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The GemDagger


What is the GemDagger? The Gemdagger is a mod for unreal made by Boodaflow. It's basically some kind of shop. It allows you to buy items and weapons from the frags you make. Some items are cheap, some are expensive, and a few ones are extremely expensive. To make it possible to save frags for expensive items, your score (frags) is saved when you go to the next level.

How does it work? When you have a GemDagger, it will automatically save your score. To use the GemDagger, use following commands in your console. (Press Tilde (~) to open the console)
RCheckAll: This command shows all items that are for sale
Resay: Use this command to buy the desired item. The request messages are mentioned when you perform the RCheckAll command. It goes like "Resay Armor please" to get an Armor.

In JCoopZ you can see TWO scores: The score in your HUD which is visible in the screenshot above.^ (Lower right). This is the score that's usable with the GemDagger to buy items from. Your score in the score board is maintained by JCoopZ and is your total score.

Note: In the past it was needed to log in with a password to be able to use the GemDagger. But with the JCoopZ security this is no longer necessary.


The Gemdagger Shop Item List


Update: Version 1.21
Date: 23-June-2009
Added Image of Starshield,
and descriptions of  Satellite  

Version 1.20
Date started: 1-Nov-2006
Last update: 29-Nov--2006
Author: Gaizoku
Contact: gaizoku_NOSPAM@tiscalinet.it

Based on:
Aura readme files / gemdagger rcheckall screenshot / serverinfo msgs of HyperNL's Hypercoop Servers;
Khajiit Rankin's Unreal Guide;
jTool3, Some fun stuff for Unreal, espceially Coop game readme file by Joss Liu;
Original descriptions of Aura Items by : Fahrenheit/Celsius. Aura compiled by: Boodaflow.
AKcoop2 Version 2 (c). readme file by Asgard.

To do list:
- to complete description of SoulCollapser, JetPack and IceAge in the AURA ITEMS section. (Done by Hyper)
- to complete description of AKCoop2.Radiance Belt. (Done by Hyper)
- to complete description of AuraBeltNL Belts. (Done by Hyper)
- to complete description of Blessed Armor in the TEST ARMOR section. (Done by Hyper)
- to add pictures of items.
- update item prices.

ver. 1.20   29-Nov-2006
- added images (HyperCoop in game snapshots and Aurapack,AKcoop2,jTool3 summons),
   PSP8 postprocessing, PNG format.
- missing starshield image ( to do)
- added PickupMessage to HellHowler,LCannon,  Blessed Armor.,QuakeMongral,Freeze and Aviz.

--==[Table of Contents]==--

[1.2] AKCoop2 BELTS
[1.5] JTool3 ITEMS
[1.6] SUITS

[1.1] ITEMS

( Resay Armor please ) to spawn Unreali.Armor at a cost of 10 frags.

Base Armor.
( Resay KevlarSuit please ) to spawn Unreali.kevlarsuit at a cost of 10 frags.

-Kevlar suit - 100 HP
Kevlar suit absorbs all but 1 HP per each 5 points of total damage rounded up. It negates minor sludge damage, for example wastes like engine coolant on ISV Kran will ignore it.
( Resay Toxinsuit please ) to spawn Unreali. Toxinsuit at a cost of 10 frags.

- Toxin suit - 50 HP
suit absorbs all but 1 HP per each 2 points of total damage rounded up. Toxin suit negates sludge damage.
( Resay AsbestosSuit please ) to spawn Unreali.AsbestosSuit at a cost of 10 frags.
-Asbestos suit - 50 HP
suit absorbs all but 1 HP per each 2 points of total damage rounded up. Asbestos suit negates lava damage.

[1.2] AKCoop2 BELTS
( Resay Radiance please ) to spawn AKCoop2.Radiance at a cost of 15 frags.
- Shieldbelt with an energy charge of 1000 and gives a bluish glow around you.
( Resay BioBelt please ) to spawn AKCoop2.BioBelt at a cost of 15 frags.
- New belt "biobelt" gives your greater waterspeed (server speed setting) also glows red when you're in water or toxin and gives protection against toxic waste.

