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config localized intrinsic

+-- Engine.Actor
   +-- Engine.Info
      +-- Engine.GameInfo

Direct Known Subclasses:


Variables Summary
Inherited Variables from Engine.Actor
Acceleration, AmbientGlow, AmbientSound, AnimFrame, AnimLast, AnimMinRate, AnimRate, AnimSequence, bActorShadows, bAlwaysRelevant, bAlwaysTick, bAnimFinished, bAnimLoop, bAnimNotify, Base, bAssimilated, bBlockActors, bBlockPlayers, bBounce, bCanTeleport, bCollideActors, bCollideWhenPlacing, bCollideWorld, bCorona, bDeleteMe, bDifficulty0, bDifficulty1, bDifficulty2, bDifficulty3, bDirectional, bDynamicLight, bEdLocked, bEdShouldSnap, bEdSnap, bFixedRotationDir, bForceStasis, bHidden, bHiddenEd, bHighDetail, bHighlighted, bHurtEntry, bInterpolating, bIsItemGoal, bIsKillGoal, bIsMover, bIsPawn, bIsSecretGoal, bJustTeleported, bLensFlare, bLightChanged, bMemorized, bMeshCurvy, bMeshEnviroMap, bMovable, bNet, bNetFeel, bNetHear, bNetInitial, bNetOptional, bNetOwner, bNetSee, bNetSpecial, bNoDelete, bNoSmooth, bOnlyOwnerSee, bParticles, bProjTarget, bRotateToDesired, Brush, bSelected, bShadowCast, bSimulatedPawn, bSinglePlayer, bSpecialLit, bStasis, bStatic, bTempEditor, bTicked, bTimerLoop, bTravel, bUnlit, Buoyancy, CollisionHeight, CollisionRadius, CollisionTag, ColLocation, Deleted, DesiredRotation, DodgeDir, DrawScale, DrawType, Event, ExtraTag, Fatness, Group, InitialState, Instigator, Inventory, LatentActor, LatentByte, LatentFloat, LatentInt, Level, LifeSpan, LightBrightness, LightCone, LightEffect, LightHue, LightingTag, LightPeriod, LightPhase, LightRadius, LightSaturation, LightType, Location, Mass, Mesh, MiscNumber, NetPriority, NetTag, OddsOfAppearing, OldAnimRate, OldLocation, OtherTag, Owner, PhysAlpha, Physics, PhysRate, PrePivot, Region, RemoteRole, Role, Rotation, RotationRate, ScaleGlow, SimAnim, Skin, SoundPitch, SoundRadius, SoundVolume, SpecialTag, Sprite, StandingCount, Style, Tag, Target, Texture, TimerCounter, TimerRate, Touching[4], TransientSoundVolume, TweenRate, Velocity, VolumeBrightness, VolumeFog, VolumeRadius, XLevel

Enumerations Summary
Inherited Enumerations from Engine.Actor
EDodgeDir, EDrawType, EInputAction, EInputKey, ELightEffect, ELightType, EMusicTransition, ENetRole, EPhysics, ERenderStyle, ESoundSlot, ETravelType

