We have decoded further into your Alpha files.
Here is the listings.

Initial pod rescue and Na Pali return.DuskFalls
Crossing to the Wells.Nevec's Crossing -nevec-
The Maze of the Pipes.The Eldora Well - Eldora
Nali Village, transcoded Glathriel, initial encounter.Glathriel Village (pt 1) - Glathriel1
Nali Village, transcoded Glathriel, journeyed in.Glathriel Village (pt 2) - Glathriel2
Prometheus is close. Approaching UMS Prometheus - Crashsite
I found the ship! UMS Prometheus - Crashsite1
Those Bloody ********!!!!!!!Inside UMS Prometheus - Crashsite2
Shuttle search, a land of spires. Spire Valley - Spireland
Crossing pathways. Nagomi Passage - Nagomi
Temple of Velora, beautiful but...Velora.htm
Crossing pathways, give me a break...Nagomi Passage (pt 2) - NagomiSun
Tarydium Plant, this place stinks...Foundry Tarydium Plant - Foundry
Plant outside, shuttle located...*****Bounds Of Foundry - Toxic
The Glacier Mountain. Watcher Of The Skies - Glacena
The Frozen Mansion. Gala's Peak - Abyss
I get off, finally, Na Pali, that is. Escape From Na Pali - Nalic2

This information has been invaluable for our research. Our competition won't have a chance here.
We are now on alert for the Skaarj race and any variations. I hope your PenteSpire is comfortable, you deserve it. Get your rest but we do have more missions.

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