Unreal: Return To Mars

By TheEmperorStalwartUK


On this page you shall find information regarding the Items (Pickups) that are going to appear in Return To Mars, the items may be subject to change during development.

Unreal: Return To Mars Items:

SuperShield Belt

This very strong and very rare Shield Belt is found only once in Return To Mars, but this extreme rarity is made up by the fact that the SuperShield has a whopping 1000 armor points!

Oxygen Mask

This pickup will allow you to breathe in low (or nil) oxygen areas like space and smoky areas, carries about the same amount of air as a SCUBA Gear does and looks similar to it too but has a red stripe instead of a yellow stripe.

Also in Return To Mars you will be able to carry multiple ForceFields and the previously unused Asbestos Suits will now be in Return To Mars since there will be plenty of lava and cold areas to go into.

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