[1.3] TEST (Aura package)
( Resay Blessed Armor please ) to spawn Test.BlessedArmor at a cost of 50 frags.
- Blessed armor gives you a temporary god mode against high-damage projectiles and gives you 1000 armor. It also removed the cursed armor. (An item that is not in use at HyperCoop)

( Resay BarrierBelt please ) to spawn AuraBeltNL.BarrierBelt at a cost of 50 frags.
- A special shieldbelt that cycles through various damage type protections and slowly recharges.
( Resay WaterBelt please ) to spawn AuraBeltNL.WaterBelt at a cost of 50 frags.
- Shieldbelt that gives you 750 armor and a nice water glow
( Resay FireBelt please ) to spawn AuraBeltNL.FireBelt at a cost of 50 frags.
- Shieldbelt that gives you 750 armor, immunity to fire/lava damage and a nice fire glow.
( Resay DiscoBelt please ) to spawn AuraBeltNL.DiscoBelt at a cost of 50 frags.
- Shieldbeld with 750 armor and a nice disco light effect.

[1.5] JTool3 ITEMS
( Resay RoadRunner please ) to spawn JTool3.JSpeed at a cost of 10 frags.
- jSpeed. When activated, jSpeed will give a player a speed boost of 3.5 times normal speed. Speed is adjustable with the SetSpeed command.

