Unreal: Return To Mars

By TheEmperorStalwartUK


This page contains some information on the enemies that are going to appear in Return To Mars, these will be used in conjunction with the existing Unreal enemies.

Unreal: Return To Mars Enemies:


Brute Boss - Titan-sized brute that fires Warlord rockets, also packs a punch and has plenty of health.

Flak Brute - Brute equipped with dual Flak Cannons, size is between a Lesser Brute and a regular Brute.

Greater Brute - Similar to Lesser Brutes but size is slightly smaller than a Behemoth.


Dungeon Krall - Immune to lava and fires more damaging red bolts, found exclusively in various dungeons.

Dungeon Krall Elite - Elite version of the above Dungeon Krall, these Krall are not to be trifled with.

Ice Krall - Immune to the cold and fires blue bolts, also slightly fatter than regular Krall.

Ice Krall Elite - Elite version of the Ice Krall, fires purple bolts.


Giant Cava Manta - An giant version of the Cave Manta.


Mercenary Captain - Large Mercenary that fires Warlord rockets, lots of health and has powerful melee attacks.

Ice Mercenary - Similar to regular Mercenaries but immune to the cold and more health and slightly fatter.

Ice Mercenary Elite - Similar to regular Mercenary Elites and the above Ice Mercenary but has red markings.

Ice Mercenary Captain - Similar to regular Mercenary Captains but is blue and immune to the cold.

Skaarj Troopers

Skaarj Grenadier - These are equipped with Flak Cannons and pack a punch, more health than average.

Skaarj Picketer - These are equipped with stealth suits thus making them harder to see, equipped with an ASMD.

Skaarj Raiper - Skaarj Troopers equipped with Razorjacks, quite lethal.

Ice Skaarj Trooper - Similar to regular Skaarj Troopers but are immune to the cold and are slightly stronger.

Ice Skaarj Officer. - Lethal Ice Skaarj Trooper and is one to watch for.

Skaarj Warriors

Skaarj Marauder - Large Skaarj that can fire fireballs, lots of health and is lethal, has a distinctive red/gray hue.

Skaarj Viper - A fast Skaarj that uses the Skaarj Assassin skin, fires razor blades and has powerful melee attacks.

Ice Skaarj Warrior - Pretty similar to the regular Skaarj Warrior but is stronger and is immune to the cold.

Ice Skaarj Scout - Slightly weaker than the regular Ice Skaarj Warrior.

Ice Skaarj Berserker - Pretty similar to the one that appears in The Darkening in the original Unreal.


Slith Elite - A more powerful version of the Slith, usually found commanding groups of them.

Slith Priest - These enigmatic Slith are religious and fire magical bolts, found praying in various abandoned Martian temples.

Lava Slith - These unusual Slith emit a fiery fog and fire fireballs, immune to fire and alot stronger than regular Slith.

Nitrogen Slith - Quite unusual Slith these are, fire nitro-balls and are translucent and emit a bluish fog.


Giant Tentacle - These are rare but strong and powerful, they fire large spikes that are deadly and pack a powerful whack.

Dungeon Tentacle - Fire lava tipped spikes and found only in the various abandoned Martian dungeons.


Lesser Titan - These are only 1/2 the size of a normal titan, but are fairly common.

Lesser Stone Titan - Stone version of the Lesser Titan.

Titanic - Four times the size of a normal Titan it's truly to be feared, capable of killing most humanoids in one hit and throws huge boulders.

Tweaked/Fixed Enemies:

Mercenary Elite - Their skin will be changed to a new one since the current one is planned to be used by Ice Mercenaries, it is planned to be instituted through a mutator.

Skaarj Trooper (all types) - All Skaarj Troopers will have their melee (hit) sound changed to an more appropriate sound, new types will have this as default and existing ones will have theirs changed through a mutator.

Warlord - The WarLord's melee attack will be tweaked so it will hit stuff with the melee animation.

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