Unreal: Return To Mars

By TheEmperorStalwartUK


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General Sites

Asgard's site
Home of the AKCoop mutator.

Unreal Reference
Part on OldUnreal, with important info that everyone should know.

OldUnreal's Downloads
Massive download resource.

NewUnreal DownloadCentre
Massive download resource.

Masstadon's Unreal Site
Detailed info of the Unreal World including a unique map of the game.

The Master[NL]
This site contains a set of admin commands from which I used some to modify the weapons and monsters in my game.

General / Portal websites

A mainly DeathMatch-oriented Unreal portal site with a massive download resource and multiple game servers.

NewUnreal DownloadCentre
Massive download resource.

Unreal SinglePlayer

Masstadon's Unreal Site
Detailed info of the Unreal World including a unique map of the game.


International unreal Federation

Fileplanet Unreal main section
Massive download resource, but requires registration and has download queues.

SobServer's Unreal FTP

Unreal Destination

Mod sites

Winged Unicorn's Website

Crystal Castles

Real weapons mod.

Unreal Infiltration


Capture the Flag mod.

Joss' Gold
JCoop, JTool, JDec.

}TCP{Wolf's Mods
Many exellent mods for your Unreal server.

Smartball's site
Several deathmatch mods.

Xenos Unreal
Home of the Fireworks weapon pack. Xenos also runs a coop server: --||X-Unreal||--

Weapons of Destruction


Return to NaPali coop
Project to make the Return to NaPali mission pack levels compatible with coop on all Unreal versions.

Zora's world
4 episodes of Coop / Single player maps.

Planet NaPali coop

Unreal Singleplayer map reviews. (Mostly for UT today).

Lightning SP Reviews
Reviews and links to many SP maps.

World of Unreal Maps

J's maps for Unreal
High quality deathmatch maps.

OldUnreal Usermaps
You can download a few of my DeathMatch maps that I've made there.

Unreal Development sites

Wolf's Unreal Engine Editing


Unreal Wiki

Article how to create your own skins

OldUnreal's Unreal editing resources

Unreal Developer Network
Epic's official developer HQ.

Powered by Unreal Technology
Epic's official site about UnrealEngine2 as well as the all new UnrealEngine3.

Unreal Technology
Epics' official site mainly about the original UnrealEngine1 as well as (initially) the Make Something Unreal Contest.

Editing tool for the Unreal Engine.

UnrealScript tutorials

Zora's Tips and Tricks


Unreal Server sites

MCoop server from Hyper.nl

Gamealolic's Active Unreal server list



Nostalgia Coop
Coop server and some useful info.

}TCP{ Servers

NewUnreal servers

Moo Moo Land
Coop server.

Unreal Admin sites

Article about Tickrate and Netspeed

The Unreal Admin page
Good site for Unreal server administrators.

QTracker has a independent master server. Visit this site to find out how to add YOUR Unreal server to it.

Official Unreal sites

Epic Games

Digital Extremes


Atari Unreal support FAQ

Unreal Forum


Unreal Gold

Unreal Tournament

Unreal Tournament 2003

Unreal Championship

Unreal 2: The Awakening

Unreal Tournament 2004

Unreal Championship 2: The Liandri Conflict

Clan sites

(T:S:B) The Silver Blades
Skaarj Coop clan.

)X( Clan

Yellow Sub server clan.

}TCP{ The Clan Punishers
This Unreal clan has made some good tools and utilities to protect and maintain your server.


Bond of Knights

Celtic Warriors

Cooperative Whores
Unreal Coop clan.

CoopMasters {CoMa}


Dutch Unreal Killers


Gods of Deathmatch

Havok Lethal Knights

Indomiti Tardoni


KDS Media


Lord of darkness [LoD]

Low Ping Bastards

Mars Clan 2003

Murder incorporated


New Definitions of Pain (NDP)


Rest In Pieces {RIP}


Triple X Killers xXx

The High Clan THC

Unreal Elite

Unreal Killin' Freakz

Players' sites

The Master[NL]

Raist's Unreal

Verdigo's Web Page

Hellraiser's site

Cazzo Fritto

Dark Unreal

Other Unreal Sites

Unreal book #1 Hard Crash

Unreal book #2 Prophet's Power

Blinded by Reality
Gamespot article about the making of Unreal.

Unreal: Early screenshots and concepts
Early screenshots from Unreal.

Master Servers

Server browser with independent MasterServer.

Gamespy Arcade
The well-known server browser from Gamespy.

Other websites

This is the place that actually hosts this site.

The free encyclopedia.

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