Unreal: Return To Mars

By TheEmperorStalwartUK

Unreal: Return To Mars is a fan-made sequel to Unreal for Unreal, it is set on Mars (as the name suggests) and is set to feature new enemies, weapons, items and 28 levels and more. For a more detailed description of Return To Mars click here.

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Yahoo! Messenger contact added 22/8/04

I have added my Yahoo! messenger contact now that I've (finally) acquired an Yahoo! ID, I have also redone the news a little.

Updates 17/8/04

After some delays I have finally managed to update and add to the site a little more, firstly I have (finally) redone the About page which now has a full list of features which should now help clear up some questions that some people have.

The Links page has also been changed a little and a number of new links are on it as well as some of the existing ones have been tweaked a little.

I have also put the Contents page derived from Unreal Technology onto the site, this is because they have changed the main page to such that it has made navigating the site impossible.

Also I have tweaked the Hit Counter a little so it now looks a little bit cleaner.

Also there is a poll about the range of the Rifle, so go there and get voting! 

July News

Site Updates 25/7/04

The site has received some updates over the last few days as you should be able to see, the hit counter has also been tweaked a little and looks a bit better now.

Several links have been added to the Links page, these include some clan sites as well as some development sites.

Forum and Site Update 20/7/04

The RTM Forum has received a bit of an update from me, the thread titles has been shortened a little but the most important change is the addition of a Poll Archive, here you can view the results of the Polls that have been made on the Forum.

The Site has also been tweaked a little, the Hit Counter has been moved to the Contents so now you can come back to this page without incrementing the Hit Counter up.

Minor Update 10/7/04

The unusual absence of updates between now and the last news post below are due to computer hardware problems but rest assured, those problems have been fixed now.

The site itself has also received some minor tweaking and fixing.

June News

Hit Counter re-implemented 17/6/04

The Hit Counter has been put back in, and the forum problems reported below seem to have been fixed, to find out the full story Click here.

Forum Problems 15/6/04

The Forum and the UnrealSP.Org Forums have been having problems recently, so anything that is under the www.unrealsp.org or the www.hellscrag.net domain names (including forums) are down, sorry for the inconvience.

RTM Demo Poll 11/6/04

I've started a Poll on the Return To Mars forum, the poll is about if you would like an RTM Demo to be made or not, this Demo would hopefully contain a sample of what to expect in Return To Mars and would also consist of 1, possibly 2 levels.

So what are you waiting for? Get to the Forum and get voting! (Vote Yes or No).

Forum opened 9/6/04

There is now an RTM Forum available, hosted on the UnrealSP.Org Forums so if you have any questions you now may also post there. Also to note that I have IRC, so you may see me on the UnrealSP.Org IRC channel sometimes.

MSN Messenger contact added 3/6/04

On my contact information you will now notice that I have an MSN Messenger contact, so if you only have MSN Messenger (or don't have ICQ or AIM) you can now contact me.

Thread started on UnrealSP.org 1/6/04

I have started a new Return To Mars Thread that I have opened to discuss about RTM, as you can see on the thread, there is a small possibility that there may be a RTM forum hosted by UnrealSP.Org. Also there may be a rewrite of the About section of this website, so that it may be more comprehensive. Credit has also been given to Hellscrag, you will find the change on the Weapons page on the site.

Also the site has also received over 400 visits over the last 2 weeks, so there must be some interest in Return To Mars. 

May News

Another Site Update 26/5/04

I have now finaly done the Items section of the website, with has a few of them, that might change during development. Also to mention is that the GES Lava Rifle has become the RES Lava Rifle after someone on the UnrealSP.Org Forums pointed it out and I have also corrected a few spelling mistakes I found.

Site Update 21/5/04

The Enemies and Weapons sections of the website are now available, you should now be able to view them now, each page contains information on the new enemies and weapons that are to appear in Return To Mars but note that they may change during development.

Also noteworthy are that there should be a few screenshots available in the next few days as the RTM level I'm currently working on is approaching a stage that it should be ready enough to have some screenshots taken of it.

Hit Counter Added 19/5/04

I've added an hit counter after figuring out how to work it properly, I have added one so that I can monitor how many people are visiting this site and to see how many people are interested in Return To Mars, I've also tweaked the contents a little, you may view the hit counter here.

Site Opens 18/5/04

The Return To Mars website is open! For some of you you've been waiting for sometime now but your wait is over. Feel free to look around and read away but remember some parts of the site are still under construction but I hope to have them up as soon as possible.

For those of you who are wondering what Return To Mars is or haven't ever heard of it, Return To Mars (abbreviation RTM) is an fan-made sequel to Unreal and it's for Unreal and takes place after Return To Na Pali (abbreviation RTNP).  And will have plenty of new features, to find out more Click here.

You may also view an Maplist here.

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