( Resay AuraStinger please ) to spawn Aura.AuraStinger at a cost of 50 frags.
-A multiple color stinger that fires multiple color stinger projectiles at a high rate.
( Resay AmpMag please ) to spawn Aura.AmpMag at a cost of 5 frags.
- A see-through, extremely fast automag.
( Resay AmpMiniGun please ) to spawn Aura.AmpMiniGun at a cost of 15 frags.
-A see-through, fast minigun.
( Resay AmpRifle please ) to spawn Aura.AmpRifle at a cost of 25 frags.
-A extremely fast, smokey colored rifle.
( Resay BlakArts please ) to spawn Aura.BlakArts at a cost of 95 frags.
- A dark gun that shoots bolts of Necris at a high rate of fire. Be careful with this one.
( Resay DispersionFlak please ) to spawn Aura.DispersionFlak at a cost of 15 frags.
-This crazy thing fires shells that burst into several types of dispersion energy.
( Resay Bring Up The Holy Hand Grenade please ) to spawn Aura.HHG at a cost of 5 frags.
-The Holy Hand Grenade! Need I say more?
( Resay HellHowler please ) to spawn Aura.HellHowler at a cost of 20 frags.
- A crazy eightball that shoots insane amounts of razorblades.
( Resay ThunderClapper please ) to spawn Aura.ThunderClapper at a cost of 15 frags.
-A little lacking compared to the other ones. But it still holds it's own. Fires a slow rocket in primary. and a flak shell that blows up in secondary.
( Resay LCannon please ) to spawn Aura. LCannon at a cost of 15 frags.
-Shoots a various assortment of things.
( Resay LCannon1 please ) to spawn Aura.LCannon1 at a cost of 15 frags.
-Same thing as the other one, only different stuff shot.
( Resay QuakeMongral please ) to spawn Aura.QuakeMongral at a cost of 15 frags.
-Another one of those controllable guns. It takes the form of a purple bird you can crash into things. The target gets a quake effect when struck.
( Resay SoulCollapser please ) to spawn Aura.SoulC at a cost of 50 frags.
- Another modified stinger gun. See-through with an orange colour. In primary fire mode it shoots explosive shells that explodes in a rain of red glowing projectiles. In alt-fire it directly shoots a shower of red glowing projectiles that bounce around for some time.u
( Resay AuraASMD please ) to spawn Aura1.AuraASMD at a cost of 40 frags.
-A purple transparent stinger modelled gun that shoots out excessive amounts of asmd energy.
( Resay SlimeWarrior please ) to spawn Aura1.Boog at a cost of 20 frags.
-Pure green textured biorifle. Fires very rapidly, and altfire charges up an immense glob that eats away a normal 100 health like it's nothing.
( Resay Raid please ) to spawn Aura1.RaidRifle at a cost of 30 frags.
-A red transparent rifle that will do damage over time, normal sized enemies heads' will pop off upon death, no matter what. Be careful. Though it may not seem like it. It's easy to harm yourself with this weapon.
( Resay ShipPort please ) to spawn Aura1.SP at a cost of 50 frags.
-An interesting weapon that will fire a mini ship that will shoot rockets on its own,
you can steer it too! Use with caution.
( Resay ShrapnelCompactor please ) to spawn Aura2.Shrapnel at a cost of 30 frags.
-A metallic looking shotgun that fires flak pieces everywhere. Secondary charges it up to shoot more flak at one time.
( Resay IceStriker please ) to spawn Aura.IceStriker at a cost of 50 frags.
-Launches an ice bird you can control to crash into things.
( Resay LuckShot please ) to spawn Aura3.luckshot at a cost of 70 frags.
-A neat golden rifle that gives you a rear-view mirror, and shows enemy locations, their health, and how far away they are. Shoots fairly slowly. When enemy is hit, a charge up noise is heard, and the enemy blows up in an explosion of light.
( Resay RBall please ) to spawn Aura3.Rball at a cost of 60 frags.
- Like the crazy. It's a hugely overloading eightball launcher. Without the homing.
( Resay Stop Rocking the Boat please ) to spawn Aura2.Iron at a cost of 10 frags.
-Iron (Iron Boots) Helps keep you grounded during something that would normally send you flying. Such as a rocket. You also sink like a rock in water, and can walk on the bottom of the body of water you're in. Iron Boots will protect you from being tossed around and cratered.
( Resay IceAge please ) to spawn Aura4.IceAge at a cost of 15 frags.
- A large grenade that spawns a huge freezing area explosion when it goes off. Perfect for killing hard monsters or to put out in area's full of enemies.
( Resay ShockField please ) to spawn aura1.ShockField at a cost of 20 frags.
-A fun toy that when activated, will do constant damage to any sentient life near you.
( Resay Aura ScubaGear please ) to spawn aura2.ASCUBA at a cost of 5 frags.
-An infinite use scuba gear. No air breathing noise while underwater.
( Resay AuraDampener please ) to spawn aura2.damp at a cost of 5 frags.
- An infinite use dampener. Which acts more like a sound barrier as no noise is able to escape the gun when you activate this. None.
( Resay Freeze please ) to spawn Aura2.RePos at a cost of 5 frags.
-Repos ( Repositioner) Freezes your movements. Keeps you firmly rooted to the exact position you activate it at. If you're in the air, you'll hang there until you turn it off. You cannot move while this is on.
( Resay StarShield please ) to spawn aurabelt.starshield at a cost of 999 frags.
-Another Regenerating shield. White reflective sheen. It is a recharging shield belt that transforms taken damage into health. It also protects against explosions.
( Resay FlyingTurret please ) to spawn Aura3.Guide at a cost of 5 frags.
-A guided little turret thing that constantly moves forward that you can control. It shoots with primary and alt fire. Turn off or crash to disengage.
( Resay Transport please ) to spawn Aura3.Tran at a cost of 60 frags.
-You can use the transport device to fly or let other players fly. Jump on the controllable "skull" to do so.
( Resay Regenerate my health please ) to spawn Aura2.AReg at a cost of 250 frags.
-( Aura Regeneration) An infinite use item that when activated, will constantly regenerate your health way beyond it's maximum capacity up to 10000.
( Resay RocketFart please ) to spawn aura.ab at a cost 250 of frags.
-Some high jumping infinite use boots. AB (Fart Boots) Allow you to jump high and last forever.
( Resay Let Me Be Spiderman please ) to spawn aura3.spiderlegs at a cost of 200 frags.
- spiderlegs allow you to walk against walls.
( Resay Make Me as Elusive as The Mist please ) to spawn aura2.aviz at a cost of 3500 frags.
- Infinite use complete invisibility. You don't get revealed when firing either. Aviz will make you invisible and last forever.
( Resay JetPack please ) to spawn aura4.autofly at a cost of 500 frags
- A set of portable jets as personal transportation tool. Turn it on to fly away.
( Resay InterBelt please ) to spawn aurabelt.interbelt at a cost of 250 frags.
-Interference belt. Gives you a nice white color. Gives you 9999 Shield and an aura of light. Health increases as shield drops.
( Resay ShockBelt please ) to spawn aurabelt.shockbelt at a cost of 450 frags.
-Gives a neat purple glow to you.Gives you 9999 Shield and immunizes you to energy damage. Health bonus applies. Energy weapons DO NOT DAMAGE YOU.
( Resay launch my personal satellite please) to spawn aura3.satalite at a cost of 10000 frags
 - Makes a holographic image of yourself which returns damage of any attack you receive!
( Resay Dragon Boots please) to spawn aura2.dboots1 at a cost of 3000 frags
 - Dragon Boots allow you to run faster, jump higher and destroy monsters by running through them.
( Resay AuraEnergyAmplifier please) to spawn aura1.spa at a cost of 13337 frags
 - The SPA is an Aura amplifier that greatly increases the power of certain Aura Energy weapons like the AuraASMD and the AuraPistol.

The ARCTIC SUIT gives you extra water speed, radar and a communication module.

The DESERT SUIT gives you extra ground speed, radar and a communication module.

The Jungle SUIT gives you cloaking ability, radar and a communication module.

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