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Library of Unreal documentation

About this library

This is a collection of third party Unreal documentation. The primary purposes of this library is to safeguard availability and to bring the best documents together in one easy-to-navigate collection. Full credits go to the original authors of the content offered here. I'm only a host. -Hyper.nl

Unreal FAQs

Khajiit Rankin's Unreal FAQ v2.30 (2008-09-19)
An excellent FAQ for Unreal, which includes a full walkthrough.

Matthew Peyrard's Unreal FAQ v1.2 (1999-10-02)
Old Unreal FAQ, incomplete.

Matthew Peyrard's Unreal Weapon FAQ v1.1 (1999-03-13)
Short FAQ about the weapons of Unreal.

Technical reference websites

Converting wave songs to music modules
Well-made tutorial by "The Alien" about how to covert wave (music) files to umx for use with Unreal.

Unreal Units: Length | Unreal Units: Rotations and Rotationrates
Unreal Units of Measurement - Converting between Unreal Units (uu) and other units
A few handy calculators, made by The Alien

Epic's Unreal Technology site (unreal.epicgames.com)
Website mirror of Epic's Unreal technology site. I fixed a few broken points in the navigation. Full credits for the content goes to Epic Games.

TNSe's boring page of Tickrate & Netspeed facts
Interesting document that explains the various network performance settings of Unreal servers.

Unreal Reference
Website mirror of OldUnreal's UnrealReference; a community collection of technical documents. Credits go to }TCP{Wolf and others. (see site for details)

Unreal developer tutorials

The Complete Unreal Ed Reference Guide
Huge HTML help file containing info from many sources. Great collection.

Wolf's Basic Light and Texture Tutorial
A Beginners Guide to UnrealEd


Wolfs Tutorials Complete

UnrealEd reference

Another UnrealEd reference

Portal tutorials

UnrealEd tutorial

Collection of tutorials in MSWord format

UnrealEd Helpfile series:

Unofficial UnrealEd tutorials

UScript tutorial
Tutorial in MSWord format

S3TC and texture compression related:

A bit of sourcecode; insiders will know what it is. (I'm not an insider :p)

Using texture compression in OpenGL, guide by nVidia.

Unreal Textures
Technical document by Epic


UnrealScript documentation

This section provides detailed documentation of the UnrealScript source code of the Unreal game. This documentation was created with the open source software UnCodeX. More information about this project can be found at their SourceForge page.
The links below will open in the full browser window (without the usual frames of this site) because UnCodeX has it's own frameset.

Unreal 200 UnrealScript documentation
UnrealScript documentation of the unpatched Unreal 200 as found on the original Unreal installation CD.

Unreal 224 UnrealScript documentation
UnrealScript documentation of Unreal 224v.

Unreal 225 UnrealScript documentation
UnrealScript documentation of Unreal 225f

Unreal 226 UnrealScript documentation
UnrealScript documentation of Unreal 226f

Unreal Gold UnrealScript documentation
UnrealScript documentation of Unreal Gold 226

Unreal 227i UnrealScript documentation
UnrealScript documentation of Unreal (Gold) 227i.

Unreal 227j UnrealScript documentation
UnrealScript documentation of Unreal (Gold) 227j.


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