Structures Summary
Inherited Structures from Engine.Actor

Functions Summary
event AcceptInventory (pawn PlayerPawn)
functionbool AddBot ()
function AddDefaultInventory (pawn PlayerPawn)
functionbool AllowsBroadcast (actor broadcaster, int Len)
functionbool CanSpectate (pawn Viewer, actor ViewTarget)
function ChangeName (Pawn Other, coerce string[20] S, bool bNameChange)
functionbool ChangeTeam (Pawn Other, coerce string[20] S)
event DetailChange ()
function DiscardInventory (Pawn Other)
function EndGame ()
functionNavigationPoint FindPlayerStart (optional byte Team, optional string[32] incomingName)
event GetBeaconText (out string[240] Result)
function GetKeyValue (string[64] Pair, out string[64] Key, out string[64] Value)
functionbool GrabOption (out string[120] Options, out string[64] Result)
functionbool HasOption (string[120] Options, string[32] InKey)
event InitGame (string[120] Options, out string[80] Error)
functionbool IsRelevant (actor Other)
function Killed (pawn killer, pawn Other, name damageType)
eventplayerpawn Login (string[32] Portal, string[120] Options, out string[80] Error, class<playerpawn> SpawnClass)
function Logout (pawn Exiting)
functionbool PickupQuery (Pawn Other, Inventory item)
function PlaySpawnEffect (inventory Inv)
function PlayTeleportEffect (actor Incoming, bool bOut, bool bSound)
function PostBeginPlay ()
function PreBeginPlay ()
eventplayerpawn PreLogin (string[120] Options, out string[80] Error)
function ProcessServerTravel (string[240] URL, bool bItems)
functionint ReduceDamage (int Damage, name DamageType, pawn injured, pawn instigatedBy)
function RestartGame ()
functionbool RestartPlayer (pawn aPlayer)
function ScoreEvent (name EventName, actor EventActor, pawn InstigatedBy)
function SendPlayer (PlayerPawn aPlayer, string[64] URL)
function SetGameSpeed (Float T)
functionbool ShouldRespawn (actor Other)
function StartPlayer (PlayerPawn Other)
function Timer ()
functionString [ (] ParseOption( string[120] Options, string[32] InKey)
functionstring [ (] KillMessage( name damageType, pawn Other)
functionstring [ (] PlayerKillMessage(name damageType, pawn Other)
functionstring [ (] CreatureKillMessage(name damageType, pawn Other)
Inherited Functions from Engine.Actor
!=, *, *=, +, +=, -, -=, / , /=, <<, ==, >>, AllActors, AnimEnd, Attach, BaseChange, BasedActors, BeginEvent, BeginPlay, BroadcastMessage, Bump, ChildActors, Cross, Destroy, Destroyed, Detach, Dot, EncroachedBy, EncroachingOn, EndedRotation, EndEvent, Error, Expired, Falling, FinishAnim, FinishInterpolation, GainedChild, GetAnimGroup, GetAxes, GetUnAxes, HitWall, HurtRadius, InterpolateEnd, Invert, IsA, IsAnimating, KillCredit, KilledBy, Landed, LoopAnim, LostChild, MakeNoise, MirrorVectorByNormal, Move, MoveSmooth, Normal, PlayAnim, PlayerCanSeeMe, PlaySound, PostBeginPlay, PostTeleport, PreBeginPlay, PreTeleport, RadiusActors, RotRand, SetBase, SetCollision, SetCollisionSize, SetInitialState, SetLocation, SetOwner, SetPhysics, SetRotation, SetTimer, Sleep, Spawn, Spawned, SpecialHandling, TakeDamage, Tick, Timer, Touch, TouchingActors, Trace, TraceActors, TravelPostAccept, TravelPreAccept, Trigger, TweenAnim, UnTouch, UnTrigger, VisibleActors, VisibleCollidingActors, VRand, VSize, ZoneChange, [

Variables Detail

bCanChangeSkin Source code

var bool bCanChangeSkin;
Allow player to change skins in game.

bLowGore Source code

var globalconfig bool bLowGore;

bShareware Source code

var globalconfig bool bShareware;

DefaultPlayerName Source code

var localized string[16] DefaultPlayerName;

DefaultWaterEntryActor Source code

var class<actor> DefaultWaterEntryActor;

DefaultWaterEntrySound Source code

var sound DefaultWaterEntrySound;

DefaultWaterExitActor Source code

var class<actor> DefaultWaterExitActor;

DefaultWaterExitSound Source code

var sound DefaultWaterExitSound;

Difficulty Source code

var globalconfig byte Difficulty;

EnteredMessage Source code

var localized string[255] EnteredMessage;

FailedPlaceMessage Source code

var localized string[255] FailedPlaceMessage;

FailedSpawnMessage Source code

var localized string[255] FailedSpawnMessage;

ItemGoals Source code

var int ItemGoals;

KillGoals Source code

var int KillGoals;

LeftMessage Source code

var localized string[255] LeftMessage;

NameChangedMessage Source code

var localized string[255] NameChangedMessage;

Scores Source code

var Scoreboard Scores;

SecretGoals Source code

var int SecretGoals;

SentText Source code

var int SentText;

StartTime Source code

var float StartTime;

SwitchLevelMessage Source code

var localized string[64] SwitchLevelMessage;


AdminPassword Source code

var(GameInfo) private config string[32] AdminPassword;

AutoAim Source code

var(GameInfo) config float AutoAim;
How much autoaiming to do (1=none, 0 = always).

bAllowRemoteAdmin Source code

var(GameInfo) config bool bAllowRemoteAdmin;

bCoopWeaponMode Source code

var(GameInfo) config bool bCoopWeaponMode;

BeaconName Source code

var(GameInfo) string[15] BeaconName;
Identifying string used for finding LAN servers.

