he may offer special tools and weapons [Wizard Hat, Crystal Stinger, Stunner, Wizard X] to defeat the witch. Rumour has it that he also possesses the ability to grant you the power to use the Witch's own weapons (Witch's Brew Gun, Witch's Broom) against her.

And so your journey begins..."

(more about Crystal Castles)

Here are some of the key features of this server:

  • Play against others and/or bots
  • Collect as many gems as you can
  • The hope gem can give you the advantage
  • Use the Wizard's items
  • Try to set your name in the high score list

The server runs great and there have hardly been any problems with it.

Generally available.
Click here for the actual server status.
HyperCoop MasterServer

Hyper.nl Unreal Services now (Jan 2005) hosts a master server for the Unreal community. This master server can work parallel with other master servers like the well-known Gamespy master. The reason for multiple master servers is to avoid a single point of failure, as it currently exists: When the GameSpy.com master server should fail, there was nothing to replace it. Here are the details you need to use the new master server:

Master Server instruction

Grande update: Winged Unicorn and Zora included a stable master server support to their Nephthys utility. Nephthys v. 1.1 includes stable master server support. The master server has been updated with this new version and it finally runs stable now.

Finally stable thanks to Nephthys.


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