Unreal: Return To Mars

By TheEmperorStalwartUK


Here you shall find information regarding the new weapons that are to appear in Return To Mars.

Unreal: Return To Mars Weapons:

Brute Rocket Pistol

The Brute Rocket Pistol is the standard weapon of the Brutes, but until now, you haven't been able to use one of these yourself but in Return To Mars you will be able to use one!

Primary Fire - 2 Rockets a second, highly accurate.

Secondary Fire - 4 Rockets a second, fires faster but not so accurate.

Ammo Capacity - 100 Rockets, ammo is available in large clips containing 20 Rockets each.


This curious weapon was unused in Unreal and was only partially complete, but Return To Mars shall feature a fully working one that's good (not one of those crappy ones you can download from most servers).

Primary Fire - 1 Shot, partially accurate and powerful at close range.

Secondary Fire - Loads up an extra shell into the gun up to a 4 shell capacity, when fully loaded lethal at close range and with plenty of stopping power, not so good at long range.

Ammo Capacity - 48 Shells, ammo available in Shell Boxes containing 8 Shells each, also available in single shells.

RES Lava Rifle

This weapon is a close cousin of the better know GES Bio Rifle, instead of firing sludge it fires lava, this can be more deadlier but the ammo for it (as well as the actual weapon) is harder to find that the more common GES Bio Rifle.

Primary Fire - Fires a globule of lava instantly. 

Secondary Fire - Loads up a more powerful globule of lava until fire button is released or is loaded fully.

Ammo Capacity - 100 primary fire shots, available in lava cases similar to ones for the GES Bio Rifle.

Note: The RES Lava Rifle was originally named the GES Lava Rifle until Hellscrag pointed out that GES meant "Green exploding sh*t" so I changed it to RES which means "Red exploding sh*t".

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