bHumansOnly Source code

var(GameInfo) config bool bHumansOnly;

bMuteSpectators Source code

var(GameInfo) config bool bMuteSpectators;

bNoMonsters Source code

var(GameInfo) config bool bNoMonsters;

bPauseable Source code

var(GameInfo) bool bPauseable;

bRestartLevel Source code

var(GameInfo) bool bRestartLevel;

DefaultPlayerClass Source code

var(GameInfo) class<playerpawn> DefaultPlayerClass;

DefaultWeapon Source code

var(GameInfo) class<weapon> DefaultWeapon;

GameMenuType Source code

var(GameInfo) class<menu> GameMenuType;

GameSpeed Source code

var(GameInfo) globalconfig float GameSpeed;

HUDType Source code

var(GameInfo) class<hud> HUDType;

MapListType Source code

var(GameInfo) class<MapList> MapListType;

MapPrefix Source code

var(GameInfo) string[16] MapPrefix;

MaxSpectators Source code

var(GameInfo) config int MaxSpectators;

ScoreBoardType Source code

var(GameInfo) class<scoreboard> ScoreBoardType;

SpecialDamageString Source code

var(GameInfo) string[64] SpecialDamageString;

Functions Detail

AcceptInventory Source code

event AcceptInventory ( pawn PlayerPawn )

AddBot Source code

function bool AddBot ( )

AddDefaultInventory Source code

function AddDefaultInventory ( pawn PlayerPawn )

AllowsBroadcast Source code

function bool AllowsBroadcast ( actor broadcaster, int Len )

CanSpectate Source code

function bool CanSpectate ( pawn Viewer, actor ViewTarget )

ChangeName Source code

function ChangeName ( Pawn Other, coerce string[20] S, bool bNameChange )

ChangeTeam Source code

function bool ChangeTeam ( Pawn Other, coerce string[20] S )

DetailChange Source code

event DetailChange ( )

DiscardInventory Source code

function DiscardInventory ( Pawn Other )

EndGame Source code

function EndGame ( )

FindPlayerStart Source code

function NavigationPoint FindPlayerStart ( optional byte Team, optional string[32] incomingName )

GetBeaconText Source code

event GetBeaconText ( out string[240] Result )

GetKeyValue Source code

function GetKeyValue ( string[64] Pair, out string[64] Key, out string[64] Value )

GrabOption Source code

function bool GrabOption ( out string[120] Options, out string[64] Result )

HasOption Source code

function bool HasOption ( string[120] Options, string[32] InKey )

InitGame Source code

event InitGame ( string[120] Options, out string[80] Error )

IsRelevant Source code

function bool IsRelevant ( actor Other )

Killed Source code

function Killed ( pawn killer, pawn Other, name damageType )

Login Source code

event playerpawn Login ( string[32] Portal, string[120] Options, out string[80] Error, class<playerpawn> SpawnClass )

Logout Source code

function Logout ( pawn Exiting )

PickupQuery Source code

function bool PickupQuery ( Pawn Other, Inventory item )

PlaySpawnEffect Source code

function PlaySpawnEffect ( inventory Inv )

PlayTeleportEffect Source code

function PlayTeleportEffect ( actor Incoming, bool bOut, bool bSound )

PostBeginPlay Source code

function PostBeginPlay ( )

PreBeginPlay Source code

function PreBeginPlay ( )

PreLogin Source code

event playerpawn PreLogin ( string[120] Options, out string[80] Error )

ProcessServerTravel Source code

function ProcessServerTravel ( string[240] URL, bool bItems )

ReduceDamage Source code

function int ReduceDamage ( int Damage, name DamageType, pawn injured, pawn instigatedBy )

RestartGame Source code

function RestartGame ( )

RestartPlayer Source code

function bool RestartPlayer ( pawn aPlayer )

ScoreEvent Source code

function ScoreEvent ( name EventName, actor EventActor, pawn InstigatedBy )

SendPlayer Source code

function SendPlayer ( PlayerPawn aPlayer, string[64] URL )

SetGameSpeed Source code

function SetGameSpeed ( Float T )

ShouldRespawn Source code

function bool ShouldRespawn ( actor Other )

StartPlayer Source code

function StartPlayer ( PlayerPawn Other )

Timer Source code

function Timer ( )

[ Source code

function String [ ( ] ParseOption( string[120] Options, string[32] InKey )

[ Source code

function string [ ( ] KillMessage( name damageType, pawn Other )

[ Source code

function string [ ( ] PlayerKillMessage(name damageType, pawn Other )

[ Source code

function string [ ( ] CreatureKillMessage(name damageType, pawn Other )

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